Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Lot Like Love

I was watching this movie after American Idol. Oh, btw, I gotta say, I love Chris Sligh's version of "Trouble". Damn~ I want it!!! I want it!!! Coz I was listening to Ray LaMontagne's version. I still love Chris Sligh's version eeeeeeee..I want!!! XD

Anyways, back to the movie, the soundtrack is great! Most of my fav song. Especially Aqualung. Juz listening to it makes me wanna sing that song again woo~~~

Oh btw, who never listen to it before, here, I took the initiative to post it XD

I never understood before
I never knew what love was for
My heart was broke, my head was sore
What a feeling

Tied up in ancient history
I didnt believe in destiny
I look up you're standing next to me
What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
Brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, i don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine
And it's brighter than sunshine

I never saw it happening
I'd given up and given in
I just couldn't take the hurt again
What a feeling

I didn't have the strength to fight
Suddenly you seemed so right
Me and you
What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
It's brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine

It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun, sun, shine.

Love will remain a mystery
But give me your hand and you will see
Your heart is keeping time with me

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
It's brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine

I got a feeling in my soul ... [repeat chorus to end]


I recorded a short version of me singing with the flu, but yes, I'm too embarrased to post/upload it here coz I'm tone deaf~ ^^;

Something nice to share

I'll blame rob-jr a.k.a acing for this.

Go to slightly near the end, there's a song. I wanna know whose song is that, if anyone knows. Onegai~

And the video is cute ^.^ But the music woo~~ I want!!! I've been searching high and low but I dunno who sang this. Woo~

Anyways, I was watching season finale of Ed. Yes, stuckyville! The ending where Ed finally decides on Carol is nice. Coz he was doubtful and he decided on Frankie but when he looked for Carol, he can't find her, every place he went, gewd and bad memories, he thought that he might love for how she looked like in 9th Grade, but finally he realized that he's really in love with her. Yes u can go "awww" now.

And another thing I wanted to share is, the movie "In Her Shoes". I've been wanting to watch this. It's great! Well for me. For anybody else, different taste, I can't really say. Anyways, juz wanted to share the poem by E.E. Cumming. Correct me if I'm wrong ogie.

Anyways, the title I think is "I Carry Your Heart With Me"

I carry your heart with me
I carry it in my heart
I am never without it
Anywhere I go you go, my dear
And whatever is done
By only me is your doing, my darling

I fear no fate
For you are my fate, my sweet
I want no world
For beautiful you are my world, my true
And it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
And whatever a sun will always sing is you

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
And the sky of the sky of a tree called life
Which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide
And this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart
I carry it in my heart

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I had bad fewd last nite. Woo~ Woke up 3am in the morning. Went to toilet for 6 times urgh~~~ >_<

Anyways, the lack of sleep is making me high.

Uh uh, I had the same porridge I had the other day this morning. Woo, tasty, I forgot that I need to add more soy sauce. Oh, went to lunch with Amy at peppermint. Since I can't take beef. I had to eat chicken rice. But it's tasty. So, not gonna complain. Oh, and it's super full!!! Ppl keep coming in to that shop. OMG! We actually had to wait to eat there. Especially lunch hour hehe~

I still wanna try the rice thinggie at pizza hut. Any volunteers?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Talking about not making sense

Sorry for complaining

But, when someone said the TV room is her room, we let that be and moved the Astro decoder to the living room. Hmmm, guess wut? Now she sleeps at the living room. So does the living room consider her room now? wtf~


Saturday, February 24, 2007

The outing

Me and my x-colleague Junn, planned to go McD for quite some time, I mean seriously. A long time. This time I had to push myself coz I'm terribly lazy to drive. Thank gawd she's driving.

She was suppose to pick me up at around 10:30am but she was a bit late. Maybe got some things to do? While waiting, I decide to take some photos. Yes I was bored!

one of the hibiscus from my parents collection

fragipani. a bit far. so it's a bit blur. sorry~

saw the outcome of the sky from the fragipani shot. so decided to take shot of the sky. it's a very nice day to go out~

She came to my house at around before noon. Her brother was driving. We had to drop her brother at his wife's work place . After that, we're off to Karamunsing for McD. Parking is terrible, as usual on a Saturday...

