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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Blog Mood

I've notice a lot of people somehow lost their mood to blog. Hmm, actually, that includes me. My excuse is that I'm lazy hehe. Well, maybe, I dunno, too lazy to do anything somehow. Must be one of those days where u juz wanna sit and relax? Oh wait, I'm juz telling but yeah I still blog.

I spend too much time at CSP forum, ppl might assume that I dun have a life. Uhuh uhuh. Sure, I'm such a boring person.

And yesterday, somehow, I realized I spent most of my money. Wot?! Ogie, next month, I can't/won't spend on anything. Must control myself. Well maybe some presents for my sisters, nothing else. I still need that retro like converse shoe woo~ *cries~ *pray pray pray more money more money.

I couldn't quite play maple at work these days coz my boss comes to the office everyday. I'll be hearing door slamming and sucking smokes from the other room everyday!!!! EVERY FARKING DAY MAN! geez~ dumbarse. Can't these ppl read signs?! geez~ At this point, I have no respect towards ppl who pisses me off hehe~ ogie must calm down.

Ahhh, and u know wut ticks me the most? When this darn slow mo exec ask whether I gave him the documents I got from the email. Wtf. He's definately is old and forgetful. Not forgetting he loses documents all the time. Huh?! So, yeah, when these kinda ppl ask me stewped Q, I surely automatically will raise my voice. I'm the kind of person who dun really care when I'm pissed. I only realize wut I did when I'm calm *uhuk~

Ahhh ogie scratch that part. *uhuk.

Ahhhh gewd news...took some video of the kittens..I'm sorry for the background sound

Well, this was suppose to be the 2nd born. Got blood but woo~ can't really see, it was dark. Should have extra light to see woo~~~

This is a video of wut I took the next day. 4 lil cute kittens XD all orangie I likey!


  1. He he napa kau maam stress ni Mas?

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    hmmm looks like you're doing plenty but ends up doing nothing .. or spending too much but have nothing to show for it .. like neither coming or going!! one of life's curve balls ... but just hang in there ...

  3. com: i sound stress ka? *sobb sobb..i want go beach take photo *cries...but hujan jak balik balik *cries...

    anonymous: >_< one of those days *uhuk~ conclude to that, is like i haf nothing to life sound so boring uhuhu~

  4. cindy6:35 PM

    aww.. they're so cute! but a bit gelap la the video. anyway, what movie is that on the background? sounds like some horny woman talking. LOL!

  5. cin i sis was watching it on astro..macam er murder murder idea...

    yeah i know~ background very dark woo~~~

  6. CSP has taken over ur life! and ur job is super stress free ler.. macam main CSP and maple saja this everyday. *wish to have the job!

  7. I agree! very very free!

  8. soo: *lol hahahhaha

    lil one: jeles XD

  9. me also on LAZY mode...

    anyway, it's a good idea to left the entry like that in my blog, so people can go to the links to wank.. I mean.. to read...

  10. ow...wut happen to ur cbox man~

  11. Dont know... malfunction I guess. So just take it out and leave it like that. :)

  12. wonder