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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Recreating CSP Main Layout

Yes I'm still up. I did this up till 4:10am XD I know I know, I'm slightly hyper. And I'm so awake. I'm tired now. Need to go sleep.

If you remember it clearly, the previous layout was messy and it was 2 column. I made it 3 column now XD

I hope it works fine with any view, since I set it as % instead of pixels XD

Click here to see.

P/s: Actually I'm so awake coz I slept around noon XD my bad.


  1. Oh nice! Looks more kemas. :P

    Rajin oh kau... sleep so late, working on layout. (hehehe, reminds me of myself)

  2. XD yeah i was hyper kekeke tulah tu XD

  3. sN0w`laparrr3:15 PM

    is dis what u were doing dat day massy? i think i slept earlier than u kan tu hari. haha... or u were oredi sleeping? went back to sleep at 6.++am dat day. then tidur and woke up again and pi main skating by 12noon. Oh ya, my shop opening will be on sat. *crossing fingers* hopefully no more obstacles. too many obstacles odi. adeh... susah mo msg dari sini ofis. tinggal blogging site lagi blum kena block.

  4. er yeap..i was doing that page the other day XD baru mo tido sekali saw u online..

    eh open oledi? when can i go XD i wanna go snap snap photo can can? XD

    wut's the name of the shop..nanti se promote promote jua XD

  5. ive checked! eh, ngam kah tu click start play? i saw kensruro on the shoutbox! guest knot shout there kah? hehe... my shop name -> Dragon-Fly Cafe. sounds like dragonfly the pepatung, but it's actually DRAGON TERBANG. haha... havent put my signboard yet. wanna take pix ah? aiseyman... malu ley... 2moro me bz day odi, preparing the shop for guests. later by fri i inform u so that u can come by sat, if it's possible for u. :)

  6. ogie, juz sms me or buzz me here XD

    er, tu shoutbox at csp, not sure if guest can or not, join us XD then promote! XD weeeeeeeee