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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life Progress

It is raining. It has been raining for gawd knows wut time. I went off a bit late to work today. I had to send one of my sis to work coz my dad's car is filled with stuff for his company's Convenient Store. Oh, u guys can visit his store at Alamesra, I think his office is behind Bina Puri. Hehe. Wut do they sell? Tongkat Ali Drinks, Mas Cotek drink, Coconut Oil, Coffee and etc. Check it out.

Mimi brought her bb to the bed again. Under the blankie. Again. ^^;

Today, gonna do demo to Amy XD anyone wants demo? I could let my sis arrange it XD


  1. What kind of demo is that? Dance ah? Sory, din know yer sis do... :P

    Alamesra? Bina Puri? Where is that? Susah juga dis seldom go out one.

  2. papa: sanitary napkin..remember i posted about love moon products? XD

    it's gewd for both gender. female obviously since it's sanitary napkin? male - can put it inside ur shoe so no smell, or maybe put at ur back if u haf back ache. best see demo XD

    alamesra = opposite UMS, u can't miss bina puri. trust me. my dad's office is behind bina puri. it's dpbs holding XD

  3. Hmm.. I don't even know where Alamesra or Binapuri is. LOL! But I've heard of Binapuri before lah.. Last time my brother have friends who worked in that company. :D

  4. cin: yes in kl ada bina near that school...i forgot wut's the name of the place...hmm, ideal heights? O.O blurness XD

    i worked in bina puri here kk branch before XD

    if u know where is UMS sini then u know where is alamesra's opposite sija tu..