Monday, April 30, 2007

Wut massy have been doing

  • I watched "Pride and Prejudice" for the 2nd time. I still love it!! Especially the soundtrack.
  • The kittens gonna be handed to new owners on Wednesday! yay!
  • I was bz mapling and didn't get enuff sleep for 3 days. I'm lvl 24 mage now *cough.
  • I took some photos of insect and am happy about it. And yes, I yelled at some ppl who were standing behind me while I was bz taking shots of insect. Gawd annoying man. I lost focus oh.
  • I watched an old mel gibson movie earlier this morning. "Forever Young". Kind interesting XD
  • I got Rufus Wainwright's new album and I absoulutely love it. Espcially the song Tiergarten!
  • I'll start working on Thursday and yes I'm still super duper lazy. Weeeeeeeee

So, yeap pretty much. Oh and I'm craving for McD double cheeseburger *cries

Friday, April 27, 2007

dA updates

Took this earlier today. Hope everyone likes it XD

And this was taken yesterday XD the grasshopper looks annoyed *rofl

Life: Combined Updates

I still haven't cut my hair and yet to get DVD discs. Mas is super lazy. The other day I was pumped to finish up with my portfolio which I must say, terbengkalai, again! XD

I started with a new mage character in Cass server. Yes, I'm talking maple again. And I found lotsa new stuff there. Ohohoho, thanks to dan for helping me lvl a bit XD. I'm currently a lvl 17 mage XD I wanna be a Ice/Lightning Wizard like dan XD


Yes, I'm partially talking crap. This is wut happen when u're lack of sleep? Hmm, yes my case, coz I can't keep my hands off the keyboard.

Was watching ep 19 of heroes and ep 20 of grey's anatomy yesterday XD hohoho. I need more. I wanna know more. Does this mean in heroes, Peter is the powerful one? *cough. Sylar definately can't paint *lol. Oh noi, in Grey's Anatomy, is Derek thinking of leaving Meredith again? *blinks.

I'm on 1 week holiday (including Saturday and Sunday). Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh, I was watching tv yesterday and saw Rivermaya's new song called "You'll Be Safe Here". I think it's nice.

More about Rivermaya, here. And not forgetting Rivermaya is from the Philippines. Talking about Philippines, I used to love listening to Eraserheads. Fruitcake was playing in my head. Literally speaking. O.o

Meanwhile, I slept around 1:30am this morning coz I wanted to lvl so badly. Then woke up around 6:30am coz I wanna "teman" my mum to shopping. Giant only open around before 10am. So, we waited for awhile coz we got there around 9:30am and it's not open yet. But, before we could start on getting stuff, we MUST eat!

Went to the food court which is called Anjung Selera? Oh ogie. We had Fish Ball Noodle Soup. The only difference maybe the mee.

mum prefers mee hoon

mas like mee XD

the sauce XD

Ogie, start shopping. Went to get stuff I wanted. Ice creams! I bought Mint and Tiramisu mini ice cream Walls! XD This is another flavour ice cream which is new. Yah!!! I juz found out!!! XD

blueberry & strawberry flavour woo~ this is new!

Went home around before 12 noon. Blog, then I'm gonna do my portfolio. Or I should go my laundry first and or I should go maple lalala~ XD

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pride & Prejudice

I watched this movie on HBO earlier. I think it's great. I keep thinking Kiera Knightly reminded me of Natalie Portman ^^; my bad. Anyways, I love the soundtrack! A series of piano :)

Ahhh I want the soundtrack very badly now! XD

Monday, April 23, 2007

dA updates

I'm lazy to reupload the photos, so, juz take from the one I uploaded to my dA page.

this was from last week. the time i went to the beach with my sis?

3 days before holiday

It's gonna be a holiday on 26th Apr, 1st and 2nd May. I plan to take 1 week holiday straight (including Saturday and Sunday). It's a hot sunny day. I waited for parking till around 9:40am. Gawd, I can feel the heat inside the car even.