My fren finally went to Karamunsing parking. No choice since no parking and it looks like it's gonna rain? So, we parked at the 4th floor and went straight to McD coz we were hungry. I had Fish and Ribena. She had prosperity burger :( *cries. I can't take beef *sigh~ sucks to be me. At least I get to eat some curly fries?

one of my closest person. yes we like to gossip hahahahah about ppl from my old company hahahaha

After lunch, we went around looking for clothes. She's browsing some digital camera coz I'm frustrated she dun haf one to take shots of her cute nephews and niece. >_<" We went to Watson and I spent RM37.26 for dental floss, boxers, wet towels, and some cute toys.

now i haf 3 of these. red one i got from mum *hiks

We were slightly dissapointed coz there ain't anything that we could get there. I mean top/clothes. Coz most of the size are dissapointing. I saw this one really cute top but the size is juz haih~ better dun say. Oh I bought bra for RM28.70. *hiks~ I need it trust me.

Since we were bored coz we couldn't get anything. We went to Segama. Again, parking problem. She went to the parking near Milimewa and we cross the road. Yes, I'm scared of crossing the road. I prefer to be the one driving than crossing the road. >_<" I bought myself a long er pants. It's army green and it's RM36. Erm cheaper than the one I saw at KK Plaza really.

She couldn't find anything she wanted so we went to Yoyo Damai for some drinks. It's nearly 5pm at that time. We tapau. She dropped by my house to print her resume. Stayed till nearly 7pm. *lol. We had fun! Oh, so much fun gossiping with her *lol

Noted: I seriously need to shower now. I sweat and it's sticky ewww

Friday, February 23, 2007

KT Tunstall - False Alarm

I'm trying to put this thing to bed

I've drugged it in its sleep
There isn't many memories
I'm comfortable to keep

This ball keeps rolling on
It's heading for the streets
Keep expecting you to send for me
The invitation never comes

Each time I turn around
There's nothing there at all
So tell me why I feel like
I'm up against a wall

But maybe it's a false alarm
And all the answers sounds the same
Just colours bleeding into one
That hasn't got a name
Maybe I can't see
Maybe it's just me

Now the curtain's coming up
The audience is still
I'm struggling to cater for
The space I'm meant to fill

And distance doesn't care x2

Each time I turn around
There's nothing there at all
So tell me why I feel like
I'm up against a wall

But maybe it's a false alarm
And all the answers sound the same
Just colours bleeding into one
That hasn't got a name
Maybe I can't see
Maybe it's just me

I'm trying to put this thing to bed
I drugged it in its sleep
Remember what you said
Are you comfortable to keep it?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

another one of those random thoughts

we're all temporary in this world
experience happiness and sadness
when there's nothing left to care about
we're forgotten


and another one


u must think that i'm crazy
for telling u stuff that i shouldn't haf
i couldn't help myself but
u're the only one i can hope for


i hope u live a better life
hope u'll realize wut a bitch u r
how i wish i could forgive u
but it's juz hard for me to let go


it's juz another one of those depressing moments

Uh Oh~

My dad borrowed my camera for few days. Or weeks >_< tertipu. Adei~ lemas aku. Anyways, I heard his camera terover charge or something? No idea.

Hmmm, astaga~~~ *pray. Be safe my camera be safe~

So that means I dun get to camwhore or take shots of anything for few days uhuhu~ Well maybe can with my handphone uhuhu~~

Back to maple again la la la~ weeeee~~~

I wanna watch Music and Lyrics! Who wanna go with me!?


omg, my colleagues bought blinking radios >_<


Oh btw, she bought this for rm7. Got some lelong going on somewhere here. No idea.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

random thoughts *hiks

did u ever look at old photos and think
that u've missed that moment
that particular moment where it makes u smile
that makes u feel lucky to be alive

things change, people change
u grow old even u dun haf somebody
to share ur life with
life still goes on
till ur last breath
till the end of time

another one la la la

the anxiety of waiting is overwhelming
feel the joy when the day comes
couldn't say the things i wanted
without being goofy when u're around

and another

ever wonder why ppl like to be under the moon
pouring their hearts out to each other
i guess it might be bcoz of the calmness
u get from staring at the moon
and they say that's romantic

and another

i love looking at the sky
thinking how i could really fly
though it doesn't really mean anything
if i dun haf anyone to share it with

noted: i think i'm high

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Last Day of Holiday

I'll start working tomorrow. And gawd. I'm so bored. Though, I gotta say, I've been listening to acom's version of "Heal Over" over and over again is great. Ogie, I know I should stop coz I sound too addicted to it now. Acom, I totally blame u for this. For those who doesn't know about this song. Do urself a favour and click acom link on my left link menu? *points. (unless if you're blind of coz, u won't be able to find it).

