Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Bro...

It's my bro's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're older by the day and I'm younger mwahhaha. Ogie, fine, kidding.

He's 2 years younger than me btw. Oh, if those ppl dunno who my brother is. He's one of the "important" person in

Today's birthday dinner, we went to Windbell steamboat again yes. I could say it's a full house. The fewd gone like the wind. So fast finish. I didn't even get dessert yet.

We bought Carrot & Nut cake? from Strawberry. Tasty! XD He's a shot of the cake.

And a family photo. Yes, am a bit woozy, so I think it affected some of the photos ^^;

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fewd and 1st CSP Movie Outing

Grocery Day - Saturday (26th May 2007)

My bro drove us to Giant Kolombong for brunch. Yes, today is grocery day! XD Need to get some junk fewd.

We had, Dim Sum! Cost RM9.20. Oh, the fewd at Giant Fewd Court are nice! XD *thumbs~

yes another fish ball noodle for me XD

bro had fried mee. I think this cost RM4
mum had fried mee hoon. RM4 osored bean porridge. i seriously thought this was my sis's. no wonder my dad keep asking whether i'm done taking photo of it or not ^^; my bad. sollie dad XDmum bought ABC

sea coconut? for my 2nd sis

Juz found out there's a LaundryMart at Kolombong. They said it's next to Courts Mammoth. Yeah rite! It's opposite! And it's not totally facing Courts Mammoth but it's erm next to another place which is opposite Courts Mammoth! dui~ And ppl, yes, this is the head office, but u can send ur laundry here too.
Took this in my bro's car. Yes, his car got this cute kitty! XD But the bell is seriously annoying XD
Sunday (27th May 2007)

This is our 1st CSP outing. Thanks to kanariya for getting our tix. There's 8 of us who went to watch Pirates of the Carribean: The World's End.

Location: Cathay
Show Time: 1pm

I went with my 2nd sis and we were the earliest there. 1 hour early hehe. I reach there before 12 noon. ^^; my bad. Scared no parking. It's a less than 3 hour movie. Definately less comedy. Well but got parts where u can laff XD

Here are some shots after the movie. Oily face omg! Should have taken it earlier, when everyone face is less oily? I think? O.o? Can't wait for the next CSP outing! Today was fun! They went yamchar after that. Sollie, me and my sis went to Centre Point for fewd XD

Yeap, went to Japanese Dream Fewd XD
cold half boiled egg
hanami bento set RM22
my sis with her teppanyaki set *cough with garlic rice. RM22. if your set is white rice and u wanted to switch to garlic rice, add RM1.50 XD

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Life Progress

I wanted to blog about fewd but I'm too sleepy.

Maybe I'll blog tomorrow.

Coz tomorrow is when I'm gonna watch Pirates of the Carribean with forumers! XD 1st CSP movie outing!! I'm so excited! XD

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lunch Outing at Sundeli

Today, had lunch with Amy at Sundeli. Located at Gaya Street, juz opposite of Pizza Hut. I think it's ogie.

Again, I would wanna apologize coz I didn't bring my camera this time too. Amy brought her camera T_T. I'm using my trusty SE W810i camera phone *tsk~

notice the sunlight? T_T

i'm sorry, wut's wrong with this picture? mix culture?

Some interior shots XD

are these real bread?

some cakes available for cake lovers?

We had Chicken Puttanesca (this reminds me of Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Violet and Claus were making em for Count Olaf *cough cough XD) and Shepard's Pie? or izzit Shepard Pie? Talking about Shepard, McDreamy *cough from Grey's Anatomy XD Ogie, *scratch dat part XD

Chicken Puttanesca. The spaghetti is nice. The chicken er, was a bit hard and erm slightly overcooked. This prolly cost around RM10 or RM12. Again, no remember. XD

Shepard's Pie / Shepard Pie XD this cost er...RM8 ka? RM10 ka? I dunno, I forgot man sorry

ice peach tea? peach ice tea? ogie either one. cost RM5. they use real peach btw. XD

taking a shot of the fewd is a MUST!

With, hotel like washroom. Well, almost...

Food was ok. Service was great XD *thumbs up

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Life Progress

City Mall gonna open soon. Tomorrow!!! Ohohoh, I'm so gonna check dat out. I wanna get shots of the building too XD For those who dunno where is this new mall, it's actually located along the road from kolombong to lintas. You can't possibly miss it.