We went to Windbell Steamboat again last nite. Somehow it wasn't as great as the ones we had the 1st time last time. But it was ogie. And there was a spot light direct at us. It's a bit hard for me to take photo. Most of my photo turn out blur *sweats. I'll post some later tonite.

I'm nearly done with my portfolio. The only thing I need is to update with latest photos and er my biography. *sweats. It takes time to get inspired hehe.

My dad came back from London last Saturday nite. My sis took a shirt I really want *cries. And she's not giving it to me. Woo~~~ *cries. She took 5 and I got 2 only *cries woo~~~

There are some ppl fixing our PBX system. Hmm, how come my room still dun haf phone yet? Btw, one of them came to my room to test the line thinggie and somehow this guy were like talking to me. O.o? Ogie fine, answer him. Then he was talking about my room being hot. Oi I on aircond oledi and it's direct at me ler. So cold. Then came a chinese dood. Hmm, then the earlier guy ask whether I'm chinese and ask if I could speak chinese. Well duh!? O.o? Weirdness. Geez~ Then they were like talking among themselves about getting to know me? Wadda?! Hello I'm here?! I could hear wut u guys talking?!

Anyways, I tend to sit quietly and pretend they're not there lalala~ gawd.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Saturday Lunch Outing

I better blog before I start doing my portfolio again. Which wut happened yesterday. I came back from my lunch outing at around 3pm and start compiling my photos again. I had to recreate the photo preview page which consist 3 different ways of viewing the photos (thumbnail, fullview and original size). Took me hours to arrange it. And I only completed 2 categories which is about 30 over pages omg! *faints~ Oh, I stop at around 2am-ish and I still can't sleep.

To lunch
I planned to go lunch at Nok Thai, Damai, coz it's been awhile since I went there. Didn't get to eat breakfast coz I had to send my eldest sis to the Kolombong bus stop. I dun haf enuff time to send her to her office. Well so, I went off at around 11:30am, I think, and guess who block my road this time? *pfttttt.

They took 30-40 frigging minutes to get this thing

to this

which look something like this. *sigh~

It's either this or u get stewped dumb lorries blocking ur road. Adei~ Got off at nearly 12. Dropped my sis at the bus stop, drove like a freaking lunatic. Pick acing up at his work place and off we go to Nok Thai, Damai. Oh, btw, if u guys dunno where this place is, it's somewhere near the Damai Toy Shop thinggie?

Set lunch cost around RM8.80++

Set A - fried rice with salted fish + tom yam soup + fried baby kailan with garlic + fried taugeh (i mean bean sprout) + cendol

Set C - fried rice with salted fish + tom yam soup + honey chicken + mango dish + cendol

fried rice
tomyam soup

baby kailan

bean sprout

honey chicken thinggie?

We actually waited for Amy and Ali for half an hour coz didn't realize that we're early. Opps~ XD

Ack~ sorry, forgot to take a shot of the cendol. My bad~ XD

While waiting for our fewd, I took some shots of everyone except me kekekek. Ogie, why guys dun like to take photo one? *cough.

as usual, acing can't pretend the camera is not there *hiks

ali is sick, look at his face *cough

amy looking super cute that day

And finally a group pix. *cough I looked erm messy hahahahahah. Seriously need a haircut. Maybe I should go bald like britney hahahahah*listening: Laura Veirs

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Crazy mimis running around on a Saturday

It's Saturday! Umm, last nite went for grocerry shopping. I would drive if I could, my knee is all stressed out from the jam around Sadong and Sembulan. It's seriously stewped. I was trying to get to Sadong after work for my sis and there's cars piling up at the road entrance heading there. I have no idea wut's going on. Instead of waiting, I turn 1 big round around Sembulan which is a big mistake obviously, and stuck in the jam there for few minutes till I could get to the bus stop near Sadong area *sigh. This sucks! Seriously, my left leg cramp man. Wadda!?

Back to groccery shopping. We went to Servey instead of Giant *cough. Coz cat fewd there is way cheaper. I prolly spent around nearly RM50 for less than 10 items hmm. Yes, I'm coughing. This is caused by dumbarse smokers. No offence to everyone else, but some ppl are juz inconsiderate and smoke in the office. The air I breathe is totally polluted. *sigh. I need to get DVDs. The other day I went to Wisma to get empty DVDs, they were selling it for RM15 for 10 pcs. I heard I could get cheaper than that, no? Hmm, better safe than sorry.

