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Saturday, March 03, 2007

What Saturday Is All About

These are some old shots. Not that old. Maybe a week old. I took these before my dad borrow my camera for his trip. I didn't get to upload it that time. I got it back now yay! This is the time when mimis was trying to catch "cicak" *hiks~ The excitement. For them.

Serious cuteness going on here.

Few days ago, I craved for snacks. And I saw something new. Rota Potato. *nyum. Very crunchy potato chips. The only problem for me is, too much flavouring. Onion and garlic flavour. Seriously taste like garlic. XD But I dun mind. It's actually gewd. For me that is XD

This is a shot of Brandy (I think that's his name?, i dunno man). The day after Hippo died actually. He's old too. He's not skinny >_< I woke up around 7am this morning. Planned to go breakfast at er wut's that place name again? No idea. I normally call it Taliban. But it's actually around Inanam. Know where the Bus Terminal? Around there. We went to this coffee shop.

They sell fish head noodle. I'm not a big fan but sometimes I like to eat. So, yeap, we went there. Lotsa ppl. Even when we left, there's still people coming and eat there. Wut's so great about that place? I wonder. Anyways, here's a shot of the fish head noodle.

My mum liked it. Me? Hmm, I think the mee hoon is a bit too cooked. I dun eat tauhu and tomato. First bite erm, a bit tasteless coz mee hoon didn't blend in with the soup yet. But after awhile is bareable. The fish is great though. But it's not boneless. RM5.00 per bowl. They serve Tom Yam soup and Curry noodle too. We tapau fried mee hoon and mee. I'll try it later.

After breakfast, we went to Giant Kolombong for grocerries. Umm, I dun like Saturday Tamu. Have to park a bit far from usual. Anyways, we were walking around and bought few pots of flowers and plant.

my mum calls this pokok halau nyamuk. bought it for er RM3 or RM4 I think

erm, a type of morning glory ka this? i oso blur blur. i'll check out the name later. lupa oh. anyways, at home, we got purple color. bought this for er RM2

very cute plant. er, this cost RM3 ka?

Ogie, these flowers are super cute. I bought it for RM7 (for 2 pots actually)

Notice there's 4 kind here? Yes, one pot have 2 /3 colors hee XD so lucky.

Other than that, we bought these for RM7. Well, I bought these XD.

Edited: Ogie, this is called Cockscomb/Feathered amaranth/Woolflower/Red fox.

More info: here...

Finally, mum bought this cactus for RM4. XD

I got my camera back today. Which means, my dad juz came back from his trip to KL, Yemen, Syria and Dubai. And he bought some stuff. These are the stuff that I picked. XD

super cute "tasbih". erm actually i saw this wood kind one that i really want. but it's my dad's ^^; so picked this one instead

a shirt from Yemen or Yaman? *blurness how u spell that?

a shirt from Syria

I didn't get a shirt from Dubai though. XD oh well. Maybe next time.

a pen?

which is actually a perfume? how creative and cute XD

and finally a pair of earings XD

And since I got my camera back. I helped my dad to upload his pix. Saw this kewl building. I think this is at Yemen? Correct me if I'm wrong. *pinjam gambar dad sikijap. I cropped this piece coz on the left got ppl take photo and on the right got somebody's head. We dun wanna spoil the beauty of the architecture do we? I wanna go there someday for my personal photography session *prays~
And lastly, a shot of a perfume bottle. My dad's, not mine ogie. I find it cute XD

- The End -

*stomach growls~


  1. many things u've got today cats, dog, flowers, souveniers...phuu..must be ur lucky day...

    tht cats resembles some squirrel hehe...and the dog not cukup makan..go feed it lah..

  2. the dog is not my responsibilities XD

    i like feeding cats only weeeeeeeeeeeeee... XD

    squirrel ur head la...isk~ tandang la ni budak...balik balik panggil kucing aku squirrel


  4. Amazing shots!!! Flowers looks very nice. Thanks.


  5. retouching: Thanks.