Anyways, last nite, we went to mum's fren, Auntie Lina's house. We go there every year actually. Which I think is fun. Though, I dun do anything but eat and sit quietly at my corner. hehe~ Yes, I dun blend as easy as some ppl. Anyways, someone brought a cute baby. He's so cute. I dunno wut's his name. All I know is that, he's mix. Pakistan mix Chinese. I think the mum is Pakistan? Blurness on that part. Here's a shot of my mum holding him. Mum said he's heavy. Obviously.
awww so cute

Though, I gotta confess that I got fear of holding babies *hiks
from left: auntie lina with the baby, my mum, erm this is uncle harry's auntie and uncle i think? then there's me, my dad and uncle harry sitting from left would be my brother, my 2nd sis and my eldest sis

Notice how the "Light's family" is all in red? *hiks~ The funny part is when we wanna take this shot, lotsa disturbance and everyone was so noisy ahhahaha.

What's different here is, notice the far end left and right? on the left, that's auntie lina's daughter and far right is her son with the gf.

Other than that, it's all great! I'm gonna be lazing around today. Hmm, it's been raining.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I didn't went anywhere today. I juz haf the need to clean my room only. Argh! I'm so frustrated with my sis's boxes around the room. I think I'll ask her to move it downstairs *sigh~

Oh, erm, yes, I was bored. Watch 15 episode of heroes *hiks~


Actually something did happen. I got a present from my cats

Umm, this happen when they were chasing each other and unaccidently scratched my leg >_<"

Thanks a lot kitty. I got enuff scars already >_<" but noooo~ u juz haf to add another one dun u?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ghost Rider

I was on leave today. No point going to work if nobody is going and it's half day work. I dun haf anything to do at work oso. Sien~

Anyways, I was anxious to go watch this movie till lee spoilt part of my mood by telling me wut I dun wanna know. I went to the 9:15pm show at GSC with some frens. 3 guys and a girl >_< ogie. The movie was ogie, not so great though. As usual, these kinda movie can't expect too much real in em ogie. There's funny part oso. But the most funny part is when the cinema people showed somebody's car number with a note "Please Come Out". Unfortunately I didn't take photo of it. Coz I was too distracted *erm.

Oh, btw, I didn't have to spend a cent today. Thanks to my fren wakkakaka XD *super excited and now I got a headache with the hyperness of too much caramel from popcorn.

Till then, Happy CNY people! XD

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Valentine Dinner

I had this porridge for brunch. Not enuff. I'm dead hungry. The porridge damn tasty. Though I would be happy if I had more soy sauce and pepper. It's another normal day for me. Go to work, maple, come back from work, shower, eat, watch tv and so on. The normal routine stuff. Today is different coz we're out for valentine's day dinner.

Would like to thank bunch of ppl for their valentine's wishes. Sorry for some who I didn't reply coz I'm too lazy to reply. Anyways, I receive roses. The red one is from my mum and the other one is from my dad. And some virtual roses. Thanks ppl! XD

The initial plan was to go eat at Atmosphere but on this "special" day, they charge RM150++ per person. OMG! Crazy! So, Atmosphere is out of the picture. Then decided to go eat Nasi Padang at Jesselton Point coz my sis will be there for futsal tournament? or practice? I dunno.

Waited for my dad to come home and pick us up. But that didn't happen. Instead, we had to drive in 3 seperate cars. My dad, my bro from work and me driving my sis and mum. Mum told me to park my car at my bro's office but as usual I'm very doubtful. Coz that's not such a safe place to park cars at nite. For me that is.

So 3 seperate cars it is. RM2 for parking. My bro came after us, so he parked next to my car. My dad and sis was there already. Dad having his 2nd drink. We blamed dad for not picking us up. And I was dead hungry.

