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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Very hot sunday

Finish downloading God? Save Our King anime. Was halfway watching but couldn't stand the heat. So hot man. My nose blocked again XD

Anyways, had a lil trade thinggie with acing, I gave em some songs, he gimme this *uhuk mwahahhaha I look evil~ very evil~ hehe

And did a lil camwhoring and some editing *uhuk~


  1. cindy3:31 AM

    Mmm.. nice clean photo. ;)

    KK is hot these days? Wah.. whatever happen to the "KK is so clean and fresh, much cooler than KL"?? (I made that sentence up.. coz I always think that KK is colder than KL) :P

  2. cin, kk very hot oh these days...very very hot...yesterday i had to on aircond few times oh

  3. hmm... It's like Labuan lah.. Here very hot hot hot hot and hot... hot dalam hati, and hot weather. :D

  4. *uhuk...sr215 hot dalam hati? bahaya tu boss..hahahhaha

    oh i juz notice i looked a bit tense omg~

  5. Cantiknya rambuuuuut! Tapi like very serious man your expression. 0_o Hurm...

    And I LOVE the caricature~ It's so you! hehe

  6. com, rambut tu bidak...without yang x patut patut di ujung ujung tu..should cut my hair. btw, my normal hair would be like this. juz like any other time.

    notice i look a bit forehead part not relax..uhuh~ mo amik balik la ni...

    berkerut muka ku!!!! *sweats