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Friday, August 17, 2007

Compy Status

Ogie, so here it is. I finish backing up my secondary hddisk. Huh! Finally! Thank gawd. I'll start reformatting it when I get back from work and start reinstalling stuff.

The first thing I saw when I was going up the stairs to my office. A dead rat! omg~ ewwwww. *disgusted. I didn't take a shot of it. eww~

Hmm, there's some thing going on at DBKK. Maybe like last year. They giving away flags? I ono

Gewd news!!! KAC Skating Rink Grand Opening tomorrow! Starts at 9am. More info, click here.


  1. Uiyoh, skating riiiink! I remember last time we used to just skate in Tanjung Aru. :D

  2. ok I ask my mum go skate tmorrow, haha

  3. acom: mas never skate.. XD mas wants to try and skate..or wait juz take photo maybe *lol

    jianbing: XD yes go go XD

  4. Ali Goldie10:58 AM

    skate lah mas! i'm sure ur good at it!

  5. skating rink?? and why didn't i know anything or hear anything about it?? as if ndak tinggal di kk.. hehehehe

  6. ali: bro skate ka? cis..i tot ice skating.. >.> no i can't skate oh..u can? teach me XD

    shemah: umm join our forum XD everything and anything u wanna know about sabah i mean events is there XD