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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The past and present. Future yet to come *uhuk

You guys must wonder why I didn't blog? Actually I did. Acom caught my recent post which I deleted. I was annoyed. I was seriously annoyed and erm somehow lazy. I was playing game and was on CSP forum all day, everyday. Talking about not having a life ei?

Nothing much happen this past few days. Haven't been taking photos lately. I wonder if my fren gave birth oledi hmm. *curious.

Reasons why I'm annoyed and how people could possibly annoy me:
  1. I need a haircut! (but switching shampoo is really a gewd idea. I love using head and shoulders but damn it's damn pricey, so I'm using dove now. My hair is smooth and silky *uhuk).
  2. I somehow did a personal research about a person's personality. Does music they listen to reflects their personality. Say if u're listening to rock, does that make u a rocker? From the way u clothes, could actually tell part of wut a person you could really be or are. Izzit? Help! (I need this figured, if not, I'll be having pointless thoughts).
  3. I had a terrible lousy lunch yesterday. I dunno. It's sort of tasteless.
There are actually few reasons but umm, let us not go there as yet.

Anyways, it's weird how songs from the 90s could make u go hyper again. Yes, I've been hearing/listening to 90s songs from the radio. Omg, from one till the other. Imagine me playing prodigy, babylon zoo, suede and all those famous songs during that time in my head! Seriously. Even one single word could make me start singing, IN MY HEAD!!!

I actually wanted to post some photos from the past but erm, too many. Maybe next time hohoho. Till then, have a nice day *hiks~


  1. that best explains why I got foot on my monitor for the past couple of days.. heheheheh

  2. hahahhahahahhahahahahha

    sorry 'bout that XD