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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dumb fark lorries

Today is a very lousy day for me. Waited for parking till 10am. Yes, I freaking waited for nearly 2 hours there. Sucks to be me.

And on the way back, this stewped dumbarse lorry block my road again *sigh. Abis my left tyres haih! *sigh


and more mud!

Ask them nicely oso no use. Yell oso no use. Brainless idiots! hmph~


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    is that the only road to get to your house?? can't you get city by-law hotline to hual the truck away? 2-hr wait for a parking? can't you get a pay-stall? i know .. too many questions ... sorry

  2. like i said, "No Parking Sign" XD hahaha or go complain to the authorities

  3. Make sure the license plates are clear... then send to hotline :)

  4. where you heading?

  5. cindy4:08 AM

    hmm, that road looks familiar.
    where is that?

    the best, just double park your car. you know, over here.. getting a parking space is a pain in the ass, especially at the hartamas area. I went for Japanese food the other day, parked next to a car who have this big sign on his windshield that said:

    I'm sorry for blocking your car.
    Please call this number 012-****** so I can remove my car.

    LOL! That man has been double parking all these while for sure!

  6. Anonymous: yes, unfortunately, that's the only road i get to go to my house, and previously, it wasn't tarred. (tar oledi oso no use, ancus by the lorries haih) u know i got the monthly RM52.50 parking sticker oso no use. sucks to park around city area haih

    soo: *lol, i'll try to make 1 signboard or maybe i dun? hmm...see how

    lil one: can u see the license plate? hahahahahah *rofl...

    lucy: to my house

    cindy: hahahahahahhaah oh? >_< i dun like to double park, and er if i double park and come back down, that would be damn tiring, considering that the only way to my office is by stairs. too much stairs, panat eh. and i dun like ppl blocking my car hahahaha..once, somebody blocked my car, hon oso no use, xda respond one, i had to reverse berabis ni, gawd dat was terrible.

  7. where u live??? looks familiar to me too...kolombong area??? or inanam?

  8. aunty: not can see or not, can clear or not.... cuz in papers printing quality is bad ....