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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Scent

XD <--- very sick. can't stop smiling.

I went to get some medicine at the pharmacy today and after that I thought maybe I should get some buns/bread for lunch, juz in case I get hungry. XD

So, well, I went to Milimewa and got myself some buns. While I was choosing my buns. Couldn't help to notice, a scent, from this guy looking for buns/bread with his fren. Save me. The only thing that distracted me, and made me look twice at him is becoz of his perfume. NO! I didn't get to look at his face. Like I wanted to ask wut perfume he's using. But I didn't. Are u crazy? Though, the smell kinda reminds me of Issey Miyake for Men or like I dunno, smell of a fren, who uses Kenneth Cole perfume. -_-" oh nois.

Well, the funny thing is, I was smiling all the way back to the office. Coz it's a very pleasant smell. XD Damn, I know I know. I couldn't help it. I love very nice smell XD

Shite~ The smell melekat in my head. XD Can't stop smiling. I should've asked wut perfume rite? Damn -_-" Well, maybe if I get lucky, I would get to get some other scent from somewhere? XD Save me!

Did this ever happen to u? ^^; *sweats~


  1. Wow scent of a man.. you should've looked at his face too. Manatau hensem, lagi lah you smile the whole day thinking of his face and smell! *Mwahahahahah*

  2. wakakakkakaka rusak!!!! yeawor..rugi oh kan..oh well..too bad XD kakakakka