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Monday, July 02, 2007

Yet another suckie monday

Yes, u heard me. It's another one of those days where I get to wait for parking for more than an hour *tsk~ Even when I'm early *tsk~ Woke up at 1:30am this morning, coz I was having allergies again argh! So annoyed. No rice wine testing for me. *hiks~

My sis made a joke about me drinking rice wine. Saying that my body prefer expensive type of rice wine. Yeah rite. More like the content! *tsk~

2nd time for me to wake up is at 5:30am, juz to have found out that the electricity had died. Well more like the sound of the frigging UPS woke me up. Finally woke up at 6am and got off to work at after 7am. I'm seriously super hungry. When I said hungry. I mean really really hungry. Must be the medicine I took at 1:30am. Obviously if u didn't eat before that duh~

I left a note for my brother to pull the front gate. I was worried coz we didn't get to feed the cats and dogs. Later to know that my eldest sis is coming back and will be feeding them. Yay! I burden off my chest mwahha.

I sent my 2nd sis to work and reached my office parking area at 7:40am. *tsk Waited for parking T_T I hate parking around here *sigh. I'm super hungry. Free cold fried rice T_T must be grateful. Must be grateful ^^;

That's pretty much concludes part of my day ^^;

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