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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Borneo Orchid Show 2007

Attention!!! Long post ahead. I seldom have long post, so, have fun reading and viewing ppl!

Lemme start with wut I did today. The night before, my bro actually decided to wake up at 6am to do maple PQ. Yes, this might sound a bit crazy, but that's probably one of those times where nobody is around to do below lvl 31 PQ at Kerning City. I should have slept earlier but I couldn't. I wasn't sleep. So, I stayed up till 1am watching Southpark till I fall asleep. But that didn't really help coz my cats were running around like mad. *Hint: Most probably coz I brought Elrond (one of my male cat) outside.

Set my alarm to 5:30am. Woke up at around 5:50am. Roughly, wash my face and brush my teeth, did laundry while waiting for my brother to wake up and log on to maple. So, there I was, with him (playing 2 characters, coz he got 2 computers and he's playing his gf's character too) and another fren. We manage to do 10 times PQ for less than 2 hours. It was fun coz it's faster to level that way. They went off at around 9am? I forgot the time but I was playing till 10am most probably till my mum ask me to get ready. Coz planned to go to Borneo Orchid Show 2007 at Tg. Aru.

Ahhh, before I even got myself started, lemme introduce to everyone to my new printer. Wait, I dun have a printer for years *cough. My dad got me one mwahhaha! Meet "BROTHER" *rofl.

Went off at 12 noon, pick my sis up, drove to Tg. Aru for lunch. We went to Taman Selera? Which is at Tg. Aru 2? I'm lost with these names. I seldom go there. Btw, we went to that restaurant? Sri Rohayu ka? No idea of the name but we went there for lunch. Mum had fried mee hoon, sis had mee hoon soup and I had fried rice chinese style with chicken. Took a shot of my fewd only sorry.
tasteless~ well thank gawd for soy sauce and "cili padi"

i know i shouldn't be drinking it cold ^^;

My sis said we should walk there. We should probably let her do the walking and I'll do the driving. I know walking is gewd for exercise but I'm way too tired to do that.

Drove to the location, which is called Anjung Perdana? Oh btw, for those who wondered wut happened to those stalls there, it's there!!! Yay!

*Ehem~ back to main topic. Well, so, went there, my thought...

"Well, this might be like the ones they have few years back..." which is small and you had to pay to get in? But...

NO! This is better!!!! Seriously!

There's stalls around selling cactus, orchids, souvenirs, pots and etc.

Look to my left, there's a tent. We entered... O.O OMG! I think I start to become slightly crazy. I nearly dropped my jaw as we entered man! Not forgetting I keep on saying "OMG" everytime I saw a rare kind of orchid species that I've never seen before? ^^;

The snapping begins.

a small garden setting by Taman Pertanian Sabah

some other setting. oh this is nice XD

sibuk urang nak amik gambar sibuk jua dia mo duduk sana ^^; they did not move, ppl was taking photo. well, in the end i took a shot of them instead XD

dun forget to vote for the State Orchid~ I voted, am not telling u which one XD and u'll get a coupon for 10 pcs free 4R printing at FotoBest

Btw, I can't describe each orchid photo coz I didn't get the chance to read any of it. Bz snapping XD Comes in many different types and sizes.

*noted: My mum can't stop bugging me asking me to take shot of every single orchid she saw. Which is slightly annoying if u ask me ^^; All I did whole way walking from the moment I entered till the end of that tent, is snapping without viewing my images ^^; crap!

relax dulu mas XD

Here's some cactus XD

Alamak! Where's 2nd O.O oh nois~ XD

Look till the end of the table, "banyak lagi oh" (still a lot).

Btw, I won't be uploading every single shot I took, I'm not that crazy XD

Btw, there's a lot of ppl around and lotsa em came with cameras. Many different kinds of cameras, pro cam, semi pro, p&s cam and not forgetting camera phones XD You definately can see photographers style hehehe.

*background: Mas indenial, "I dun haf shooting style mwahahhaa"

I met some friends there, mum's friends and my aunts XD

Overall, it was great! I was there from 1pm till 4pm, if I'm not mistaken lah~ And I took a total of 328 photos XD * background music: "I feel gewd!" but I'm thristy! XD Had keropok lekor and watermelon juice, which made my coughing even worst ^^;

sorry, nearly finish, i was seriously thirsty XD

My day haven't end juz yet. After the whole crazy photo shooting, we went to Giant Kolombong, yes for grocerry XD I need cat fewd! For my kitties! XD Went home at before 6pm, actually we dropped by some stalls around Inanam area and I bought myself a burger. And yes, it's for dinner! XD

*looks at time. I wanna go Borneo Orchid Show again!!! Tomorrow last day people! Not satisfied with some of my shots T_T

Btw, here's an entry by the "sotong" *cough I mean Julian. Click here...

Note: Seriously a lot of shots and orchids are beautiful. Bulih gila se di sana XD I'll upload somemore shots if I'm not lazy XD Till then, enjoy! XD


  1. Hi Mas! I didn't really read your blog cuz so long! :P But the pics are nice, the food looks good and the flowers are pretty! Hehe..

  2. Wah... sioknya. =( I haven't been taking proper pics in awhile. *sigh* Anyhow, I love the froggie pics best. *chuckle*

  3. syura: lol, happens to me sometimes too XD i tend to skip some part, heheh XD

    acom: yeap yeap siok oh! T_T i myself didn't really been doing the same thing, except for such occasion where i'm comfortable with a lot of ppl doing the same thing XD *lol the froggie is cute, i love dat too, it's funny XD

  4. i like ur "BROTHER" ... hehehe...

  5. XD i haven't got chance to test it yet oh..

    no usb cable..kuyak could one not include usb cable huh?

  6. Ohh.. beautiful photos! Orchid show ah? Waaahh.. syoknya! I know my mom would go crazy if she attend one. :D

  7. cin: like my mum la, ilang focus at some point to shoot XD

  8. nice photos!and i miss eating those thinly sliced keropok lekor sana jalan TAR on weekends.

  9. ahhh, makan panas panas tu lekor sedap oh...

    XD thanks

  10. ahhh, makan panas panas tu lekor sedap oh...

    XD thanks

  11. shucks, i should have been to the orchid exhibition... so many photo opportunity

  12. aik? the opening teda display ka? i tot u shoot more than me oh XD