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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I wanted to get more sleep on Sunday but hmm, got a present from my cats around 7am. *sigh. Here it is~

Other than that, nothing interesting happened. Oh, cin! I finally watched "The Holiday", I cried at the end part hehe~ I know I know, I weep easily. I'm a weeper. Who cares rite?

Ahhh, other than that, I watch er anime only, now super lazy. *yawns. Better go sleep la like this. I'll blog again ppl


  1. Wahahahaa best kan the movie? I cried at the part when Cameron Diaz cried. :P

    Aww.. sorry about your toe. Kena scratch ka? :P

  2. Ada cuci kaki kah?

  3. cin: yahhh kena scratch when i was sleeping..they were trying to catch my toe under the blankie >_<

    omg~ that part, where she can finally cry

    lil one: everyday before i sleep i cuci kaki ogie!

  4. hmmm.... sure or not?

  5. mas, i have a question. where do you download your movies normally? which software? i think i can't wait for DVDs la, i wanna download too!

    kastau siaaaaaaaa :D

  6. lil one: yalah!

    cin: i dl from, or or or any other torrent sites XD use torrent hee XD

  7. *refers to 'conversation' in comments box* Piracy huh. *laughs*

    Well, it looks like it's swollen. Have you applied some antiseptic? Hope the epidermis heals soon.

    By the way, I love your macro shots! I simply don't have the patience to snap pictures of a damselfly...

  8. i kept thinking i commented on ur blog already >.<

    hope ur foot heals fast

  9. cindy2:50 AM

    Thwen, economy not good.. have to download from internet now. LOL!

    Waiting for the DVDs takes ages, downloading is the fastest way to get up to date. xD

  10. cin: hahahahhahahahaa XD yah i agree i agree hahahahahha

    huiwen: yeah it's fine now..heheheh XD it wasn't that bad...erm at first was painful but now ogie oledi kekeke XD

    oh thank yew...hehehe...yeah need lotsa patience following those damselfly..and dragonflies >_< uh~~ sometimes i haf to walk here and there juz to get a shot

    soo: hahahahah i dun remember that u did :P

  11. rem to take antibiotics and the Tetanus jab.


  12. * er thanks for dropping by