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Thursday, March 01, 2007


In Loving Memory of Our Fav Dog, Hippo~

Rest In Peace

Mum told me he died last nite. *sobb~ I'm gonna miss him :(

He gets excited everytime we drive home.
He's the one who make us laff.
He escort us when we go out.
He barked at people he dun know *lol.
He can catch fewd.



Flu~ urgh~ I hate flu~


  1. My sincerest condolences. Loosing a pet is never easy, for they are one of the family, and generally give us more love than we have a right to expect.

  2. uh..kesian..last year i have to bury my mum's dog, died of old age i suppose hehe..its ok massy..u can always get new pets

  3. the other dogs not as smart as hippo :(

    at least I still haf kitties in my room weeeeeeeeee

  4. I'd offer to keep an eye out for puppies... but think you'd be too greedy... last time said want one... and took all the kittens :P

  5. cindy6:42 AM

    You have a dog named Hippo?? :(

    I have a huge, pink toy named Hippo too - it's a Hippo btw :P. Now that you mentioned Hippo died, kinda made me feel sad too. Coz I love everything Hippo! :(

    Condolence.. No burial service? :P

  6. lil one: it wasn't me!!!! it's my mum and sis!!! XD i get blamed for everything woo~~~ but the kittens now are big and fat! moarrrr moarrrrr~~~

    cin: er, yes, his name is hippo. ekornya kontot hahahaaha..eeeeeeee sollie..hippo is funny looking i dunno who named him that. daripada his brother lagi teruk tu nama..kana panggil putut by my mum's fren...

    he's buried oledi woo~ :(