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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tagged: Why Blog?

5 reasons why I do it:
  1. To express myself - I blog about how I feel most of the time. The post gets longer if I'm pissed if anyone would notice? I used to blog about *uhuk~ love, but now I barely blog about how I feel towards somebody. It's juz a bit too weird sometimes hehe~
  2. Photos - coz I think I wanted to share memorable moments coz there's owez a story to tell. Like some photos I post at my photo page but I couldn't post all coz I might scare ppl away? Maybe?
  3. For people to read. I like going to ppl's blog and read about wut they do or maybe stuff that matters to them. I do it almost everyday really. Sometimes very informative. You dun want ppl to keep asking u the same Q do u. So, everytime someone ask wut's new about u, juz point them to your blog hehe.
  4. To see how others react to different situation. In this case, if there were any. I think there's few hehe.
  5. To let ppl understand me better *hiks~ I wish~

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  1. amy
  2. diasrandford
  3. julian
  4. zaini
  5. sr215


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    if you write, people will read. i read you to get an awareness of how my former home is faring ... more on the micro level! i like to reminisce how a stick of satay is 20 cent or chow-mein is 3 ringgit a plate! that's why ......

  2. XD hehehehe...

    my post are slightly boring compared to some of my fren's post. on the informative side, erm, very low, i rant about lotsa stuff >_< hehe..

    sorry, hope u enjoy reading though *uhuk~

  3. Anonymous6:38 PM

    boring schmoring .. doesn't matter. i read the bits that i like ...

  4. XD hahahah ogie then..thank yew XD

  5. iagree about #4 and 5

  6. *lol hahahhahaha XD

  7. Thanks for tagging. Will get that done as soon as possible.

  8. hohohoho u're most welcome XD

    looking forward to that weeeeeee kakakakak