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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Finally Changed My Layout

You'd probably remember it as this. I know, I love this layout. But, I changed it! XD I can't help but to notice that everyone's blog seem far more organized than mine XD so yes, I changed it.

I couldn't make it to KK Bloggers Meet T_T so sad. I was so sick earlier till I can't stand / sit. Feeling a lil too woozy. Slightly better now only my coughing is bad. Very bad. ^^;

I'll continue the arranging later. It's 2am oledi.


  1. Ohhh nice new look! Gotta love the colors! :D

    But err... it looks kinda weird on my wide screen Notebook. There's a white background on the sides. :(

  2. * does haf white borders on both sides ^^;

  3. Nice new layout..a three column layout.. Have you put feedburner?

  4. ahhhh i registered feedburner but still lost where or wut is XD

    help help~

  5. you got one already on the top page.

  6. How about a visitor indicator so that you readers know where the visitor from. may be a clustr map?

  7. ooo those...hmm...i'll try look for it XD

    thanks lance