Lets get started with the fewd shall we. We booked a table coz that place is owez full. As they say. Dunno la. No fewd menu. Service very slow. Yes I'm complaining. Fewd are taken from the trolly. >_<" Looking at it kills my appetite already. My parents was asking wut I wanted to eat, and I dun feel hungry already. Imagine how hungry I was since I skipped lunch. *sigh. Oh, before that, took some photo of 2 person.

my bro and mum

eldest sis with dad. notice how her pose is a trademark pose?

and finally, my 2nd sis and me. our body size are not so much difference. erm, see how chinese look i am? shuddup! i know i'm wearing pink >_<"

So, here's the fewd. *sigh. Totally killed my appetite the moment I saw it.

ayam kampung. dunno masak apa sorry

the fried kangkung. on the top left is er beef. but my sis said the beef tasted like "beef sucked too much water". i won't know that coz i dun eat beef

paru, or u call this hati buya? very hard. hard to eat.

peria goreng ikan bilis. didn't taste this too. i dun eat fried peria like this

green chili. ok la. a bit hot but so so la

Oh and I had quarter rice only. Oh and I forgot to mention how hard is the fried fish. It tasted like yesterday's fish re-fried. Yes, u can imagine how hungry I am now. But heck no worries, I'm fine. Btw, guess how much does this meal cost? RM77.55! WOT!? The most dissapointing meal I ever had. Nothing against malay fewd but this dish, local ppl oso can cook la. When eating, my parents was like, this is totally not nasi padang. Punya jauh beza. Other than that, I rest my case, let ppl decide *pftttt~

On the way back, decide to take some photo. Erm, not such great shots coz I still have problem with night shots.
telephone booths somewhere there at jesselton pointcrazy sister. she forgot her camcoder i was getting a shot of the lights and decoration , she enter frame

yes this is where u play futsal

I'll sleep in hunger tonite then. Have a gewd day~

Valentine's Day

It's juz as a normal day as owez for me. Nothing is ever special on this day. The only thing is maybe when we get to see people or couple's behaviour hahahahha ogie mind me.

Anyways, my mum and bro went to the market early morning and she came back with roses, a pot of flower and some porridge. Ooo tasty porridge. This is the porridge my bro talked about. Though, I would prefer more soy sauce and maybe pepper hahahaha XD (I'm asking too much, I know).

I was lazy. Again! Near holidays are never fun for me. I owez get lazy during those hours/time. Anyways, went to work and waited for parking as usual. Guess wut happen? There's this kelisa waiting in front of me. I came first and he sort of parked in front of me. Also waiting for parking. I normally know which car will come out, so I park exactly where I should. Then as usual, this kancil, female driver, I think students? I dunno getting ready to go out. So, I signal even she's haven't reach her car yet coz I know she'll go out. Then this stewped "male" driver in the kelisa in front of me, started to reverse? WTF!? Wut how idiot this person is? I highlighted him coz if he reverse again, sure gonna bang my car. Heck it won't be my fault would it? Anyways, waited again coz the gal was waiting for her fren or maybe they are related, well I dun really care. Again, the dumbarse kelisa driver reverse again. Ogie, WTF?! Huh!? I know la u also wanna park but hello? Can't u see ppl signal. U got signal ka? Dumbarse!! *sigh. In the end, I turn and went in directly to the parking spot. Thank gawd.

Morale of the story. Men are freaking stewped and selfish. Generally speaking. *sigh No offence to guys who are reading this but some of them are! Seriously!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My normal black monday and so on

Going to work on a Monday is always bad. I'll be lazy till the end of the day. Well, I think I would. I played Maple the whole day. I'm nearly reaching there. Lvl 41. Nearly.

Went off 10 minutes early coz everyone doing it. No point for me to stay till 5pm rite? At this point, my knee starts failing on me again. *enduring a lot of pain. Wut did I eat? Hmm I wonder. I had 2 orangie. 1 tasteless and the other one is erm too sour for me. Oh, Milimewa sells those sweet kind of orangine which is great! I should get those.

Anyways, reached home 30 mins later. Well, me and my sis suppose to go window shopping but since my knee got a bit of a problem there, we decided to wait. Being the "princess" or "datin" she is, she's owez slow. Her, getting dress is like, urgh, ogie, we dun wanna go there.

We got off at around 7pm, to Servey Likas. Lotsa stuff price increase liao oh. *sigh~ Kitty can fewd is like RM1.69 already? Normally it's like RM1.30 * Big time. Kitty likes it. Maybe I'll get some next time.

