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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's A Conspiracy!

It's a conspiracy I say! *hmph~

Izzit me or every now and then I couldn't browse using firefox. In the end I had to use this suckie IE hmph~ >:(

Or maybe uh uh, it's the tmNUT again?!


  1. Hah. I had that problem when we first got our internet line. I hate it. :( *hug* Hope it gets better soon.

  2. My FF have no problem so far..

    It's a conspiracy, I tell you! :P

  3. com and cin: yerrrrrrr, it's every now and then wor. use IE can load pulak..yer...I dun like to use IE. besides, I owez open in tab one XD

  4. i think its conspiracy too!mine works just fine..bah bah jaga hehehe

  5. nah kan! >.> yerrrrrr i dun wanna use IE wor T_T

  6. MY FF ok ja. Definitely there's a conspiracy goin on here :) Jagaaaaaa

  7. Try Internet Explorer 7. It has tabbed browsing, but if you happen to close the 'main' window, all tabs will be closed too. In that way, Mozilla FireFox is better.

    Hope all goes well for you. =)

  8. papa T_T isk kijamnya

    huiwen: yeah i'm using dat, but i juz hate using IE hahahah XD i lurve firefox..anyways maybe i should use opera hmm