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Friday, March 16, 2007

One of those moments

I love listening to Frente. I could remember years back I would listen a lot I mean a whole lotsa repeats juz to memorize the melody and lyrics.

The first song that pop out of my head is Accidently Kelly Street and after that I could remember the rest hohoho.

But, I would gladly share this one song to be one of my fav. *uhuk~ anyone who never listen to Frente, please do yourself a favour by doing so. *uhuk

So this is lonely

I partially memorized this song. I mean partially coz I forgot some of the lyrics. Most of the time I remember the melody *uhuk~ Mind me

So, juz in case you want lyrics, I'll be gladly to type it out.

Am I real
And what do I feel
Hate is half a heart
Only I am in my arms

You were sold
For something to hold
Nothing's as rude as the cold
Stupidly beautifoolish true you
Maybe madness is a heart
Maybe heaven is a habit

If I could fly
I'd live in the sky
I come from why
And obviously you do too
The very start of everything hard
Could be the slip of a fingertip


  1. I remember back in school days, one of my first CD collection were of Alternative song - it was really hot that time. haha. :P Frente was featured in the cd too.. I think it goes like:

    You've got yourself for a perfect,baby..
    Open your eyes and say yes no maybe..

    And then the chorus goes:

    Ratatai, ratatai... ratatai..


  2. omg cindy!!! i know dat song!!!! XD

    i remember the melody

    that song if i'm not mistaken is called "Ordinary Angels"

    and I think the lyrics goes something like this

    "You get the world for your birthday baby, open your eyes and say yes, no, maybe"

    I remember the chorus too..

    "Ordinary people it's ok, you don't have to wear those wings, they're stewped things"


  3. cindy5:00 PM

    YAYAYAAYYA Ordinary People is da title!! LOLOLOLOL!

    Oh man.. those were the days of Original CD. Cost like RM40 per CD. *muahahahahaha*

  4. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Since you like Angie Hart, I think you'd also like Beth Orton ..... Did you find anything on Feist??

  5. oh yeah, i found feist. the 2004 album Let it die? i'm still trying to get another album...

    feist reminds me of portishead somehow

  6. cin: those days i got those cassette!!! but the cassette inda tau pg mana sudah..btw *uhuk uhuk~ i manage to get it from the net *thank gawd!

    but it's not so hard remembering the melody...XD

  7. i am totally out of that generation! LOL so i duno wut u talking about, bt thx for recomanding the song, maybe i g dl n hear

  8. out of dat generation? *uhuk~ indie rock type of music are famous man~ omg..maybe coz their songs are not common, people tend to miss it out woo~~ that's juz sad