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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lunch Outing at Mode Cafe

I woke up early today, well more like my cats woke me up. I dunno why, they juz do. Everyday. Somehow. Anyways, the gewd thing is I was in the mood to look for things/insect/flowers to shot. And yes, I was lucky. I found a Damselfly! Yes this is wut those tiny insect are called!!! You might think u're right when calling it Dragonfly. But you're wrong! So wrong! XD

The easiest way to find information about Damselfly is by doing a search from our famous Wikipedia. *uhuk. I did a favour for everyone so juz click here.

My first few shots of it are terrible coz I barely can see the thing. *sigh. After 3 shots only I manage to get clear shots of it. Can't blame a person for having 4 eyes can we? *hiks~ I took some shots of dragonflies too.

Oh and a discovery for me for calling "kangkung" flower as morning glory *pfttttttt. Look alike mar! How could u blame me for that? *uhuk uhuk. Fine! Sorry, my bad.

We had an earlier plan to meet up Amy at Star City *uhuk Asia City Complex for lunch. I had to pick Acing up around noon at his work place and head off to our destination. It's my first time there. Star City. Wait, izzit really called Star City? The new mall at Asia City? *lostness. I think so? Somebody correct me if I got that wrong ogie? So it's Asia City Complex *uhuk

Anyways, as I was saying, I got in to the correct junction, though my problem will owez be parking. Thought of doing some illegal parking but I juz can't coz I juz dun really do illegal stuff *uhuk~ So, I parked at erm the parking area next to it. Umm, I had to make 1 turn coz I was a bit blur to where I should enter the parking area *uhuk. My bad again. Oh, was on the phone with Amy and *uhuk we sort of bump into her there. So she followed us to the parking area. Hehe

She brought us around the place, showing us places to eat. Some choices. We end up going to Mode Cafe in the end hahahahah. Ogie, the ambiance was nice and we need aircond. It was super hot. We had to go for aircond. Sollie.

Ordering. Acing had the set meal of Lemon Grass Chicken served with Tomato Soup and Ice Lemon Tea. This set cost around RM9++. Can't remember the exact amount. Sorry.

tomato soup. acing said it tasted like brovil (did i get the spelling rite for this?)

ice lemon tea hehe

lemon grass chicken

Amy had Butter Chicken with coke. Cost her around RM11++.

I had the most fattening fewd around. Spagetti served with chicken chop. Which cost me around RM17++ with Ice Lemon Tea.

look at those cheese!! you can forget about diet *uhuk (noted: i'm totally screwed)

Oh not forgetting this place is WiFi Zone hohoho

Took bunch of photos when we were there. We asked the waitress to take a shot of 3 of us. *uhuk~ I hate my hair!!! Omg! And I look fat omg!

Amy requested Acing to draw on a piece of paper. Very small paper hoho. She get to keep it. I got to take a shot of it XD

Amy showed us some tricks to check stuff about money. We took photos of RM1, RM5, RM10 and RM50 and found these. Yes, most of you might already know this. But heck I'm gonna blog about it oso :P

here u see the hidden words *uhuk~

Oh, Amy suppose to blog this but she was too bz to. So I took the chance to *uhuk~ XD

She also wanted to blog about this flyer she got. And I took a shot of it to blog about it. Crazy man, naming drinks like that.

this is the flyer i'm talking about

Wait wait, rewind? *highlight. Do you see wut I see? *uhuk~ Cocktails?!

Btw, Amy left at 2pm coz she had to go to a meeting. So, me and Acing walk around checking out the place. The place actually reminds me of Central Plaza. The shops everything. But when I went to 1st floor and so on. It somehow reminded me of Sungei Wang Plaza. Hehe weird. Still pretty empty.
the empty arcard. though i gotta say the karaoke thing is clean! super clean and new!

Wagamama at 2nd floor i think

And we were looking for the arcade. Hehe, took us awhile though. Oh, we found the fewd court at 3rd floor. If I'm not mistaken. Pretty empty.

see, dun u think this look neat?

the empty fewd court area. the chairs are cute and colorful
Not forgetting the signs for toilet. Hahahahah so cute. I juz had to get a shot of it XD Sollie, I cropped this oledi lur. But u see, it's so cute!

I think we left that place around nearly 3pm? No idea. We had to go somewhere else. So we did and it started pouring. I barely could see the road. Umm. Acing bought Pandan Swiss Roll. Nyummy. Oh ogie, this part, I seriously forgot to take a shot of it. Sent Acing back and hang out at his place for awhile while enjoying tea and pandan swiss roll. Nyum. Lotsa memory flashback. Talking about past. Hehe. It was fun. I dun remember how long I was there but I think it was quite awhile.

Reached home at around 5pm. Mum and sis were asleep. Asked mum whether she still wants to go to Servay to shop. And yeap. I have to drive again. I had to shower coz I can't go when I feel so uncomfortable and sticky. So I shower first, changed, yes changed, I can't wear the same sweaty clothes. No thank yew. Left at around 5:30pm and shopped till around 7:30pm. Bought myself 2 polo shirts for RM19.90 each. Different color. I bought one green and the other purple. My sis bought the same purple shirt. XD It's too cute!

Found this snail near the door. Took few shots but most of the shots are terrible. Argh! My night shots are terrible. Gomene~

I got 42 shots from the lunch outing but I'm too tired to edit all of it. So sorry. I would if I could. But it's already 2am now. Enjoy the current one. I'm heading off to bed now. XD Super tired. Tomolo going to Gaya Street again woo~


  1. Waaahhh so many photos to look at. You're really making me miss KK so much. ~~~>.<~~~

    Oh by the way, the butter chicken don't look like butter chicken at all. :P It kinda look too watery.. somehow. But still, it made me hungry. :P

    I really should singgah there when I'm back in Sabah. :D

  2. asia city complex la..
    not star city..
    asia city complex just beside star city in the future but i dunno when it will finish contruct. behind asia city complex got another tower building for office and hotel after star city finish build.

  3. XD cin...come lets go makan if u come back here! XD

    I'm not sure how the butter chicken tasted..didn't get to taste it *uhuk...

    hahahah thanks flan..blur butul..macam somebody told me star city terikut sudah...conpius..

    oh u mean the one on the left hand side? there's still construction there i saw. the place is slightly huge. but i wonder why they seperated some part, coz when go out wagamama dat side, so freaking hot man

  4. I Came aND TERRORIST!!!!!!!nice blog u have there!!!! And nice drawings, pics, arggghhhh!!! everything so nice! my eyes@@

  5. Anonymous10:39 PM

    i hope no Californians patronize that tavern ... and the language police must have missed it eh? and what's with the deserted mall? and i heard more are coming up? geezzzz ... white elephants in the making????

  6. oh my godddd...the cheese....THE cheese!!!! i'm a cheese freak myself...

  7. *lol darryl, thanks hehehe

    anonymous hahahahah, i haf no idea how ppl could possibly miss fren was kinda shocked/surprised to see it. imagine if u want a drink and say it like dat omg~

    lucy: omg me too!!!! cheese!!!! XD