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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It's the day of the American Idol hhohoooho. Ogie, I'm sorry. Lets be serious. Or maybe not. I juz wanted to post a shot of my mimi. Horny mimi! *uhuk~

Look at that fat tummy! Dun u wanna rub it!?

Oh, btw, she's in heat. She's being loud every now and then. And it's really funny to see when she's rolling on the floor and was dragging her body *lol. Should have taken a video seriously. Too funny


  1. hmm.. so envy with your cat. Mine is ... slim, and when I rub my cat tummy, it's hard, as if he have 6 packs beneath.

  2. well...only this one mimi like this..the other mimi slightly slim..not fat enuff...

    coz she like to jump around...and climb high places hehe XD

  3. argh! mind that...shite. i was logged on the other account damn shite~ >_<

  4. *lol dewan perniagaan bumiputera

  5. *o.O!
    cute cat~ "mimi" tat reminds me of the scary lady in the drew careys show >.<

  6. O.o AHA! Dewan Perniagaan Bumiputera, eh? Sounds kinky. LOL!

    Aww... Mimi is so cute!! Makes me wanna smack the butt. :P I love doing that to my mom's cat. Smack the butt while she's curling around.. LOL. Wow, is it the mating season for cats already? My dog just got out of heat too.. we had to let her use a sanitary pants for 2 weeks! Haha!

  7. *lol...*paranoid...

    ignore that dewan perniagaan thinggie!!! XD *hiks

    soo: *lol..hahahahah that mimi with thick make up man hahahah *rofl

    cin: hohohoho..wut were u thinking? anyways, yeah, it's mating season..they sound very horny..darn it's so funny man~ XD