Came back at around er 9 I guess, found lotsa cars around my house. Hmm, yeap, it's one of those days where my eldest sis decided to make a last minute birthday party for herself again. *pftttttt. Yes it was her birthday yesterday and she's er 31 this year *cough. She got lotsa *cough slaves friends around to help her with everything. Geez, I'm gonna expect oil everywhere on my car tomorrow definately hmm. I guess I'm lucky since my room isn't near to the BBQ thinggie coz it certainly made my brother hungry. And he suppose to be on diet. Oh, my 2nd sis is also the slave helper in this case. She made her cook spagetti wakkakakak.

My eldest sis asked me to take photos for that nite but being the mean ol' me, wkakakak definately rejected her. She got her own camera yet she keeps asking me to use mine. *pftttt. This is why people, u guys should get better cameras *cough. My dad bought me the last panasonic camera and when ppl start borrowing it I dun mind, coz I dun have a choice since they said we're suppose to share since I didn't pay for it. But for this Canon, no more! I did some few minutes loaning before and I could go days without camera sometimes. NO WAY! NO WAY NO WAY! IT'S MINE!!! Get ur own! hehe and yes I was in my room. I guess the frens was around till 1am or maybe later. I have no idea. Though I pity my mum coz she was suppose to be relaxing her legs. Instead she's at the kitchen helping out?! Wot?!

As I was in my room, I watched Tenacious D. Yes, I finally watch it. Rock on! XD It's so freaking kewl and funny. Then I watched the latest episode of southpark about homeless ppl. Hehe, that was ogie. Not as funny as the previous episode where they featured Xerxes as a woman hahahahhaa scissors. Then I watched the latest episode of America's Next Top Model. This is Cycle 8.

I'll update later. I'll be having lunch with some frens today. Will take some photos hehe

Thursday, April 19, 2007

No title Thursday

Talking about getting scratches from mimi. Only the black face one. I have no idea why she's that crazy to injure me *cough. *cries. Not really the main topic.

Sorry cin, no new photos of fewd yet.

I slept early yesterday, I think it was around 8:30pm? Btw, *cough my dad was on TV3 (2 days ago) for the Malaysia-Sudan conference thinggie. *lol.

Other news, here's a discussion thread about the Virginia Tech University massacre at CSP forum. New updates, he's 23 years old, from South Korea, resident with a green card, been staying there since 1992. And he sent a video tape and some photos to NBC? This part is a bit weird. Anyways, the link for the video is in CSP thread.

And, my fren is giving away 4 mix siamese breed kitten for adoption. Anyone interested?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's columbine all over again

The columbine high school massacre on Tuesday the 20th April 1999. Two teenage students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, carried out a shooting rampage, killing 12 students and a teacher, as well as wounding 24 others, before committing suicide.

Today, Tuesday the 17th April 2007, 8 years after the incident, another shooting incident at Virginia Tech University, US killed 33 people.

The rampage took place in two separate areas, first at a dormitory as students had begun criss-crossing the sprawling campus for morning classes, and then about two hours later at an engineering and science hall about 800m away, sparking panic.

Witnesses have said some students were hurt jumping out the windows of a classroom building to escape the gunfire.

“You could see students carrying what looked like bodies out of Norris Hall (the engineering building) and there were ambulances out there that drove down to pick them up and sped off towards the hospital,” student Michael O'Brien has told Fox News.

A student journalist's video of the chaos was replayed repeatedly on US television networks, showing people scurrying around the campus and volleys of shots ringing out. Dramatic mobile phone video footage also picked up the clatter of bullets fired in the attack.

Virginia Tech campus police chief Wendell Finchum has said the suspected gunman is dead and that police are trying to determine whether he killed himself or was shot by officers.