Went to Giant Kolombong after that. Bought quite a number of stuff. Mum smsed me to get her some stuff too. Last minute hmm. Lucky in a gewd mood. Oh, btw, bras are selling at RM2.99 and above hahahaha. They put it outside where everyone can see it! hahahahha omg~

I bought 2 ribbed tank top. Ogie, I dunno wut they call it actually. I'll take a picture when I get back later. It's my most fav type of top. Ahh, that's the shape of my sunburn hahahaha *lol. Anyways. That cost RM13.99 each. *pfttttt kana tipu. I thought it's RM9.99 each. Should have bought more at Thailand. There very cheap. Less than that price *hiks~ Oh, I met my fren. But I thought he's at Singapore? Hmm must be he come back for CNY? Didn't get to talk to him coz I was on the phone with my mum that time *pftttt.

Reached home at around 10 something. I can't really remember. Nearly 11pm I think? Well, nothing much happen actually. Nothing super exciting. Only maybe I'm super hungry?

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm sorry for not blogging

This is a series of boring post.

I cleaned the balcony near my room for kitties to play. And took some pix of kitty.

do u think i'm fat enuff?

"i see u"

Saturday, February 10, 2007

the titleless entry

It's been a lazy week for me. Been lazing around watching tv. A lot of tv!

I was suppose to have lunch with a fren at McD but I was lazy.

To conclude the day. I'm lazy.

Noted: I'm sorry for such a boring entry. My brain doesn't seem to work that much today.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Hot Weather

It's freaking hot! It felt like summer! This is the time when my throat starting to feel uncomfortable. I'll be feeling crappy all over again. I should have stayed home >_< but why I go work? My dad came back early. I thought he suppose to reach here like today? Or he did but he got morning flight? *lost. He must've came back last nite. I think.

Anyways, my throat, tonsil all over again. I'll be having fever becoz of it >_< again. *sigh~ my immune system sucks. Big time. I dun feel like doing anything but I'm at work. And this noise at work isn't helping at all. It's giving me a headache. My colleague is pissed coz his son's salary is not out. Well more pissed coz the son ask her for money that is. *sigh~ too much noise. I might as well take half day today.


noted: my fren told me, rock deli chips are selling cheap now. PIKAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! me want rock deli chips!!!! :( uwaaaaaaaaaa 1 box 1 box! >_< anybody going there? or coming back from there? can bring me back 1 box :( of chili flavoured rock deli chips?!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

when the weirdo turns psychotic >_<

*paused. leg cramp

I noticed that they starting to put on some CNY decoration around my office area. Ahhh, I should have brought my camera!!! >_<" eeks~ Red lanterns everywhere. Eeeeeeeee so cute~

I'm gonna get so pissed again. My line is still not fixed. Aih~ Mum called the other tmNUT guy to come and fix it. But as usual like last time, he gonna charge RM50 *pfttt. haih~ SESB senang-senang sija kasi cut tu line. *pfttttttt.

Since I couldn't go online at nite, I went downstairs to watch tv. My eldest sis is watching "Wars of the World". Sometimes she gets on my nerves coz she ask lotsa stewped Q. Which annoys me. I could remember "Grey's Anatomy" gonna show at 8:30pm every Tuesday. But noooo~, my sis said oh maybe it's at 9:30pm since astro channel guide shows that 24 is showing. 24 my arse. "Grey's Anatomy" is showing at 8:30pm!!! Great! I missed half of it already *sigh~! >_<" See, how small lil things annoys me?

After that, I went up to my room and continue play "Baldur's Gate". Erm, I changed a new optical mouse that I got from my sis. But erm, the grip wasn't great and it sort of suck. >_<" I'm a bit picky with my mouse hahahaha. I need it to be small and very nice grip. Yes, I'm a very picky person. *guilty.

I end up sleeping early coz I was so bored.

So now, I need to maple.

Oh btw, anybody knows if we can convert mp4 to nxv format?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What To Do When You're Dead Bored (Like Me)

Somebody sabotage my internet line!!!! The wire line outside my house is disconnected. *cursing. 2 days oledi. I mean at nite la. I couldn't online. My downloads noiiiiii~~~ *depressed. I was so gawddamn bored man. 1st day wut did I do? No can remember. I could remember wut I did last nite though. I play "Rise of Nation" and installed "Baldur's Gate 2: Shadow of Anm" again (ketara butul boring, bukan addict ogie). My sis started playing "Oblivion" and ask me to play. *pfttttt. Maybe later. I got no idea wut that is. Actually building building thinggie and fight is not my kinda game. I prefer the quest game. At least I know wut to do hehe. Ahhh, and actually I played "Baldur's Gate" many many times, I didn't actually get to complete it yet hahahahha.