Another problem I face every now and then working here is... PARKING! I only got into the office at around 9:30am *shite! T_T

Went to Wisma Merdeka last nite, was looking for working clothes *cough but instead bought a hoodie XD Mas can't resist! Save Mas!!!

Did a wittle camwhoring. Flash make Mas face look clean XD

Lately Mas like earth/wood colors? *cough Dunno wut happen to Mas XD But me likey likey wut me bought XD

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lunch Outing

I didn't bring my camera, so rely on my camera phone *cough XD

Oh, yet another hot sunny day and most probably will shower around evening ^^;

And whoever is calling me, identify urself, or I'll be ignoring ur calls. TQ.

Back to wut we're gonna talk about. FEWD! Yes, since title is lunch outing no?

Went to 70s cafe at Wisma Merdeka. I wish this cafe would be bigger and erm look more retro *cough. Coz the wall painting is erm..weird.

Which bring us to the fewd. Nyum. I think it's honey chicken. Since they said they dun haf any claypot rice which me and Amy wanted earlier. ^^;

cincau susu?
look! prego plates, so cute XD

mas no like drumstick. Amy likes drumstick XD

close up of the chicken XD tasty XD

this is so wrong. i'm thinking of something else but this is not 70s at all ^^;

Another situation, whose working place eats "pisang goreng" (translated: banana dip in flour and fry em) everyday? Mine yeap. My colleagues eat "pisang goreng" everyday. I dun take em anymore. The oil is scaring me. The way they fry it oso scares me. The moment they brought it into the office, I start to choke, I'm breathing oil btw. No offence to "pisang goreng" lovers out there. But this is extreme. Everyday is juz too much and not healthy ^^;

Monday, May 21, 2007

Looks Can Be Deceiving *cough

Listening to: Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am

I went to BIMP-EAGA Business Portal Technical Workshop today at Hyatt. It started from 9am to noon and yes, we'll have lunch there too. Had mee hoon and chicken boxing. Those chicken are tasty! Seriously.

Anyways, back to the workshop. Lucky I was early, I met up with my brother and his colleague. No idea if my colleague would join us or not. He actually came later *cough. I walk from office and damn it's so HOT! T_T walking is painful at this point.

Here's the temporary site? I think for this Business Portal. Check it out, here.

We did a hands on registration there too.

Btw, I got to know somebody from Department of Industrial Development and Research (DIDR). Her name is Netty. I hope I spell her name correctly. XD

Anyways, she was saying that I look so chinese and she couldn't tell that I was malay. *cough. I'm mix *cough again. This owez happen. Coz I look so so chinese XD

And I got a tendency to speak more english and mandarin more than malay *cough.

Yes, somehow I notice I use a lot of anyways dun I? Sorry 'bout dat XD

And yes, I was about to say anyways again. This bring us back to when I was in secondary school, form 4 and 5 like dat, they got this so called rules about muslim wearing? putting on? tudung? *cough I'm one of those slightly stubborn type coz I dun like putting it on. My excuse would be, being total deaf *cough. Yes, I seriously can't hear anything if my ears were covered by cloth *cough. Trust me. Been there, done that.

So, on this one occasion where all of the students who didn't put em on had to stay back after assembly, yes, I was one of em and I was a prefect *cough.

One of the girls was like asking me.

Girl: "Did you juz converted to Muslim?"
Me: "O.O er no? I happen to be Muslim"
Girl: "Coz you look chinese"
Me: "Dat's coz I'm mix chinese"
Girl: "Wuah so easy can tipu (trick) ppl"

-_-" adei.

And yes, the girl I met earlier at the workshop also thought I was chinese. Keep on repeating that. Like it's something new *cough. ^^"

Not only that, ppl won't think I'm malay/muslim from my name too ^^" hehe. Mastura <--- this name not malay enuff ka? ^^"

I rest my case.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Life Progress

I watched "School For Scoundrels" the other day. Hehe so funny. "Music and Lyrics" love it!
Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Ep 25 T_T so so sad. "Charlotte's Web" *cough talking animals. But I love Dakota Fanning. XD

I still got "The Fountain" to watch. I dunno if it's me or my screen is a bit dark but erm, I dunno, must be my screen, I'll watch it again later XD

One of my mimis is sick. She looks sick. She keep sleeping behind the door or be somewhere at the corner. Now she's on the carpet. Hmm. The other mimi is pretty much normal. She likes to sniff/kiss me in the morning XD

There will be a KFC at Giant! How convenient. Oh wait, not forgetting the fact that Ginger Ale drinks cost RM1.49?! wtf?! Normally only cost RM1.10 geez! Even malta which suppose to cost RM1.60!? Juz now when to get it, cost RM1.99?! Har?!?

