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Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Sick Family

As everyone know, me and my eldest sis is sick. Well guess wut? My bro is having fever, my 2nd sis is coughing, my parents, who juz got back from their 1 week trip to Vietnam is also sick. This family is sick! Oh nois~

Maybe we should be quarantined? *cough.

My eldest sis went to get her hair dyed today. Yes, she went out even she's sick. This morning, the way she coughed sort of scare me a bit. It sounded like she's coughing blood out her lungs. OMG! That's so scary. Though, I cough like that before. But coming from someone else scares me hehe. She came back with very pink at the bottom of her hair. ^^;

Dying my hair is totally out of the question. Though, I did some highlighting back in the days but it didn't last as long as my 2nd sis's highlights. My hair is very black. But, if there's a minor chance, I would want red highlights. Been wanting it for a very long time XD

Oh gewd, I'm sweating. Hope I'll be fine for work tomolo. Thank gawd I won't be sending my sis to work anymore yay! That's so much fun XD I can wake up late yay!

Btw, I went to meet a fren from the forum for gosurori book XD yes! It finally arrived. I'll take a shot of it later for u guys to see XD It's mine!! MINE MINE MINE! I think I developed an addiction/hobby for it somehow. Well, not really into wearing it yet. But more like making one XD But we'll see how it goes. I've ordered the next issue too omg~ I'm so excited XD

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