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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life Progress

I bought chicken rice for lunch. Yes I bought my own lunch today. Juz coz "makcik" (auntie cleaner) gimme an "attitude". I was definitely annoyed by it. Well, if u really wanna know, the conversation is something like this.

Me: "makcik, tu lesen 5 tahun RM100 ka?"
("auntie, renew license 5 years RM100?")
Makcik: "inda tau oh, hari tu akauntan cakap RM150 dia bayar, tapi dia yang cakaplah, bukan se"
("I don't know, the accountant said he paid RM150, but he said not me")
Me: O.O *speechless
Makcik: "kalau ko tak puas ati ko pigi tanya sendiri la di JPJ"
("If you're not satisfied, you go JPJ and ask urself")
Me: O.O *speechless again

She went out from my room, then had argument with a colleague O.O PMS ka ni makcik?

Anyways, I was speechless coz I was asking really nicely and she sound very offensive which I was surprised. Geez, if dun wanna help no need la dui~ *pftttttt~ So, yeah I end up buying my own lunch coz I get annoyed with these kinda ppl. *hiks~ Mas dun tolerate sarcasm *cough cough.

It started to rain around noon. Wuah I was lucky! XD I bought my lunch before noon mwahhaha XD

Went to pick my sis up from work. Saw my dad's car there. I was like O.O again coz he should know that I'm gonna pick her up today since we're gonna meet Amy up at Maple Cafe for dinner. Hehe. Poor daddy, this morning my sis rush him to send her and left my mum and 2nd sis in confusion. Coz my dad suppose to send my mum to the hospital and my 2nd sis to work. But he was in a hurry to send my eldest sis to work coz she (eldest sis) is selfish *pfttttttt. This is a known fact *cough cough. *whistle. I'm not doing the talking *whistle.

Anyways, back to after work. So yes, we went to Maple Cafe, Damai. But it was closed. Geez~ Oh btw, this place haf weird opening hours. During breakfast, lunch and dinner only. I think the dinner one opens from 6pm to 11pm. Very nice setting. Gahh~ wanted to take photo but it's not open. We walked around till 6:30pm. Went to another place around there. It's "Food Station", it's the same row as Yoyo. Very nice place to eat. Wuah~ I so likey~ XD

baby kailan RM4 for my sis

fish cooked with black bean for amy RM6 ka?

and for me, fish cooked with spring onion and ginger *nyum RM6

oh and these are from there too. no need to explain wut it is rite?

My sis's frens came after dinner for demo. Wut demo? Sanitary napkin demo, for Amy. Demo finished at around 8:20pm I think. Means I only reach home few mins after that. Now it's 9:30pm and I need to shower before I get off to bed.

Oh, here's a short video I took of mimi's bb. I think it's a "he". But so cute hor XD


  1. that makcik is having a very bad day.. "kalo ko tidak puas hati, ko pi tanya sendiri di jpj la.." hahahahh! why i always heard this phrase "kalo ko tidak puas hati.." from makcik2 cleaner aa? is that their trademark?

  2. most probably PMS bah..tulah x puas cakap her earning low inda jua..coz she earn more than a clerk *cough cough.

    hahahhaa u owez offend makciks ka pai *rofl

  3. i am so hungryyyyyyy!!!