3 set of these

Yesterday, the 3 set of new Acer desktop computers have arrived. Not mine! :( It's for the 2 typist and the stewped bitch who never come to work. *pfttttttt. I want LCD monitor!!!! *sigh. Guess who got the grumpy face? The stingy accountant hahahahhaa. *lol

So wut did I get? Nothing. No thank yew no nothing *pfttttttt..

Monday, February 05, 2007

A Very HOT Sunday

Finally a chance to blog about wut I did on Sunday. Me, my mum and my 2nd sis went to Gaya Street. I'm the driver for today. I dun want to but mum insisted and coz my mum must be tired driving my sis to work everyday? >_<>_<" Anyways, spotted this in front of DBKK. So, took some shots. Erm, notice how the right part is a bit brighter. It's becoz of the sun.
We didn't go directly to the Vietnam restaurant. But we walked and look at stuff on the way there. These are hibiscus from Thailand. Notice how big they are? Very nice. These hibiscus was sold at RM15.00 each. I bought one for RM11.00. My mum is gewd at bargaining hehe.

the one i bought

After lunch at Peppermint. I thought I wanna get Mint flavoured cotton candy. But they're out. :( noiiiiiiii~~~ 2 weeks oledi. My mum went to get yellow colored orchids? We already have 2 kind at home. Dark purple and er lighter purple. There's another kind my mum would wanna get but it's a bit costly.

mum bought this for rm8.00 (price after "tense" bargain)

We went to Segama after finish shopping at Gaya Street. This place is another problem for me, I'll be cursing all the way till I find parking. I'm not sure how many times I turn for parking coz there's too many car around waiting for parking. Seriously, my left leg is tired. My only fear if my knee dies on me. Thank gawd for parking. It's a bit far but at least I manage to get parking? Went to Cosway, Segama coz my sis wanted to get something. But instead she didn't get it coz it's not wut she expect >_<". Did some window shopping. Bought myself a green color top. *opps forgot to take photo. Lotsa ppl, waiting for awhile to try it out. My sis bought a purple colored top. Quite nice but a bit long for me. After awhile, I was hungry. How could I not be? I had mee hoon earlier (this never makes me full) and I wasted most of my energy cursing. Walked to Wisma Merdeka. Had lunch. My sis and me shared "Bread chicken with mushroom gravie with salad and er fries". It's filling enuff for me. Mum had rice with chicken curry. She was a bit dissapointed coz she asked for Green Curry. Hehehe.

my sis's hot cuppuccino

chicken with mushroom gravie

rice with chicken curry

The line sucks earlier and I can't remember wut I wanted to blog about already. *sigh. Nvm, I stop here first. When I could remember, I'll blog about it *sigh.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Weekends~

This year is kinda weird for me. I wake up early every now and then. But thank gawd, I dun wake up around 3am every morning anymore. I hope *pray. I woke up around 5 something yesterday. I guess my mind is set. Did my laundry, clean kitty litter, feed kitties, help mum fry vege and beem mapling till 11pm. Hahahah. I even let kitty out to play. One of my mimi wasn't feeling well, terlebih makan kot. "Tulah temahak, gumuk! mwahhahaha". Imagine me saying this to my cat? Hahahahha, nolah, maybe coz too cold bah lately. And she's the not so active type. Suka tido, suka makan. Not like her sister yang lumpat and panjat sana sini macam munyit.

Well not non-stop. I did stop for the tv series Heroes at er wut tim was that? *forgot. Ohh, I gotta say, it's very very nice. Can't wait to watch the next episode! *very anxious.