Officials did not have a motive for the attack and did not immediately know if the gunman was a student, but students have said multiple bomb threats had been made against the university in recent weeks, including two against the buildings targeted in today's shooting.

The death toll of 32 surpasses the 15 who died in the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado in April 1999 that shocked the world.

US President George W. Bush has said he is "horrified" by the attack, while the university's president has said the shooting is a "tragedy of monumental proportions".

More news: here


Now in this case. If I could remember correctly, I thought 13 were killed in the shooting at Columbine High School massacre and 2 of the gunman commit suicide after. And for this Virginia Tech University incident, 33 was killed, including the gunman who is said is asian and commited suicide later after he randomly shoot everyone.

Guns should be made illegal, seriously.

More about columbine high school massacre, click here.

Spending time at home

I was on sick leave on Monday. Hahahah fewd poisoning. Well, my case is not as bad as my sis who vomitted every now and then. And I'm ogie now. Thank yew.

I've been watching Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy. A marathon!!! And yes, I cried every now and then. Shuddup! Damn shite utorrent screwed up. Now I can't dl shite. I downloaded BitLord as suggested by acing. *cough. Lemme see how gewd is this software. Hmm *prays~

My bro did a thinggie last nite with that winamp shoutcast thinggie. *lol. Didn't like some of his songs. Well coz some ppl requested it or his playlist aren't as depressing as mine *cough. But he did ogie.

We got a new PA here. Hmm, haven't got to know her yet. But I heard the boss interviewed her at the restaurant *cough. weirdness.

I know I haven't been blogging much lately. I pretty much didn't have anything to say or think about now. I'll blog when I do.

Sorry ppl.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Rant

I was planning to go eat Vegetarian today but the shop wasn't open. Instead, I drove back to town and got myself "Mee Goreng Basah". Tasty! XD I'll upload the photo later. Now too tired and lack of sleep again.

Took some photos. Finally got mood to do my portfolio and thank gawd, finally a cover page. Yay~ Now, I wanna redo the whole shite again. Previous gallery sucks. Seriously need to redo. Make it look nicer. *cough. I'm not done yet. I still need to arrange all the photos and resize some of em.

Oh, this is the moment where I get annoyed. People! I'm not a freaking encyclopedia who knows every little shite about computers ogie?! *sigh. People owez do that to me. Expect me to know everything which I dun really know. I somehow find myself pleasing others by helping them. Well I think dat's wut I'm doing anyways? I dunno. I dun like it yet I tend to help them *sigh. Geez~ How annoying. Yes, like zaini said, I'll talk more crap when I'm pissed. So yeah, I'm pissed. This remind me when I teach some colleague at work about emails and games. I had to repeat wut I said I dunno more than 5 times? Gawd. They even jot it down but still couldn't get it. OMG! Gawd haf mercy ^^;

Maybe I should go back when I was a total meanie and who's totally against the world? Maybe that'll help me a bit in having some peace and quiet in my life huh? I ono. Ogie, I'm seriously talking crap rite now. I'm gonna go off to bed now. *pftttt~ I know, suck to be me *sigh

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Attempt to color

I was slightly motivated to do this. So decided to give it a try.

Oh btw, it's to color this by acing a.k.a rob-jr

Erm took me nearly 3 hours to finish this with ps cs2. It's so tiring. Which look something like this. Yes I couldn't decide on which one, I combined both instead.

Wut u think? Ogie ka? Or the shadowing too cacat? And I color too pale? *cough

Thursday Lunch Outing with Amy

Amy came to my office at around nearly 11am and we decided to go for lunch and lepak till nearly the time for her appointment which is at 3pm.

