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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Talking about Thursday

Tropical Twist Pizza. Looks nice ain't it? Wait till u taste it

My dad forgot to get chicken rice on the way back yesterday. So, we ordered pizza again. *uhuk~ The new meal set is a compulsary Tropical Twist Pizza. *uhuk~ Well it's fine till u get to the part where they put manga sauce? *uhuk~ taste so weird. I had one only. Some might be able to endure this. But I can't. It's juz too weird for me.

Besides that, I had Meatball Spagetti. Shared with my mum. We bought 3 different pasta actually. One for dad and one for my sis.

This is somewhat overall of wut I had last nite. At least I get to eat tasty spagetti. Nyum. Oh btw, the lunch meal set cost around RM7.90 only. I should go to pizza hut for lunch one of these days. *hiks~

And here is QD looking at me, more like asking for fewd. Hungry kitty. XD hehehe.

I was supposely blog about this last nite but, I was too sleepy. I fell asleep around 9 man. I think. Coz I was super bored or wut I was doing?

Hmm, I watched American Idol at 6 till 8pm though. Melinda as brilliant as owez. Woo~ Some of them are a bit unbearable to watch. Gomene~ A comment from a tone deaf person *uhuk~

I manage to get 1 new song from The Rain (indo not korean). Took me awhile to find their un-updated site. But here it is! Click me...

The 1st song I heard was "Dengar Bisikku". I fell in love with the songs! XD *uhuk~ I manage to compile 2 album and now the new song. I think it's not an album but a single. Why no album!? huhuhu~

Oh crap, did I forgot my password for imeem? shite. I tot I could login with that password last nite? Wadda? *scratch head

I wanted to share the songs here but argh!!! I can't get into my imeem. Isk~ I'll do it when I get back la. Sollie ppl~
This morning, when I was getting to work, the only road out from my house. *sigh. Near the freaking workshop. Notice the stewped lorry park! Dumbarse! I could go through but imagine going through a road one higher than the other. Lowered cars can forget going here in this scenario. Ancus kreta kamurang! I can guarantee that! *sigh. So, I smsed my mum to tell the stewped workshop ppl (oh one of the guy there said I'm mean/bad. I dunno, which he refer coz he said jahat. hohoho, coz I dun like ppl blocking my road when I'm tired coming back from work and I have to wait 20 freaking minutes for them to move the goddamn thing!) to park their frigging lorries properly. Or I'll take photos and complain *evil~

Ogie, so now I rest my case.

I've updated my photo page. XD


  1. I just had Pizza Hut stuff yesterday too!! Oh, I had the Prawn Oleo*something* tho. Quite nice that one! ;)

    Now you're making me hungry again when all I'm having right now are sushi. :(

  2. prawn sis had that..i had a bit of that..taste like onions? garlic?

    XD sushi!!! me want to eat sushi!!!! XD

  3. You admit you're evil and yet call ME evil? :P

  4. *uhuk uhuk~

    *pretend nothing happen