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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Last Pack Of Red Rock Deli Chips T_T

I've juz finish reading, browsing and commenting everyone in my list's blog posts for today. Ehem, for those who's not on my "fellow blogger" list, please leave me a msg XD

Btw, I had less than 4 hours of sleep today, or izzit more? Nvm, not really the story I wanted to tell anyway. This post is gonna be about "Red Rock Deli Chips"!!!

Remember I blog about my aunt and uncle came to visit? They brought us 12 packs of this chips. We finish it in less than a week or so T_T Lucky I hid 1 pack for myself XD

If you're a snack lover like me *cough. You'll love this. It ish crunchy! Very addictive XD

nothing wrong camwhoring with my fav chips! XD

My dad came back from KL yesterday, he brought some Dunkin Donuts!!!! XD

Wot? No mint? T_T

Till then, *looks outside the window, dun rain yet ^^;


  1. I just love the new layout!

    finally, something nice for the eyes.

    Chilli and Sour Cream?
    *feels hungry*


  2. thank yew XD i got a thing for green lately XD i even wanna paint my room green..something is terribly wrong with me. coz i love blue better XD

    yes yes chili and sour cream, omg~ *drools~

  3. Chips!nyummy!!!if i were u, i'd hide 2 -3 packs,hehehe uh i missssss dunkin donuts!!!

  4. shana: thanks..btw, actually when i planned to hide 3 packs, i found left 5 packs, dun wanna be dat greedy, i took 2 but when i open and ate it, i left it downstairs, there goes one of the packet XD now, left last pack, enjoy it slowly XD uhuhu~ but when eat kan, can't stop T_T *bite lips~

    *pray more relative from ozzie come over, can ask them bring 1 box again mwahhaha *evil~

    gawd, i love my aunt and uncle for bringing us 12 packs XD

  5. Oh, Dunkin' Donut. Nyam nyam!

  6. but no mint! T_T i want mint one T_T tsk tsk~

  7. Jangan makan bah the chips, Mas. LOL. Like when my friend send me this huge box of sour cream chips from Sweden, I love it! Until the last pack, I tak sampai hati mau makan.. so I kept it until expire. Hahahaha!

    Ohhhh.. Dunkin Donuts. Bestttttttttt!!!

  8. hohoho, i won't let it expire..if abis, *pray for relative to come here mwahhaha *evil XD

    yeawor...i want mint one! T_T

  9. hoih.. next time share la. my friend lama lagi mo balik from OZ.

  10. oh, next time if got i share XD now pinish liao XD dat was my last one T_T i want red rock deli chips!!! T_T

  11. ooOOOooo.. how nicee!! the chips look super duper nyummy! As for the dunkin donuts, you gave me idea for what my hubby should tapau for me next.. but too bad, he just arrived today.. ndak sempat pesan. Next time maybe! :(

  12. *giggle shemah. lets pray for someone to open dunkin donuts here XD

    yeap the chips are super yummy...i lurve XD

  13. wahhh.. super yummy the donutssss.... *droooooolingggggg*

    eh u didnt share me ur Red Rock Deli Chipssss...... :-( sya pun mau makan...

  14. amy: alamak~ kekekekek, next time, if anyone bring it..abis sudah oh i makan XD oh nois~ well not only me la, my bro and my dad and my sis too..all ada share makan punya weeeeee XD