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Thursday, March 01, 2007

This explains my curiousity

Which is best Malaysia bank to bank in U.S. check?

Generally, the exchange rate and check processing time are about the same among local banks. The exchange rate is between 3.77 to 3.78. The time to process the check will take about one month.

According to the thread I started in and readers’ feedback, here is the comparison of US check processing fee(per check) between different Malaysia local banks. Not sorted in any order.
Note: Result is compiled from the forum thread and comments in this page, no personal verification done. If you have updated information of any bank’s check processing fee, please let us know in the comment.

* Hong Leong Bank: RM50 + RM10 (courier) + USD75 (Citibank Delaware)
* MayBank::
o 0.1% of the cheque amount drawn in RM with minimum of RM25.00 and maximum of RM100.00
* PublicBank:
o 0.1% of cheque amount (min: RM20, max: RM100)
o Postage: RM5
o Stamp duty: RM0.15
* HSBC: RM11
* EON Bank: RM10
o 0.1% charge (min: RM5, max: RM100)
o Postage: RM5
o Stamp duty: RM0.15
o The 0.1% is only applicable if it is above USD 1000.

Note: You can deposit your check to the home branch only. But, you can mail your check to your BCB account’s home branch for bank-in.
* RHB:
o Postage: RM5.00
o Stamp Duty: RM0.15
o Commission: 0.1% of your cheque amount (minimum RM 10.00 and maximum RM 100.00)
* Standard Chartered: 0.01% of cheque amount OR min RM 50.
* Bank Muamalat: RM5
* Alliance: ~RM70
* Southern Bank: RM30 + RM0.15 stamp duty.



  1. Why do you need to bank in American checks? Getting royalties from your song? :P

  2. hua..swisscash kah massy?

  3. juz something i was curious about for a long time la kuyak~

    wut? i can't ask question now?!

  4. cindy6:41 AM

    Adsense sending you cheque already?
    Wahhh.. I faster-faster balik Sabah lah like this, boleh minta spend. Hehehe!

  5. hahahahah nolah...i'm juz curious of the process only..who get check oledi? eeeeee lagipun my adsense baru ba....manada tu woo

  6. This is a good info. Im so gonna print this.

  7. Anonymous10:09 AM

    hmmmm ... the banks in malaysia sure know how to squeeze customers in service charges eh? ask your bank for a flat monthly service fee if you intend to do a lot of such transactions (assuming they have such a service) .. but no harm asking..

  8. hehaeh sr215 yes, kekeke..

    anonymous...yeap, i'm not sure about monthly charging..maybe i can check that out hehe