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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Steamboat for Dinner

I forgot to mention that I went to watch "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" last Friday, no I didn't went on a date. I went with my sister duh~ Since CSP doesn't have any movie outing, might as well go watch it. Rather than to wait for it to come out on HBO which probably will take hmm a year or so? Anyways, went to the 6:30pm show. Yes, I waited for an hour (more or less), standing and watching movie previews *cough. Talking about enduring pain? XD

Compared to others who watched this. I kinda liked it. With some new characters, well new for me lah since I dun read the book?

Btw, dinner was popcorn and roti kawin. *cough. Yet, I wasn't really that hungry *sweats.

Today, mum went out to get brunch with my bro. I asked for Tandoori chicken and I had nasi lemak. Talking about hungry ei? I only ate around noon. I was definitely hungry. Sorry, didn't get a shot of it.

At nite, we went out for dinner. We'll be having steamboat XD yay~ Oh thank gawd I'm not the one driving. My dad drove us with my car *cough cough which I was kinda scared. I prefer driving it. XD but oh well. No complains.

We went to Nelayan. Oh, on the way to that Beijing steamboat thinggie, at the side there, they set up a pond thinggie for this koi fishies? Look at it move. Do they have some kinda thing that make the fish go like this? O.O *curious

After dinner, we went to City Mall. My dad wanted to check out one of his Nelson booth. Actually we wanted to get Doriyaki? Or Doreyaki? How u spell that? But they dun have it T_T Oh well, came back home, watched Big Momma's House 2.

Oh earlier, I watched "The Last Mimzy", er slightly boring coz I was skipping some part *yawns. But I watched another movie which is "Because I Said So". This is way better XD Romantic Comedy is totally my thing :P


  1. Well cuz! I went to Cathay (AMK hub) to catch the same show at 6.50 pm. What a coincidence. The movie seem to have deviated slightly from the book and the much hyped kiss was ... disappointing. But its still a show that kept me tensed up waiting for more.

    BTW, i saw an old ah ma watching the movie too. Talk abt wide audience appeal.


  2. Wah, I feel like going for steamboat tu. Lama sudah tak makan steamboat ni. ><

    I haven't watch Harry Potter. LOL! But I planned on going this Tuesday. ;)

  3. cuzzie: woo old ah ma fan of harry potter XD

    cin: hehehe, yeah this time we went coz my sis wanted to eat it..yang sakit sumua bantai makan, jadi tambah sakit kuyak butul eh

  4. massy: wow , main sedap tu steamboat but i dont really like eating at nelayan, i really like this steamboat at avasi (last time in sadong) now pindah dunno where sudah..i am hungry now!cant wait for lunch!

  5. steamboat at avasi..mana tu? never tried dat one...i like the one at windbell? sana tg aru punya oso..only that place need some maintenance XD

  6. sia slalu limpas sana windbell tu , does it serve pork kah?and how much lah?avasi used to be in sadong before,very nice and the ppl pun nicee , sedap lah..heard they move to damai ,tried to find it but to no avail.*sigh*

  7. i dunno how much izzit..coz last time we went there is when we had those charity dun recall if got pork or not..teda qua ^^;

    oooooooooo, wuah, siok oh if got other steamboat, can try XD *drools

  8. Oooh I loved Avasi duluuuu!!! Dia di Kuwasa bah tu dulu. :D

    But the thought of eating skarang still makes my stomach queasy. Tah bila la baik dari sakit niiiii.

  9. hope acom get well soon XD