Saturday, February 24, 2007

The outing

Me and my x-colleague Junn, planned to go McD for quite some time, I mean seriously. A long time. This time I had to push myself coz I'm terribly lazy to drive. Thank gawd she's driving.

She was suppose to pick me up at around 10:30am but she was a bit late. Maybe got some things to do? While waiting, I decide to take some photos. Yes I was bored!

one of the hibiscus from my parents collection

fragipani. a bit far. so it's a bit blur. sorry~

saw the outcome of the sky from the fragipani shot. so decided to take shot of the sky. it's a very nice day to go out~

She came to my house at around before noon. Her brother was driving. We had to drop her brother at his wife's work place . After that, we're off to Karamunsing for McD. Parking is terrible, as usual on a Saturday...

My fren finally went to Karamunsing parking. No choice since no parking and it looks like it's gonna rain? So, we parked at the 4th floor and went straight to McD coz we were hungry. I had Fish and Ribena. She had prosperity burger :( *cries. I can't take beef *sigh~ sucks to be me. At least I get to eat some curly fries?

one of my closest person. yes we like to gossip hahahahah about ppl from my old company hahahaha

After lunch, we went around looking for clothes. She's browsing some digital camera coz I'm frustrated she dun haf one to take shots of her cute nephews and niece. >_<" We went to Watson and I spent RM37.26 for dental floss, boxers, wet towels, and some cute toys.

now i haf 3 of these. red one i got from mum *hiks

We were slightly dissapointed coz there ain't anything that we could get there. I mean top/clothes. Coz most of the size are dissapointing. I saw this one really cute top but the size is juz haih~ better dun say. Oh I bought bra for RM28.70. *hiks~ I need it trust me.

Since we were bored coz we couldn't get anything. We went to Segama. Again, parking problem. She went to the parking near Milimewa and we cross the road. Yes, I'm scared of crossing the road. I prefer to be the one driving than crossing the road. >_<" I bought myself a long er pants. It's army green and it's RM36. Erm cheaper than the one I saw at KK Plaza really.

She couldn't find anything she wanted so we went to Yoyo Damai for some drinks. It's nearly 5pm at that time. We tapau. She dropped by my house to print her resume. Stayed till nearly 7pm. *lol. We had fun! Oh, so much fun gossiping with her *lol

Noted: I seriously need to shower now. I sweat and it's sticky ewww


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Sounds like a fun day outing! ;) It's been a while since I'm back in KK.. I kinda miss it a lot already. ><

  2. heheheh..yea it was fun..we joked about parking a lot

  3. Cool maaaan!! I loooove outings!!!


  4. so early for shopping..dapat gaji suda kah..huyo.

  5. com..yes it was on 20% sale. fren lagi best..bought it for rm20 >_< hers is cheaper than mine woo~~~

    zaini: yeap..gaji awal la ni...kuyak..i wanna buy shoe but terpesong banyak ni

  6. Those cute Watsons toys are everywhere! And they're selling fast! My classmate told me she wanted to collect two of each, just because they're cute, haha...

    Don't you think women are always buying things they seriously do not need? No offense, really...

    And the macro shots are lovely! Your nature shots rock!

  7. umm..yeap..i know!!! it's unnessary but it's too cute to resist. omg~ i'm reaching 30 in few years and i still collect these stuff...omg~

    *sigh..i'm dying without a camera here