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Monday, March 05, 2007

Black Monday

It's another boring monday. I dun get it man. I dun get it. Why it's owez take such a long time to get to office every monday. Why? Too many cars. Wut's wrong with these ppl!? *pfttttt.

Dun wanna complain huh~

Anyways, I registered myself atthe other day. Uhuk~ thanks to sr215

Uploaded 16 photos. 2 has been selected and added to the database. I deleted 1. 4 has been rejected *pftttttt. And the other still pending *hiks. Oh well, we'll juz haf to see if I could make sale there XD


  1. ah..biasa ja pun monday klu sa..hahah...privilages of jobless :P

    ah..i wanna try lah manatau pic sa yg so-so buli jual too :P

  2. Fotolia implements the commercial aspect of your pictures.

    *just a simple advice*

  3. uhuh uhuh, some of my rejected pics are considered erm blur? maybe i dun see the blurness XD

    oh i got 6 photos added to the database already *hiks~ XD

  4. cindy3:56 PM

    Wah, going commercial oledi! Wish you all the best! Nanti can belanja me cendol la kan? :P

  5. XD if i earn profit woo..i uploaded..nobody view yet...i manage to upload 21 piece...of i think the best for me la...but...

    out of those 21 photos...10 got through the database and 11 got rejected woo~~~ harder than i think it is XD