First, I need to go to the bank to pay for my car (actually juz drop the cheque at the cheque deposit machine) , so we walked to the bank which is a couple of blocks from my office. Umm, ogie, they change the position of the machine. I mean they moved the machine. The cash deposit machine was suppose to be at the left end and now it's on the right end. Sia-sia sija se berbaris. Terblur for a moment there when I saw Cash Deposit. The guy in front of me was nice enuff to show me where XD

After that, Amy drove us to Karamunsing where we still were blur on wut we should eat. Walked around a bit. Oh I saw Usagi halfway open again >_< style="font-weight: bold;">Nasi Goreng Special" and Amy ordered Nasi Goreng apa ah? *blurness. Then she decided to change to "Mee Goreng Basah" coz she saw the guys eating at the next table. *cough cough. Not stated in the menu one?

mee goreng basah. i think the mee goreng basah was better than the fried rice

nasi goreng special. erm the special is juz an additional egg? erm, if the egg is slightly deep fried then it would be better for me. erm and the rice, too much "kicap". well it's not as bad as the sweet milk tea *cough

sorry it took awhile for me to shoot this. my fingers are weird

Took some shots of her er but the first shot was weird. This shot is funny. She was pointing at the milk tea poster hohoho. Btw, I had milk tea but *cough, it's not like the milk tea that I wanted. *sigh. Well it is milk tea but super overly sweet. Damn, sakit kapala se minum terus. I had to ask them to add water coz it was super sweet! *cough

Went walking around after lunch and saw this lil fella. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I love kitties XD

We left at 1:30pm and went to Asia City Complex for some dessert. And here's wut we had. Thanks Amy. XD

Wakakkaka we forgot to look at the time. It was fun! XD But I got back to the office at nearly 3pm. Opps.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

EDITED: 4th Artjam & PIU tournament

Lemme begin by saying that I slept at around 1am and I was having problem sleeping. End up didn't sleep at all. Which suck a bit for me coz I'm slightly erm blur if or when I dun get enuff sleep. Or u could say high or hyper. Either way. Eating appetite is a total goner. Had asam laksa cup sized maggie for breakfast and had cheesy wedges for lunch.

Went to Asia City Complex for Artjam and PIU tournament. Actually I'm anxious to shoot parakiss dance. I've been thinking about it a lot of how am going to shoot this. Video/Photos? Hmm.. XD

Arrived before 11am. Met Amy, dan and acing at Mode Cafe. Had lunch (which is cheesy potato wedges thank yew). And the others came after.

I forgot to check my time when the PIU tournament started. Erm, I was pretty much walking around with Amy as we waited for the Freestyle category.
the gothic lolitas (sollie about the flash, forgot to adjust huhu)

During the tournament. The KKCC (KK Cosplay Club) are promoting cosplays. *free advertisement. Oh btw, se ni case men slide in. Hohoho, that time lee was getting a shot of them. Must take chance, if not no shots hohohoo~ XD

Oh, didn't know my bro was in too *cough. Took video of it. Dunno if I could upload it at youtube becoz of the size. Oh, found this shop. O.O kitties!!!! KITTIES everywhere!!!! XD moine!!!! moine!!!! XD I didn't even go in to check it out :(

This shop was on 50% sale. Amy was asking for some demo ^^;

Shot 8 different video. My memory card 1GB full, 256MB nearly full and 128MB full for shooting BBoy vs PIU dancers battle thinggie.

:( *cries. Parakiss dance video the end part termiss. I quickly changed my memory card and got 2 shots after. Erm, I sent a copy of the dance video to Master Lee a.k.a Rempit Man to edit *cough cough. I'll upload it once I get it from him XD I mean the edited version of coz. Who else took the video!? I want see the ending part!!! XD

Edit: Btw, this is IRT copy of the parakiss dance video.

this is the ending pose. try changing ur memory card during the dance hehe~ *sweats~
oh i'm sorry, the MC announced it as cubex and the CSP? O.O
btw, cubex is the dood with the black coat (which is my brother *coughs), the other guy is dan, erm, the girl in pink lolita is er who ah? blurness (mas is seriously lost), then there's IRT and Rina XD

After this was the BBoy and PIU dancers battle *cough. This reminds me of Run DMC's It's Like That Video. Oh, I took 2 mins video I think, I need to edit this one. The only thing I didn't like was the music. Not fade in fade out one after finish 1 song. Btw some shots

The ones in red are the BBoys and the one in white are the PIU dancers.

Make acing a.k.a rob to draw this. Please make a comparison between this hair with his hair. *points the group photo.

