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Friday, March 09, 2007

It's the end of the week PEOPLE!

The new season of southpark. Yes, I was downloading it last nite and I thought I could watch it today, but, *sigh, I was watching part by part since I have to go to work this morning, but, *uhuk~ *sigh, but, at the end part of this format, spoilt! argh, I can't see shite there. *sigh, have to redownload. Anyways, if u wondering wut this season's episode is about, check this out hahahaha

*lol Eric Cartman being as stewped as ever, I think he's high when he saw the midget hahahahha XD

Meanwhile, I'll be watching 300 tonite~ SPARTANS!!!!

Here's the trailer, if u dunno wut this movie is about

Hohohoo, I'll sure will enjoy this. *uhuk~ Lucky I bring shirt today. I'm not comfortable wearing working clothes for movie hahahaha XD

Ahhh, and finally I can maple again. Took them freaking 2 days to do the server maintenance and had to dl patch twice. Wadda~ >_<

Enjoy ur weekend ppl! XD


  1. That SouthPark video is no longer available on YouTube. :(

  2. download it from

    er i think u can watch it i forgot the url..but it's something like allaboutsouthpark

    not sure the url XD