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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Life Progress

My aunt will be coming to Sabah yay! Not sure how many of them will be coming but they're coming alright! XD I've ordered some stuff from Ozzie like "sard wonders". Any of u dunno wut sard wonders are, these are actually soaps XD and we ordered a box of "red rock deli sweet chili and sour cream flavour chips mwahahahahah! SATU KOTAK (translation: 1 BOX) !!! Tamahak (translation: greedy)! *pray that she can bring 1 box mwaahha. XD

Haven't got things to blog lately.

This morning, woke up at 3am and went back to sleep and wake up again at 7am, went outside and saw a lot, I mean a lot of dragonflies. These things really can make me get motivated. Went upstairs, got my camera and start shooting XD But didn't get much shot of dragonflies, instead, I got shots of a single butterfly even there's a lot of em flying around in the garden ^^;

Will post the photos soon.

Edited: One of it. XD

Meanwhile, I watched "Honey and Clover II" anime again. T_T I cried again T_T yes yes I admit it! I'm a crybaby! T_T so sad.

I'll reblog later when I'm done with editing photos.

I was slightly bored, so took a shot of my pinky street. Yes, I only have 2 *sigh~ T_T


  1. Wuaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!

    Nya main siok kena bawa goodies!! Grrr. Jealous jealous.

  2. *pray kena bawa gewddies XD

    inda bulih melebeh lebeh XD

  3. hehe finger crossed for goodies ya

  4. Tamahak means greedy? I thought 'tamak' is the right one?

    Anyway...your butterfly picture motivated me to do some macro photography. Which I rarely do, as I'm more interested in portraits and street photography... =)

  5. XD i think tamahak = bahasa pasar kwakkakakaka XD yes "tamak" is the right word for greedy kekekek XD

  6. massy tamahak... macam PapaJ juga..kekeke...
    hairan tadi pagi at 2am takda pun post ni... suddenly appeared and on sunday posting pulak... isk isk isk
    bah gd morninglah... and fingers and toe crossing for goodies :)

  7. aik? how come wut happen aik? *conpius...nah inda tau knp tu..papa punya line kuyak XD

    super duper slowness XD

  8. Waaahhh bestnya!!! Ada goodies!!! Syok la kau ni, must be very excited! hahaha!

  9. woww.. so best! The last time my aunt came back from oz in 2002, we got teddy bears. She said she din realise we were all so grown up oredi.. but still sweet though!

    Hope you get lotsa goodies! :)

  10. XD no worries..she knows how "old" i am hahahahah XD and the stuff we ordered are necessary XD