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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life Progress

I was sick yesterday. Fever. Must be the season. Everyone seem to be sick.

So, wut does sick ppl do? Sleep! XD

But I didn't do any sleeping. Guess wut I did? Watch anime XD

This time I watched Honey and Clover II and Inukami XD

I likey. But the episodes I got are not complete *shite! T_T I want watch.

Wut's Inukami about?

Plot Summary:
Inukami are demons with the apearence of a dog which protect the humans from other demons. However, Keita, a descendant of a historic Inukami-tamer family, lacked their gift, and so he was forsaken by the family. One day, an Inukami named Yoko came in to his life, and from then on, Keita's life would never be the same. Although Yoko was really beautiful, she was a problematic Inukami that no one had been able to control, and from that moment the endless train of Keita's embarrassments was without end.

I likey XD

And Honey and Clover XD Hagu~~~~~


  1. ndak kerjakah girl???
    can still watch anime lagi... or is this at night time... alamak. blur2 already.

  2. Eh... you sick too?? Kesiannya. Get well soon ar. :D

  3. papa: i was sick yesterda better... XD only the internet at work sot haihs

    cin: T_T thanks...