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Thursday, August 02, 2007

This is why I hate working in the city

The reason? Some frigging stewped baboon banged my left rear mirror again. Yes again. The first time this unknown stewped human banged it till it went off to the front, lucky it didn't took off, the only thing is, that left white paint on it >:( gahhhhh!!! This time, it went off to the inside *sigh. I swear, if I know who did that, that person will not be driving in his/her eternal life. Frigging pissed about it also, coz my car was perfectly parked at the parking spot, even slightly further in than out. *sigh. WTF is wrong with these ppl?! I know some ppl double park but how stewped could he/she be banging on someone elses parked car. Dumbarses! Urgh >:(

So, the other day, when I was complaining to Amy about the road to my house. Yes, I complained a lot. She suggested me to keep a journal and take shots of it. Thanks Amy, for being such a great pal. Anyways, back to wut I was saying. Today, I took some shots of the road to my house. For those who came to my house before, do remember the road condition before and compare with this one.

As you entering the road, well this is juz the beginning so to speak

the 2nd thing u'll see on the way. well as u can see here, the kelisa use dat tiny lil road. yes, dat's wut i did too. *hiks~ unless if u wanna do a bath in the mud thing? be my guest. i dun mind if it doesn't involve my car. so washing car is roughly totally pointless in this case

now u can see the reason for me to hold "the rude daughter" title in this case. *cough. yes the mechanics there called me that coz i honk at them or argue about them being slow or block my road *cough. i know i know, i shouldn't but i got very bad temper XD *strangle self. btw, this was taken earlier, u can see how i had to go through mud in this case, the lorries shouldn't even park there, stewped dumbarses! >:(

yes yes, i know u've seen this shot before. well slightly similar one. this was taken today btw

pain to my eyes. it's juz sad to look at

I've already know how my temper affects my blood circulation. I now haf a major headache and I need fewd and plenty of calming down session now. I need a cold bath XD


  1. Wah, that huge pothole looks like swimming pool oh. Hahaha!

    Cannot complain to JKR or someone ka about the bad condition of the road?

    PS: Sorry to hear about your side mirror. Hope that person's butt get bloated!

  2. cin: u said dat right. it's a swimming pool there..reported, we got the road tar before, look at it now, balik asal again, coz big lorries keep coming in, rusak balik.

    *pray for bloated butt XD gewd one

  3. Woah, the road needs repair, and then lots of maintenance! As for the 'accident', my condolences, Massy. And goodness, those mechanics are actually rude themselves!

  4. huiwen: i hate ppl who dunno how to drive tsk~ yeah, the road totally needs repair, but who gonna do it this time, since my dad did the few last time. *sigh~ oh well, no choice, haf to use dat road *sigh

  5. you don't know kah.. tons of bad drivers here in kk. Urgh.. tension! Luckily I don't drive. About the roads, terrible is an understatement. Wish you all the luck, hopefully it will get done soon.

  6. Uinah. Di mana ni Mas? Nya main teruk the roads.

  7. Anonymous12:52 AM

    looks like the surface of the moon ...

    for many of the bad stuff .. old habits are hard to get rid of ..

  8. shemah: *pray that my dad will ask somebody to tar the road before raya again XD

    acom: the road to my house. sad to even look at it. everyday use the road ^^;

    anonymous: hahahahahahaha gewd one..

  9. hmmm... sorry to hear that.... KK and KL are the same... >:| ppl like to cut line... using public transport or driving....

  10. uh so sad for u have to see that everyday huh?sabar sijalah until the JKR finally do their job kan.

  11. complain to the YB.. election is near.. lol :D