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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lunch at BistroDelifrance

Today had lunch with Amy at BistroDelifrance. XD The place started to become pack at around 1:30pm. Set lunch for RM13.90. 3 different kinds of set meal. Chicken/Spagetti/ Lamb. I took this one, chicken curry set I forgot wut it's called. But it's really nice. A bit too much for me. I couldn't finish the potato. Oh nois~ and here I was complaining coz I had half boiled egg for breakfast. Yes, I'm super duper hungry.

this is the chicken curry (i'm sorry forgot wut it actually called) but it's so nice XD i likey. but a bit too much for me. *burps~ excuse me

wut amy had. spagetti with chicken sausages. umm i think the taste is more of thyme and olive oil XD didn't quite like this one

Inclusive of

ice cream! XD vanilla, strawberry , chocolate?

and soup of the day. chicken soup oh punya sedap! XD there's pieces of chicken meat inside oh. i so likey! XD

Some shots I manage to take before the fewd arrives and before ppl start pouring in XD

Look at em bold colors. I so likey XD


  1. Oooh.. Looks like a cool place to hang out~! What's the average price of the menu? Mahal or not? I miss KK.. :(

  2. hmm..single meal like if u order spagetti range rm12.90 roughly. that's wut i saw on the menu. i think price roughly standard like delifrance in kl? no idea XD

  3. nyum nyum!!cant wait for gaji!heheh

  4. we gonna go try every single one of em mwahahha XD

  5. Hi there!!

    I love any blogs that has food in 'em! Yummynyaa!!

    Haven't had the chance to try.. lagipun macam mahal saja..

    But the chicken curry thingy looks really delish! Thanks for making this pregnant woman start craving.. hehe..

  6. XD glad u liked it. no blog will be filled with fewd XD

    chicken curry thinggie is absolutely nyummy~~~ XD

    thanks for visiting

  7. posted on 18th and here me on 22nd. Late as always. Well, the food make me come back for more. Nice place. where is that? don't tell me at gaya street again? Yakah? Aduh, so many nice place to eat. That curry chicken looks delicious girl.. nasib skrang ni tengah makan breakfast in the office.
    Oh well... life goes on.. in the office too :(

  8. aiyak~ sorry papa..mas haven't been blogging lately.. oh btw, bistro delifrance is at warisan square? easily spotted.