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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday Craziness

I couldn't maple today. Server maintenance till 4pm wadda. *sigh. I couldn't really remember wut I did whole day at work. Maybe I walked to the bank to bank in some cheques but that took me like 20 mins only. I took a dragonfly shot going down the stairs. Very big dragonfly. I manage to get 2 shots of it with my camera phone. Here...

I had biscuits for lunch. Crunchy. Why does people call biscuit as "roti"? I dun get it man. It's obvious that roti is bread la. Common. I was playing Atlantis game. This game is like Luxor. Shoot shoot till u get bored. *sigh. I keep on looking at my fotolia page all day. Was waiting for my photos to get approved. I checked it again now, and guess wut? Another 9 got approved. So it means that, out of 35 photos in total, 19 photos got approved. But nobody buy it yet? No idea. I hope somebody will XD
ini bukan style takap ni. ni draw sendrey ni *uhuk~ self promote again. btw, this is wut acing keep telling me last nite. that he's full. hehehe i wonder how many times he drank eno hahahahaha XD

I can't play the same shooting game coz I was bored and I wanted acing a.k.a rob-jr to draw himself bloated but he didn't. So, I did. And here's the result. I'm not as great at drawing but yeah. I did this and scanned it. It looked kinda funny. Coz I was having a hard time putting in paper. Oh, I dun have problem with imagining how it gonna look like though.

tempura on top of rice. urgh sore throat sudah se ni XD

wut my mum had. chicken set

Around nearly 5pm. Mum smsed me. Asked me whether wanna go to Usagi (i hope i got this shop name correct) . The new japanese restaurant at Karamunsing. Went there. It's not open yet *sigh. Bikin panat. Thought wanna find something else to eat there but my sis dun wanna eat anything but japanese. So, I drove them to CPS instead. Went to Japanese Dream Train at 4th floor. I wanted to have unagi but instead had tendon set? It's like tempura on a rice uhuhu. My sis had tempura and mum had er chicken set. Guess who we saw? Uhuk~ musuh ketatku~ My x colleague who is the head of department *uhuk~ My mum tegur him. I juz wave to him. I dun befriend such people *uhuk~ hahahhahaha

My sis wanted to look at some clothes and shoes. I followed her. Mum as usual, testing on Ogawa products. She liked another one. The Chi Master (some info here). Oh, this thing cost around RM2088. Me and my sis plan to buy for her. Since monthly need to pay RM58 only for 3 years (for RHB users only). So, yeah I dun mind if she likes it. Bought myself papaya body scrub from body shop for RM59.90. This I have to blame my sis for. Urgh. The smell is so great that I have to get it!!! XD (*must pamper myself sometimes *uhuk)

Conclusion I'm not super broke. I'm juz er lack of cash in hand hehe. My mum keep saying that I have loads of cash which I dun think I have. I juz dun spend as much. That's all hehe~

Oh, btw, IRTeA and diasrandford drew a version of me with kitties XD I likey likey~ Dun jealous XD
Can check it from here too. IRTeA artwork and diasrandford artwork

Oh btw, I'm gonna update my photo page later. My photos are not in the database yet but it's approved already. So, I'll update this post or a new post if the photos are up so everyone can get a peek of which/what I posted ogie XD

Till then, thanks everyone :)


  1. weih..kasi beli sa tu ogawa hehe...

    erm..buli tahan ur sketch..need lotsa improvement only heheh

  2. wahhahaha..beli sendrey!!! rm2088 ko gila!? beli 2..ish ish ish...lemas aku nanti..

    uhuk~ i dun really like to draw coz my drawings are erm i think bad.. >_<"

    uhuhu~ take picture lagi senang weeeeeeeeeee

  3. cindy3:50 AM

    cute drawings. :D

    hey! I love that papaya scrub too, smells divine! xD

  4. XD thanks cin...

    uh uh yes yes...very nice the smell~~~~ XD

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhhh.... got ppl draw for you.. i like the one by IRTea nice.. kawaiiiii :D

    hey how come i dont have one ar?

  6. uhuk~ request them to draw mwahhahahaha... XD

    kawaii rite? heheh

    i super like oh...

  7. Ahahahaha
    I like the artwork you drew!
    Ahaha Acing terlampau kenyang sudah!!

  8. *uhuk~ thank yew. *koff koff...i'm tense when i draw, *uhuk~ no natural talent.

    i still think photography is better hahahahah XD

    yes, acing bloated the other day kana paksa makan..kesian