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Monday, March 12, 2007

Talking about being rude?

Nothing much happen at work today. Nothing exciting really. My left eye twitched. I dun like when my eyes twitched *isk~ it gives me uneasy feeling. I know I shouldn't be so superstitious about it but yeah. You won't know, have to trust ur gut feeling about some stuff. You see.

Anyways, some of my colleagues are on holiday. So, I think left me and the auntie cleaner who pick up the phone every now and then. And yeah, our eyes straight at the monitor coz we're bz playing game hahahah *lol

My sis smsed me around after 2pm ask me whether I could pick her up after work. So yeah wutever man. I thought I wanna drop by CPS but I'm too tired to drive and I dun wanna waste money. I know if I withdraw some cash, I'll probably get a Giordano Khakis pants or maybe the freaking expensive converse shoe. *sigh~

So, went to Karamunsing with my sis and went to Watson. Usagi is not open again. Again, at Watson, we did some browsing. She need to get the erm shaver which is on sale for RM24.90. And I repeat RM24.90. So went to the counter to pay. My sis said check. She means by checking whether the thing work or not. I think the guy cashier is a bit cranky or something. He couldn't hear wut my sis were saying so I told him to test it. Took him awhile to get the thing to work man. And man, wut an unfriendly face. Check the thing is working, so my sis was about to pay. I told my sis that it's RM24.95. And my sis were like, nvm. Then I went to tell the cashier. " I thought it's RM24.90?" And my sis went and recheck the price again. Then the cashier said "It's only 5 cent". I was like "even so, it stated RM24.90". He gave my sis an extra 5 cent with that rude unfriendly face again. Gawd, if I weren't in a gewd mood, sure I argue about it. How could Watson advertise different price man. Even if it's 5 cent. If it's 100 customer 5 cent? Hello? I'm not being stingy or anything. I'm juz making a point here! Even the other day when I bought listerine. It stated RM9 something I got charge RM10. WTH!? I only realize it when I got home. That sucks man.

Imagine if ppl dun realize that? How many did get extra charged?! Correct me if I'm wrong. *uhuk~

So, that's it. Please check for wut u're paying. Seriously.

Btw, I finally know wut this thing I wanted to badly called.

It's called "Red Tartan Bondage Trousers/Pants"

And it looked something like this

Though I would prefer it slightly loose and the tali slightly in front a bit hmm. Not as fiting as this. *uhuk


  1. eeeeh mereka mau tipu duit orang tu....

    when i ate breakfast at the food court at wisma merdeka today i ordered milo ping... i think usually it cost RM1.80++ but he told he it's RM2... i don't have the mood to argue with the person so i just gave him RM2..... :-\

  2. astaga...i notice at wisma merdeka fewd court there the drinks got extra charges tu kan...service or tax charges i have no idea...

    damn man...

  3. yeah, it's such a b*tch that we had to pay that extra 5 cents.. while it's ok for them not returning a 1 or 3 cents if they ran out of 1 cent coins in their cashier.

    fight for our rights! :D

  4. cin: mum if went shopping at supermarket, she check one by one..on the spot tu if she x puas ati...different price sometimes..and she make me check it time di rumah lagi...

  5. ooooh.. tartans! i love tartans! reminds me of the skirt people wear in Netherlands during Robert Burns celebration! ;)

    They come in pants now? Wow. :D

  6. i thought some of tartans are as pants? kekekekeke..

    though i doubt it'll be available around here..*sigh~ so costly to purchase online...hmm..*think mas to get this XD

    some pants come with skirt hehe XD

  7. cindy7:05 AM

    Ya, the kain petak-petak warna merah ++ tu is called "tartans". :D Like the ones Scottish people used as their "uniform" when they play the bagpipes. :D

    Dutch people uses tartan materials to make skirt or dress during the Robert Burns celebration.

    Now they come in pants.. kinda look cool! Hehehe.

  8. cin: yes... those are called tartans..

    yeah i want it! woo~~~~ i want it woo~~~
    *cries...they dun sell it here..might as well ask my fren to get it for me or fly there and get it myself or custom made it *sigh

    they only sell those super short skirts which I dun wear hahahah XD

  9. nice pants.. me likey too :D

  10. yeah too bad they dun sell it here? :(

    woo~~ i want 1 i want I WANT!!!!

  11. i love watsons but this is just can find tartan stuff in thos la la boutiques...mostly in wisma merdeka la

  12. kewl! thanks for the info..i'll check that out XD

    yea i love watson too but when that guy said that to me..i was like..wth juz happened?

  13. uic..thts sad..u shud argue lah... dont giv them any face..ask him if he want to work or wanna play-play..if the guy replied give him nice slap wit ur hi heels heheh

  14. Ganas~ hehe. btw wut do u work as?

  15. Bondage pants? Interesting desire...

  16. zaini: hohohoo i did...he gave my sis the 5 cent man

    soo: astaga..ganas lagi manada ganas oh...btw, i'm an IT officer *uhuk..i barely haf work at office hahahahha

    rum: well that's wut they call it!!! i think...bondage is refering to the tali la adoi~ otak kuning butul oh!

  17. Anonymous1:40 PM

    go girl .. for sure it's good to stand up for your rights. but there are bigger issues when defective goods are being sold and warranties not honored ... at the very least a store credit or exchange be granted!! customers shouldn't put up with such crap!!

  18. ahhh another issue..warranties! this owez pisses me off..some of them doesn't really fill it in and give company chop which is so frigging ridiculous! lucky my canon camera got cop.

    ahhh and warranty isn't really much use coz it's only limited for a year *sigh~ which is crap

    some supermarket still sell expired stuff haih~ this pisses me off man. aiya, dusty somemore...i'm speechless with this condition. people doesn't seem to care oso >_<