Anyways, had this conversation with my sister about married woman *cough. Before marriage, very pretty, straight hair. After married become like this. Photo taken from her fren and yes, that's french ^^; I think those are chinese/korean ladies?


chemisier a fleurs : flower blouse
cheveux frises: curly hair
echarpe a fleurs: flower scarf
superbes visieres: superb caps

*rofl. I can't stop laffing. *prays to gawd. If I reach that age, please dun make me be or wear like this. ^^; *amin~

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mapuru Screenshots XD

I'm lvl 41 oledi!!! XD

But look wut happen when lag. When I was killing chronos, I go up and rest, the next thing u know, a chair stuck at my mage's butt. Punya rusak!!!

Ohohoho, me and Jyujin went to El Nath. " cold"

Lookie lookie, golden pig. So cute oh

Mr WetBottom's porn book hahahahahahhahaha

Voodoo. I'm gonna put a spell on you hahahhaha XD sot

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm gonna update my blog now...

First of all, I wanna strangle Mir` the stalking yoda for tagging me hehe.

2nd of all, if not becoz of him, I would be taking my sweet time till the next post. As I am lvling in maple. I'm lvl 39 now XD

So, here's the tagging thinggie.

In my bag ah? Lemme see...
~ Handphone
~ Purse
~ Medicine
~ Thumbdrive

~ Name cards
~ MyKad
~ Cash $$
~ Bank Card
~ Driver's license

~ My loyal computer
~ Mimis
~ Photo album
~ Comforter
~ My personal toilet mwahhahah XD

Redecorate my room
~ Vexel
~ Extreme sports
~ Piano
~ Lose weight hahahaha

~ Photography
~ Rufus Wainwright
~ Music & Lyrics

I dun wanna be the meanie let u guys do the tag if u want to hehe XD

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lunch Outing at Usagi Japanese Restaurant


Today, as planned, pick my sis up from work around noon. Bad idea using the road direct to Karamunsing. Totally jam. Should have used the other road *sweats. Anyways, was a bit late to pick up my sis. I was cursing all the way driving. It was hot and yes, I dun like slow drivers and people who dun signal when they wanna change lane. Gawd!!

Went to Karamunsing for lunch. The new Usagi Japanese Restaurant. Nearly full house. People keep coming in. The place is nice.
notice the lady standing on the left, that's the owner. she'll be going everywhere around and asking for feedback on the fewd and service XD

my 2nd sis and mum. gahhh, notice the light T_T

Didn't get too much shot coz too many people. I like it when it's empty. Like the shot IRTeA took. Check her blog for that particular post, here.

wut are these monitors and mouse for? curious. hehe. yes, it was on almost every table

juz a shot of a waitress taking order XD look, nearly full house rite?
kawaii ocha cups XD

The menu is cute. They have this brief history of usagi XD Forgot to take a shot of dat, sorry. XD Oh btw, the cover, that's not bamboo or wood or anything like dat. Those are actually cloth XD cute ain't it?

karei with sauce set. there's another karei set without set but same priceclose up of the fish XD massy love fish! XDchawanmushi included XD

and miso soup for all XD

Anyways, I ordered Karei With Sauce Set which cost RM20.90.

close up of the teriyaki chicken XD

Sis ordered Wakadori Teriyaki Set which cost RM18.90 and mum ordered Oyako Don cost RM12.80.
oyako don

Some other shots. Yes I didn't let anyone eat till I get shots of it. XD

See, I even arranged this. Those colorful thinggies are cute. XD couldn't resist. Must shoot.

look at the mayo. they should give us thousand island instead of mayo omg. well my mum's fault oso coz she ask for mayo. and i was like, "inda muak meh makan mayo with salad?"
arranging em. i juz love colors. these are too cute XD

Ocha was RM1 each XD Total including tax was RM61.16. I would leave some tips but I didn't coz the girl spill pineapple leftovers on my bag. My bad smells like pineapple now *sigh.

After lunch, went around window shopping. Yeap, nothing to buy. It's so boring and my knee have some minor slight pain. Must have eaten something wrong hehe. Must be those prawns *cough XD I eat a bit only hehhehe

Yes, I shoot a lot of bugs and fewd. Kekekeke, me likey XD

Hope everyone enjoy this post XD