So, it happen again. I woke up around 6 something this time. *pfttt. Wel, it's a gewd thing actually. Ohhh, there's been a song that's playing in my head. Since I wake up. If anybody watched the American Idol audition last Thursday? The old guy? Who lost his wife 2 days before the audition? Who sang "You Belong To Me"? That song is playing in my head. Awww, I wanna listen he sing again >_<

Erm, ogie, now I'll be mapling again. Hitting Chronos weeeeeeeeeee

Friday, February 02, 2007

Well, here's my temper again...>_<"

All day, I hear my colleague bitching about that stewped bitch. It has been going for years. OMG! I need an end to this. I couldn't help but listening. I didn't want to but they were loud. Seriously loud. One of my colleague was pissed coz the boss gave her the idea that bitch will come back to work. Well actually, she suppose to since her letter stated end of this month. But she couldn't come to work coz her "ah longs" are looking for her. Yes, I said "ah longs" coz she loaned from 5 different "ah longs". It's none of my business but I couldn't juz sit quietly. *sigh. I feel bad. *guilty indeed. OMG! Sin!! Anyways, my colleague, the one who's pissed? She's the one who's most disturbed coz she can't stand the lies from bitch. And this is the first time I ever met this kinda person. A person who's so desperate that she would lie to her parents, to her husband and about her child. She's not fit to be a mother. Who am I to judge? Right? But how could she say that her daughter have heart condition when she's as healthy as any other kid? That's juz plain selfish and I do think she need serious help.

Anyways, her working there is still pending coz my sort of boss couldn't make up his mind. Something about him almost being attracted to her? *pfttttttt~ shiesh~ Ogie, he said that and he bitch about her too? Huh? Wut a 2 face. >_<" I wanted to blog earlier this morning but I was sort of caught up with mapling. I've been trying to complete the quest of hitting 999 Curse Eye which is done. Now I'm gonna hit crabs at Florina. Ogie, they dun call it crabs but it's crabs for me. On the way back reaching the roundabout at my area. I came across a stewped baboonic driver. I know there's no such word as baboonic but who cares when I'm pissed. Plat number AFL 728. Tiny dark skinned alien. He wanna go right which is the lane I'm at and he didn't signal. So, since I couldn't honk him coz my honk budu, I highlighted him twice. And guess wut he did? He showed me his middle finger. Ogie, I know it's juz a finger but that's so rude. Again, I should say this fellow is very stewped coz he could have use the other right lane if he wanna turn from the roundabout to go right.

Like duh~! Most ppl do this. Oh wait, I guess he doesn't know that coz he's stewped rite? Oh wait, this is why, I think some Malaysian are uncivilized and they make our country seem suckie to us coz they're selfish. End of story. I'm pissed and I couldn't do anything *pftttt. Only feel tense. *pfttttttt. I have that there's a workshop near my house area. Those big big lorries always block our road and the roads are bad becoz of them darn lorries. Lobang sini sana >_<" haih~ One more thing is my dad's car is blocking. I couldn't get to my normal parking area becoz of it. So, I had to park at my mum's parking spot. I juz dun like minor things that is troublesome for me. It juz annoys me >_<. "YOU CAN'T BLAME ME!!! IT'S GENETIC!!!" heheh

Anyways, I'm wanted to post these photos yesterday but couldn't. So, I'll post it now.

i think this shot very nice, coz i got gewd model mwahahha
Well, this is a shot of Amy at Segama, she's gewd at becoming the model. Very sporting. And the best part is, she love photography. I hope she can start taking pictures again. I went to lunch at Wisma Merdeka with her yesterday. Very fast lunch. We should have more time next time Amy!!! So we can catch up! :)

I took some other shots which are not so great. Paiseh to show hahahah.

Oh, u guys remember the brown caterpillar yang berdua-duaan tu? It turn to this color oh. Wow. So weird.

this look like the green one i took earlier kan?

Oh btw, today my colleagues kumpul kumpul duit blanja makan KFC. So nice :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is today Thursday?

*scratch head.

Ahahahhaah I forgot. I can't maple. But why?!!?!?!? Huhuhu.

Anyways, yesterday when I reach home, mum showed me the new plumeria plant that she got from her friend. I remember last raya she ask some yellow plumeria from my fren's house. Oh, and my house already have white color one. This is the new plumeria. It's pink! Oh, common name for this flower is fragipani heheh. Juz in case anyone's wondering?

My sis offered me to follow her to the KK City event tonite, but I was so attached to Amazing Race Asia. Sorry but I wanna know who win. And YES! Zabrina and Jo Jer won!!! Yay!!! :) Kewl!

OMG ogie, I'll continue blogging tomorrow coz my mouse juz died on me. It doesn't go left argh!!! So frustrating >_<"