Got another shot of the lolitas XD *must resist the dark side. *roll eyes O.O

This week's artjam group photo XD

Somehow, squeezing into a photo works for me. Look so nice and I look slightly thin hohoho. *perasan~ Wait wait wait. Wait juz a moment, am I the shortest there?! Noiiiiiiiiiii~~~ *trauma~~~~!!!!!

Need to write article about artjam. Need to. Uh~~~

Oh btw, for more info about this post, I mean the tournament, can visit dias's blog post and am still waiting for julian's post.

Ah before I forget, somebody suggested I create a panda thinggie. Something similar to cactus chan hmm...lemme find the time and passion to do this hmm.

Till the next event! Go CSP go!

p/s: noted how messy this blog post is? Erm, I'm slightly blur, dun quite remember wut I type. *coughs.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

PIU tournament

Attention blog stalkers!!

There will be a PIU tournament this Sunday (8th April 2007) at noon (12pm). Don't forget to catch CSP Paradise Kiss dancing perfomance. Most of the CSP members are expected to be there. Our famous rempit man will be there too *uhuk~

Artjam will be on at 11am.

See you there! XD

Source: D.Fox's Blog (yahhhhhhh se pun mo buat attention juga!)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Tina!!!

It's weird that yesterday, there's lotsa near accident encounters. It's like either ppl wanna bang me intentionally. Weird feeling really. I drove to work and this stewped dumbarse kancil wanna cut to the road where I'm at. Bang me from the side man. Budu! Then at the restaurant when I was behind my sis getting some fried mee, this stewped couple suddenly cut in front of me, hmm, annoyed I was, I cut back in front of them. XD yes, I could be mean too. There's more but I couldn't remember wut already hahahah XD

It's my 2nd sis, Tina's b'day yesterday. I sang her the birthday song earlier that morning, but she calls me crazy. Hmm. I bought her a shirt, her choice, not mine. A red shirt.

We went out for dinner at WindBell seafood restaurant at Tg. Aru. Had steamboat buffet. The tom yam soup is so nice XD I likey~ I remember going there before but I forgot when. That place is so old. They should rebuilt! XD

I'm stuffed. Did a lil camwhoring, this is the best I think.

Sorry for the short post. I actually wanted to blog about this last nite but a bit caught up with some stuff to do.

Monday, April 02, 2007

TeamDayDreamers Artist Feature: rob-jr

Remember I told you about me doing an article about the abovementioned?

Here it is. Click me

Erm, nothing to be proud of. Juz some info that I wanted to share since nobody is updating the main page. And since sometimes I felt like writing. But a simple one if fine. A long article could kill me. Since my english writing is not that gewd *koff koff.

Anyways, enjoy reading XD

Rest on Monday

I'm on leave today. Smart lil me, took a lil tiny beef yesterday. And I suffer the consequences. Enduring pain the whole day. Thanks to my last medicine that I slightly recovered but decided not to go to work today coz it might affect my driving. Yeah well, not quite in giving and excuse here but too scared to drive if my knee felt a bit loose. Dun want anything creepy/weird to happen do we?

Anyways, woke up early, called the boss to inform I'm not coming in. He made a sarcastic remark about how young I am to get gout. *pftttttt. I swear I told him few times before yet he forgets it. Hmm~ he needs to retire seriously.

Btw, been trying to get shots of kitten but they move a lot. Very very hard to take shot of them. Well, at least now I know their gender? 3 female kitten and 1 male. Damn fat eh the male kitten. So, people! Do your job in giving me names. Oh, one of them is very loud. Seriously loud. Like her mum. Gosh!

I took some shots of some stuff the other day. Yes, in this hot weather? Call me crazy!? Yes I am obviously. Gawd, I need to seriously get things done. Ahh, btw, I did an interview with my fren rob last nite. It'll be like those local comic artist review kinda thing. Not gonna post it till I get approval from him. Who knows some part of me describing him is wrong. We dun want that do we. So, well juz wait till he gets to read it then I'll post in front page of CSP. XD

Till then. I'll be listening to some Eames Era. XD