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Friday, March 09, 2007

The day I watched 300

As planned. I changed my shirt. I dun like to go out with my working clothes. So yeap, I changed, only the shirt, the pants is fine coz I'm wearing comfortable Giordano Khakis. I need more pants! XD

Well, not really the point, anyways, went to pick my sis up from work at 5pm. I left 5 mins earlier as usual. On the way there, there this old guy driving a Pajero Land Cruiser omg, gross man. He was spitting out from his window. Damn gross. Not 1 time, but few times. I pray so hard that that guy won't be in front of me. Damn, so cialat I have to witness the spitting incident. *shite. Damn gross.

Anyways, after picking my sis up, we went straight to GSC. Wow, surprisingly, the parking guy is not there, it must be my lucky day. Jimat RM2 aku for parking. We were there before 5:30pm if I'm not mistaken. Bought tickets for 7pm movie. Then decided to go eat. Erm yeah my sis wasn't hungry but I was coz I skipped lunch?

kasau la ni tangan urang ni

cili padi, garlic with soy sauce nyum~

sayur manis masak garlic *nyum~

fried mee, a bit too much for me even when i share with my sis

We didn't know wut to eat so, screw it, we had fried mee. Oh, a bit of torture for me coz I had fried mee earlier this morning too. Damn! XD With addition, we had er apa "sayur manis" in english ah? Anyways, yes, sayur manis masak with garlic. I'm super full man. Fried mee cost RM6 and the vege cost RM8. Total cost with drinks is like RM21.24 (this is including 5% service charges and er 5% tax).

We'd finished around 6 something and went directly back. Damn, had to wait till 7pm, my leg tired oledi. I need to sit man. Took a shot of the empty counter. Yes I was bored. I was talking crap with my sis while waiting man. How bored was I? VERY!

Ahhh yes! Finally can get in. Ahhh shite. This guy sitting in front of me is slightly covering my view. Damn shite! This is wut I dun like about picking the wrong seats. Huhu. Anyways, I managed but sitting up straight which is totally uncomfortable for me. Oh btw, while waiting for the movie to start, we can hear rats !!! My sis and I were laffing and made jokes about mutated rats and amoeba. Ogie, so not funny.

And movie is starting, they were showing trailer of Mr. Bean's Holiday. Damn that's funnily stewped. Ogie. Next, the show is starting. I think part of the beginning movie was interrupted coz something was wrong with the film? *sigh. I think most of the time, me and my sis was laffing at some of the characters or maybe something the king said or for the sissy persian king *uhuk~ yes pundan looking king. *uhuk~

Oh, then the immortals reminds us of ninjas and er got one villain reminds my sis of one of the character from 13th ghost (the one yang the mother and the big baby that one?). As for me, it reminded me of *uhuk~ the pink fat alien villain from dragonball or maybe the big white ghost who wears sailor outfit or maybe it is a school kid outfit from ghostbusters? hahahahahah omg~ sorry. I'm making fun of the movie. But! I must say but! The story telling part was kewl. Not forgetting when they pierce to kill people. Damn kewl! The macho body doesn't make me high btw. *uhuk~

Overall, I think it was great. Though, *uhuk~ like someone said, some "love making" part was cut off. Hahhahaha. Well, it's not as bad as Ghost Rider la, that's all I gotta say. XD

Till then, this is end of tonite. I'm super tired and I need to sleep. Gnite ppl.

Enjoy reading a long post from me. This is rare. Really XD


  1. Sounds like you had fun with your sis at the cinema. Mmm.. that fried noodle's making me hungry. It's 12:31AM and I still haven't had my dinner. :(

    Maybe I should check out that movie too.

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    21.24 ringgit for all that!! looks nice too but somewhat oily no? rats in the cinema? you can't be serious!!?? some "love making" scenes snipped??? hhmmmmm ... interesting concept!!

  3. cindy: hahahah yeap...har? why u didn't eat dinner ar?

    anonymous: *uhuk uhuk...yes...expensive...yes, a bit oily...*uhuk~ very old cinema and yes u can hear rats running around at the ceiling, not around us I hope hehehehe...

    *uhuk~ yes the front part there's a "love making" scene for the king and queen hahahaha XD