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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Family Member!

Hohoho, this is QD the day before. Lookie how big it is. Hohohoho. I ask her the same Q everyday. "When u wanna beranak dis?"

It happened last nite, the 1st one came out at 10:30pm, followed by 10:48pm and er after that I'm not sure. Have to ask my mum. Coz I'm damn sleepy and it's so long *uhuk~

Took these this morning. Hohoho. Sorry for the blurness. I used the camera phone *uhuk~

4 new kitties!!! XD nyahahhahaha. Ogie, I need names ppl! Oh but then, I have to know their gender first hohoho


  1. awww...congrats! You're a grandmother now!

  2. wakkakakakaka...

    grandmother..i'm still mommy kitty XD

  3. Yay I'm an aunt now!!!! Eh wait, that wasn't my cat. :( Gratz Massy!!!!

    Wah, I wish I have cat. I want a cat! I want a cat! Hmph.. MUST force my bf to buy me one. ><

    Have you thought of names yet?

    Pringles is a good name too. :P

  4. whahahahha pringles hahhaha..punya cute..

    call by snacks ka cin?

    pringles, ruffles, lays and redrock? hahahahahhaha


    no names yet..i wanna know the gender first..damn cute!!! argh men geram! balik terus kasau...

    at my room ada 2 wild ones...hahahahhaa XD

  5. awww... tats cute! yeah tell us the genders also then we can think of the names

  6. uhuh uhuh...will mum said haf to wait till it grow bigger..then only can tell heheh XD

  7. Hey Massy!

    The cat and the kittens are so adorable, haha! I have small puppies outside of my home, and I'm proud to say that they've grown bigger. One passed away though (as far as we know) and my brother had to bury the small thing...

    * sighs * I do pity them... Especially more so when it rains heavily these days...

    Cheers, Hui Wen =)

  8. you're keeping all of them?

    pet food bill gonna go up!