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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Rain Songs

From my earlier post.

The Rain songs that I wanted to share

The new song: Terlalu Indah

Oh, btw, for those who didn't browse to my photo page at wordpress, 2nd link on my left menu *uhuk~ GREAT NEWS! I sold one of my photos (out of 19) *uhuk uhuk~

I went out a bit late today, though I notice was late than usual *uhuk~ No jam and parking wasn't as bad as usual. This week has been great! Tonite wanna go grocery shopping. And I must withdraw some cash to payback my sis. I juz dun like to owe ppl money. Even if they're ur own flesh and blood.

So I heard acom had got herself a new camera. It's about time! XD so when u coming back here? We go photo hunting weeeeeeeee~ I need a close up lens. I still dunno how much it cost. I saw one the other day but dunno whether that's the lens I'm suppose to be looking at. Cost around RM500. *uhuk uhuk~ I think I need a new DVD Writer (4in1) thinggie for my computer. Coz the one I'm currently using is my bro's CD-Writer and my sis keep taking the external DVD Writer from me *sigh~.

I overheard one of my colleague saying that somebody been sending disgusting sms to him. Everyone here seem to suspect it's bitch doing. I juz dun get it man. Why? Wut's her motive? She already got fired. Geez, some ppl juz dun know when to give up.

So I heard that there's gonna be an ice skating ring here in KK?! Omg. I owez wanted to Ice Skate but *uhuk~ most of the time I chicken out coz I can't skate. I adore ppl who can *sigh~ Oh well. At least I'll enjoy some photo shooting nyahahhaha XD

I'll blog again later. Now I need to eat.

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