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Friday, July 06, 2007

Mimi Taking Over The Bed

I still have fever but I'm at work now. ^^; It's not that bad. *pray that I'll be fine so I can go to KK Bloggers Meet tonite *cough.

Ahh, anyways, I'm not quite the main focus for this post. Attention goes to >>>> Mimi. Yes! The one who gave birth ^^;

Earlier last nite, she brought her 2 new kittens behind the trampoline. She woke me up at 5am this morning by sort of digging around my leg area. It obviously woke me up coz I could hear her lil kittens crying. OMG! She brought her kittens on the bed. Noiiiiiii~~~ my spacie. I had a box ready for her oledi. OI! Dun take my space leh! ^^;

I move her kittens to the box but she carried em back to the bed. OMG! Oh well. Leave em there then. She wants to be covered in blankie. ^^;

Oh nois~ I'm so gonna spoil em kittens again oh nois~ save me. Maybe I should make 1 small bed for em hmm.. or maybe easy way would be buying weeeeeeeee XD


  1. please be ok tonite... my camera is with my BROTHERRRRRRRRR... died, no camera tonite~

  2. oh nois~ *pray...*pray pray~

    must go must go XD

    noiiiiiiiiiii knp ur bro take camera noiiiiiiiiii XD