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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Life Progress

I was a bit late today. Yes, I tend to go late when it rains. Very nice to sleep bah. Btw, it doesn't really matter coz everyone in the office doing it. Hehehe, btw, it's weird today. Less cars around. That's so weird. It's only Thursday. Not even Friday leh. Oh, guess wut's the first thing I noticed? Remember the kancil which parked there for months? It's not there. Yeap! Most likely they towed it away oledi. Yay! 1 extra parking space. Sweet! XD

I was mapuring all day and I got really bored coz I was playing alone. It's so boring when u're training alone. *pftttt. I skipped lunch coz I dun feel like eating somehow. I should be hungry but I'm not. Hmm. Oh well. Yet another boring day at work. I should do something.

Time to go home. Guess wut's the next thing I noticed. So many empty parking. Wuah. Wut's with today? Izzit a holiday that there's so many parking available? It's not even 5pm yet wor. Weirdness.

Almost reach home. There's 2 teenagers, I won't call them local if u know wut I mean. They were walking in the middle of the road. Since I won't wanna shock ppl by honking, I turn slightly right so I won't hit them. But guess wut happen? This one stewped baboon go walk at my side. I nearly bang him. WTF!? I juz give em the stare coz lazy to argue later. Yes, I got into quite few arguments before around my area. Well the most common or likely argument caused by stewped dumbarses blocking my way. Hehe~ Calm down~

I'm in my room now and I got slight eye pain coz of the lunch skipping thinggie. So, I guess I should go shower and eat now. But u wanna know wut's funny? Mimi *rofl. Yes, the out of control one. Black face? She was biting small bb!!!! O.O Talking about jealousy. *cough cough. We better not let her saw this *cough or hear this *cough. XD *whistle. (hapuskan bukti)

Till then, haf a pleasant evening everyone XD


  1. You have a pleasant day yourself. I know I will. :)


  2. Thank God you didn't know that fella down... It's not worth it, haha.

    By the way, your new blog layout is really different form the last. I think I have to take some time to get used to it... =) Good one, anyway!

  3. not a local teenager.. must be the p174k kan.. :D

  4. huiwen: i think there's few incident where i could ran someone over there *rofl XD

    once i was driving home and one of these kids decided to speed on a bicycle, nearly bang my car ^^; and some kids sometimes like to purposely stand on the road >.>

    pai: *cough cough...definitely not local XD

  5. been in that situation before with the P174k(thee hee hee) kids, nasib tia apa apa

  6. shana: for the car XD same same XD