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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Blog updates

This is wut me and Amy had for lunch at Wisma Merdeka. This place is near the fewd court. Tasty XD The mushroom chicken cost RM9.00 and the one with "kicap" cost RM4.50 ka (coz it's set lunch? I think?) ?

My sis and 2 of her fren came to the office today. Remember "love moon" product? Yes, today, they gonna demo the difference between the "sanitary" napkin used by us, which in this case, the sample is from Kotex brand? and the one provided by this "love moon" product.

I'm sorry, didn't take photo during the demo session. My bad. I was erm paying attention?!

Anyways, 1st test we get to touch both pads. I'm sorry but I think "love moon" pad is softer than the Kotex brand one. I'm sorry. But it is.

2nd, the guy who's doing the demo, pour water on it. Surprisingly, "love moon" pad is dry and the other pad is wet. How is this possible? Ahh, this is where we get to the 3rd part. He cut both pads and open it up layer by layer.

First, he cut open the Kotex pad. Wut we can see inside are layers of in his terms, "newspaper". Yes, when we said "newspaper", it means, recycle paper. -_-" Wut do they use to make recycle paper turn white? Chemical obviously. Definately loads of bleaching. He even let us touch it. And compare it with toilet paper. -_-" Scary fact.

Now, he cut open layers of "love moon" pad. 1st layer is where the negative ion thinggie. 2nd layer is cotton. Next layer is, guess wut? We know it's some kind of gel but we didn't know that it's actually Aloe Vera. OMG! He even put some of it in his mouth. He said this thing won't kill coz it's safe. But dun swallow it. Duh~! Then he put the layer of Aloe Vera thing into a water bottle which contains water, guess wut happened? It absorbs the water, from a layer from the pad, turn into the shape of the water bottle. With more water, it'll disappear.

And finally we reached almost the final countdown. He tear off the last layer. Which is the layer where we, women stick the pad to our underwear? He said, the glue they use for the "love moon"/"anion" product is like chewing gum. O.O

Another experiment with hot water. This time he uses these small glasses. Like drinking shots. Put the final layer on the cup and cover it with another cup. He did this for both last layer from the pads. The "love moon"/"anion" pad layer one is breathable kind. Ada wap oh. O.O and the other one dun haf O.O

Remember when I said I ignored my sis when she explained about this. Now I understand why she's so excited, so as my parents. So, whoever, around KK who wants a demo for this product. Please tell me. My sis can arrange a demo for anyone and everyone XD (uisey promoting bah).

Other story

Last nite, went to CPS to cut my hair. I can't stand it. It's driving me nuts. We browsed every floor ^^; The cheapest I could see there is RM15. ^^; The one I went cost RM20. The haircut I choose at first is very short, not so boyish but short. But the guy said it's very straight and gonna be very thin. I was like , oh, ogie, I'm gonna browse other then. Instead I found this haircut. Took him more or less 1 hour to finish cutting. He's gewd. I mean gewd. He cut exactly like in the magazine O.O woo~

Anyways, this is my new haircut. I haf to clip my fringe to the right so it'll stay that way XD Yes, I know, it's still long. Gahh, nevermind, let it for few months, if I can't tahan, I'll cut it short again XD weeeeeeeee. So, how do I look? ^^; I'm not sure how am I gonna maintain this. Coz I'm messy and I hate taking care of my hair. I mean seriously, I dun blow/straighten my hair. It's all natural hair XD Oh btw, since it's black, u can't quite see the layer cut. It's really nice but too bad, my hair is black. Maybe, if I'm crazy, I'll highlight my hair red XD Who knows. Wut's the possibility in that? Most likely to be "zero".

thank gawd for photoshop XD

Warning! Please do not eat when viewing the kitten that did not make it. SERIOUSLY! I'm not kidding. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Dun blame me if u end up vomiting or lost appetite to eat.

Today, came back from work, found blood on the carpet and toilet floor. No, I didn't kill anybody. Mimi gave birth to 2 new baby. Well, it's actually 3 but 1 died and she ate it. Here's shots of 2 that survived.

The one that didn't make it, click here.


  1. Nya main kiuuuuuuuuuuut!!!!!

  2. aya kasihan those cat.. pitty cat.

  3. Your hair looks nice. Very neat! :D Although I'd say, go for the highlights! It'll enhance your look more, trust me!!

  4. acom: it ain't so cute if mimi's blood all over the room XD

    jefferi: yeah T_T kesian oh. the one that didn't make it T_T

    cin: *cough cough, i know. but it gonna cost me XD

  5. mas, how come mimi ate the one yg didnt make it??

  6. amy: i dunno wor T_T tsk tsk~

    cats eat their kitties? i dunno? O.O

  7. nice hair... nice spec frame, but sad on the kitten that not make it. :(

  8. papa: spec frame? i had been using this for very long time leh... XD

    half frame type

  9. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Er.....I was eating bread when I looked at the dead kitty's pic. And I stopped chewing instantly.

  10. i tot i put a warning there oledi? O.O

    it's seriously not my fault XD