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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Photos at my fotolia are up for sale

*uhuk uhuk...self promote

Anyways, I opened up a new page specifically for my photos which is up for sale uhuk at fotolia.

Trust me, browsing for it is terrible. In my opinion. I nearly crack man~

Uhmm, so I set up a new page at wordpress uhuk~ saja-saja.

Oh here, maslight's photos


  1. Hey Massy!

    I viewed your photos through SNAP since I'm busy, and I have to applaud you for taking such beautiful photos. Clearly, I will never be as good as you in the macro field! Love the dragonfly ones the best! Superb colour and composition... Not to mention, patience and skill too!

    *sighs* I want to earn money from my images too...

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  2. Ui okay bah self-promotion. That's how all things should start. =D

  3. huiwen: heheheh thank yew...erm, i dun think i'm dat gewd since some of my photos were rejected...

    acom: beli camera u come back we go photo hunting weeeeeeeeeeeeee XD