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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fewd and stuff

I'm suppose to post these fewd photos the other day but I was bz playing maple story and O2jam.

This was lunch 2 days ago. We had it at Kedai Kopi Daily at Gaya Street.

wa tan ho, i think this cost RM5 ka?

fried mee cost RM4

My dad told me recently that he's looking for ppl to run his Nelson's kiosk around KK. Anybody interested? I'll have to get back about the requirements and job description stuff. He didn't gimme details *cough.

one of the nelson's kiosk at city mall

Was trying on night shots, using manual mode. T_T I still sucked. Look at this T_T I was kinda in a rush XD

Yesterday got very sad news from one of my fren from JB. Her parents in law died in a car crash T_T It was on the newspaper (Berita Harian). Condolences.

Other related stuff, I received some $$ from my fotolia not that much la >.> the problem is, I dun have credit card to verify my paypal *cough. I couldn't be asking my parents to loan em credit card to me. So, am planning to get debit card *cough. Please advise?


  1. If you're planning to get a debit card, please be aware that you cannot withdraw money from the debit card at any ATM machine.

    But you can purchase item with that card, it's just that you need to remember how much money left in your card, so there will be no problem by the time you purchase item using that card.

    Currently I'm using Alliance Bank debit card. Never found it hastle using that card, so I guess that card is fine.

  2. ahhh ic...i'll check that again..the only ones i know are like PB visa electron, neXG by ambank, i red about alliance bank one but hmm, i'll check it out again.

    thanks saiful XD

  3. mas try and ask cindy about the VMI debit card,what is fotolia?and ahem how much did u make?i am waiting for my blog to matang so i can start on PPP..

  4. Use either the Ambank's or the PB to verify it. I think I talked about it in my blog before. It will take 1 month to get your debit card from PBB and waiting from Paypal take another 3-4 weeks. So better start early. Thats just for verifying the paypal account so u can received and pay others online.. like what i have now. If you wanna use here in Malaysia, you either get the VMI card as Shana said, ask Cindy or Kay about it. this one u can use to withdraw from any Cirrus logo ATM. hope that help u.
    Froma a caring friend here :)

  5. Anonymous12:27 PM

    hmmmm ... ask you bank????

  6. use public bank debit card liao.. i received mine in less than a month, fill the form online, print it out, post it with your ic copy, then they will send you a letter with your card number, asking to deposit at least RM25 into the card, lastly show the deposit slip along with the letter at pb counter to confirmed payment.

    lastly, wait for a letter from PB to claim your card at your prefered PB branches. (they will ask this is the application form) :)

  7. Hmm... I would like to add on to the advice, but I really have no idea. :D

    Tapiiiii... Aku tingu kau punya Wa Tan Ho, aku lapar. :D

  8. papa: thanks for the advice, i must have miss that part gomene~

    pai: ahh u got urs..

    actually i did some survey online myself and from lowyat forum. definately a lot of ppl using the PB visa electron?

    thanks ppl..

    yeah i need it juz to verify my paypal thinggie XD

    ohoho will post about fewd again later..

    acom: sedap oh tu wa tan ho XD

  9. shana: not that much..a bit only XD

  10. Mas, if you don't have a credit card to verify your PayPal, just borrow your parents' or sister's credit card. PayPal will ONLY charge $1.95 to that credit card. After a month, a code number will appear in the credit card statement. Use that code to verify your PayPal. You will get the $1.95 back, sent to your PayPal account.

    Then after that, just get a VMI card maybe. You can transfer all your money into the VMI card and withdraw the money from any ATM that have Cirrus logo on it. Then you can return your parent/sister the $1.95 back. :P In RM lah. Heheheheh.

    Just a suggestion. I've been using VMI card to withdraw my PayPal for months now. No problem so far. Exchange rate also 3.5 :D

    PS: Your food photos makes me hungry oh. :(

  11. cin, VMI card like the PB one ka? *blurness..that's one thing i dun wanna do, loan parent's or sibling's credit card hehe. XD

    nvm la, i'll check with another fren about the cimb one XD

  12. Hmm.. how to say ar. VMI card is like you're having a US account. That's the ONLY way to withdraw your PayPal money atm - By having a US bank account.

    Or you try the CIMB one first la. I'm not too sure about that one. :P

  13. aight, thanks. i have to check details first XD

    this is so new to me *cough