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Friday, March 02, 2007

The New Addition

meet QD

A new edition to our family. A pregnant kitty. She's soft. Ogie, the story is like this. I came back around 5 something. I noticed a cat from looking at the sliding door. Ogie, I must be dreaming rite. Where did this cat come from? So many Q popping out from my head. I even called my mum to verify. She was like "wut cat?". So it's not her. And obviously not my sisters. Then, I figured it must be my brother who brought her back. So yeap. I was right.

My bro told my mum that he took her from the cafe. I guess from his work place? He said pity her. So manja and she's pregnant. Kesian.

I took a shot of her. Omg, so manja oh this cat. Seriously man. Super friendly. Anyways, notice how the photo is out of focus? Yes, she was moving here and there. I fed her but she only eat a bit. Hmm, I had dinner and she need some petting hehehe. See, told u she's friendly. The funny part is when she jump on my lap and sleep. So cute! I ask mum wut's her name. My mum wanted to name her brown?! Noiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~ She give many weird name choices. In the end. I named her QD. Why? Coz she's cute XD and we can't name her mimi or mumu can we?

Oh, I forgot to mention. She was following me around juz now hahaha super funny. I was on the sofa oso she follow. So cute! XD

On some other story...

Please do as I say. No question asked. Ogie? Please click the following link to someone's friendster and get a kick laff about it. XD Oh, btw, scroll to the comment part.

Click me please...

I should say, scroll till nearly bottom part.


  1. 1) good thing they only require dog license and not cat license.. or bankrap terus!

    2)You made sure she didnt bring in flees? Or else all ur other cats complain!

    3)You said I'm evil... but I never linked that! :P

  2. hehe..can name her momo...or hippo hehe

  3. nope..i named her QD :P

    eeeeeeeeee....cialat oh...i hope she dun haf fleas~ *pray

    she was all over me man...gila punya men getek tu kucing

  4. Hey Massy!

    Sorry to hear about your dog, and glad to know that you have another family member- QD. She looks really cute- well, don't most cats and dogs do, if you're an animal lover?

    Your drawing is really fantastic! I'm green for now.

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  5. hey huiwen

    thanks...XD u're green? hehehe...i think i need to fix some part of the drawing... XD

    yes, QD is cute..and very friendly hehe~

  6. massy, moga-moga ko dapat kutu kah kah kah :P

  7. cindy1:24 AM

    I want a cat too! I want a cat! I want a cat!!!!! I want!!!!!

    ..but my bf doesn't want a cat. He'd rather buy me a dog or a car, but not a cat. *sigh*

    I still want a cat.... :(

  8. zaini: cat hater!!! *smacks

    cindy: eeee..why? he dun like cats? eeeeeeeeee..kijamnya~ how could u not like those cute lil fluffy animal? XD

  9. Mas: he didnt say he hopes ur cats get 'em... just that YOU do :P

    Cindy: Cats love to annihilate ferns (according to Garfield comics anyway! :P

    Still, pretty easy to get one if you like... ask Mas for kittens!

  10. XD hahaha opps...misred it hahahah XD my bad~