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Saturday, March 10, 2007

CSP Artjam 2

It can be consider as my 1st outing in CSP. *uhuk~ I'm not anti social! I'm juz sort of slightly crowd phobic. Anyways, not the point. Since Amy planned to go, I might as well join. Suppose to meet her up around 12:30 noon but I was a bit late *uhuk~ gomene~

a shot of amy and acing. *uhuk~ inda sempat amik gambar se..woo makanan sudah sampai woo

Met her at 4 Season (this is juz right next to Coffee Bean btw). Had lunch with her and acing a.k.a rob-jr. Took us 1 hour to finish our meal. Ogie, fine! I finish last. But that's not totally the point. The fewd was ok. Here are some pix I took of the fewd. Hehe~ XD

thai style fried fish? er wut is this called again?

i forgot wut is this called. this is wut amy had

sweet and sour fish *uhuk~ i can't finish my rice coz i had bread and egg earlier *uhuk

pumpkin cream soup. comes with the set meal

Btw, set meal cost RM9.80++ including soup and ice cream.

It's 2pm and we went to Coffee Bean for Artjam 2. Most people are already there. I actually know some of them from the previous artjam photos posted at the forum. Hehe. So, who was there?
warm up session

cubex, rhoyo, Rinacat (I think she was a bit like chipsmore coz every now and then she's in and out), Dizzy, diasrandford, rob-jr, rogue, revliss, lee hng and myself (maslight). Oh, then after that Iufi and wind_of_fire ka tu, came? acing yang kestau se. I'm a bit blur. And I'm slightly deaf, so, can't really hear (literally speaking). Did I missed anyone out? Gomene.

Here's some shots from today's artjam.

This is Tiara, she belongs to kanariya. Surreal blue eyes. I likey! XD

with a different hair

What cubex did. Hidden talent? Umm, reminds me of wut he did when he was young *lol. He like to fix stuff.
is dat a pig face?

the cat

a cat? but wut's wrong with the mouth? kana stitch?

his fingers suppose to be the rempit man on bike hahahahah

the eyeless version of IRTeA *uhuk~

at the background, that's Iufi? ngam ka? pls correct me if i'm wrong..gomene~ guess i dun haf to tell who this is do i?

rob-jr's cactus character? *lol

Something from rhoyo too?

er real person version of the maskot by rob-jr? woo~ inking...look so different from the usual ain't it? XD

Not forgetting rob-jr was teaching Dizzy on how to draw cactus. Uhuk~ took the chance to observe too. I'll be drawing cactus from photoshop then. *uhhh hands too tired. Uhh~~~

kanariya's piece. This suppose to be a real version of the csp maskot? uh uh cactus! XD

lee hng's piece of the maskot

I was peeking at lee, drawing hehe~

diasrandford drew most of csp members. *uhuk~ i took a shot of him drawing me *uhuk~ XD i likey..the drawing is in my possession *grinz~ MINE! MINE MINE MINE! *precious~ *uhuk~

Oh and remember the artwork he drew of me in my earlier blog? Guess wut? I get to keep it mwahhahaha XD I likey. Thanks dan! XD hehe~

Not forgetting, diasrandford drew hippo. I nearly cried when I saw this. I still feel like crying when I saw this *sweats. Too emotional XD *uhuk~ Thanks Dan. No dog could replace him :( *takes deep breath.

kanariya and rob-jr did a collaboration, the theme was suppose to be *uhuk~ victorian *uhuk~


after. great to watch seriously great to watch them ink *uhuk~

some of revliss's collection. rob-jr is admiring the detailing XD these cost hundreds dood~ be careful~ *sweats~

group photo before we left

More info about joining artjam. Please visit clickstartplay forum, artjam thread here

Note: Would like to apologize to everyone else who I didn't get to talk to or take photo with.

And lastly, a unsuccessful attempt to erm make cactus-chan with photoshop *uhuk~ the hat is a bit hard *uhuk~ i did it once, it felt weird, too tired to redo. XD


  1. wahh..very happening gath ah..err..outing la..hehe..aik?wheres ur drawing?

  2. *uhuk~ i dun draw..i take picture wkakakakak XD

  3. cindy3:19 AM

    Interesting! :)

    Looks like you guys had fun. :D

  4. uh uh..come and join us if u're around XD

  5. OMG! You people are so talented! I can't possibly ink or draw like that in a thousand years! Now, I'm green again...

    The plasticine figurines are kinda cute, and there's bokeh at the back...

    Good job! May you explore your artistic side better!

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  6. uh uh, it's more like those ppl are talented *uhuk~ i'm juz documenting it...uhuk~ i can barely draw *uhuk~

    anyways, if u come down here, u can join us XD we like lotsa ppl joining.

    anyways, the plasticine is actually somebody's rubber/eraser. and my bro was bored so he did those hahaha so funny..i manage to get shots of almost everything he did.

    overall it was fun. today got kk cosplay event organized by our forum..i dun think i can make it coz i'm a bit tired hehe XD

    though i think it would be fun

  7. You guys had a good fun! Good for all of you!!

  8. yeah a bunch of fun XD

    come and join us if u're around :)