Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I gotta say, trying to fix internet connection ain't so easy for me. I did that so many times and still unsuccessful. I complained to TM a lot of times. *sigh. We still can't online. Ooo but there's a fun part, my sis told me that we could actually go online using bluetooth. So, yes, I'm currently using my dad's notebook and the connection. Though am very uncomfortable using a notebook coz am not used to type on hot small keyboard/keypads? or wutever u call that. I couldn't be bothered with this heat. And am typing in the dark rite now. I didn't do much browsing either since I dislike using Internet Explorer. I prefer using Netscape or Firefox. Way more convenient.
Geez, keep making typing errors and somehow I feel like I'm typing really slow. So, am trying to update my dad's antivirus software and installing new version of msn and ym. Weird thing is msn takes a very long time to download. I finish downloading ym and installing it now. Since it's holiday tomorrow, I won't be able to get TM technician to come and fix my internet line. Which I think is sad. Coz I won't be able to online 24 hours like I owez do.
Sometimes I wonder how izzit people get to write very nice stories about their life. I think if I start a story about my childhood, I'll be missing some chapters coz I dun have strong memory of certain event comparing to my sister. I could barely remember people's name. Well some not all. Obviously. But I'll certainly will remember mine? Well, maybe not when I'm really old? I seriously dun have any idea wut the hell I'm talking about rite now. I need some sleep. Ahhh I'm gonna wake up early again tomorrow. >_<"
My everyday life.

Wake up around 6am, check computer, shower (getting ready for work), went downstairs, "tapau" breakfast (if there's any), say hi to kitty and clean their cage (sometimes if I have time, I feed em direct, if not, mum would help me feed em), off to work around 7:10am, look for parking, basically do nothing at work, maybe check dA page, friendster etc etc, off work at 5pm, drive back home, say hi to kitty and clean their cage, feed em, bring em out to play (if I could), shower, dinner while watching tv, play game or watch anime, then sleep around midnite.

Sounds pretty boring ain't it?

*yawns. I'm sleepy. I played Diablo II again last nite. I think I pulled my sis's blanket and she scold me or something like that? Can't remember hahahha. Oooo it's a holiday tomorrow. Merdeka! *hiks~ I'm on leave on Friday. Gosh! I hope telekom will fix our phone line soon. So boring. It's been a week already. *sigh~ >_<" sometimes I think government sector works very slow *sigh~ Oooo cleaner lady brought her daughter today. The daughter was sleeping in my room. Ogie, annoyed. Not coz she sleep there. I couldn't bother if ppl sleep in my room at work. I'll be doing my own shite. For all that matters. But the only thing that irritates me is the noise. The snoring. Sorry, I can't stand noise. >_<"

Oooohhh thank gawd, she went downstairs already. Yay! Peace at last! Umm, ogie, I think wut I've been doing is like I've been calling TM customer service again and again. Gawd, it's so getting on my nerves. Like they must have cut my internet connection intentionally. *sigh~

I complained about our internet connection at work for nearly a week. Thank gawd, the problem solved already. Our modem hang. Geez. I wonder how that happen. Then, another thing is my house line. My brother change the number already. That took 5 days to get it done. Now, we need those dumbarse to point the line to our streamyx. And guess wut they told me? They'll need 3-7 working days to do that. O me gawd!!!! *temperature rising. I guess earlier, I nearly lost it. I was indeed raising my voice already coz it's like they're kicking me here and there and not helping me solve the problem that they can solve. *urgh! TM Point at Tg. Aru <--- dumbarse. *sigh~ Me and my brother been calling for the same guy again and again but he'll be busy or he'll be somewhere else. And this lady who pick up the phone is such a dumbarse too. She's totally not answering my question. She's like asking me nonsense question which is totally not related with the problem. Ogie, wtf?! huh?

My brother gonna go to TM Point later. Since phone calls doesn't seem to work. Huh~! I hope this problem can be solve today. Coz seriously. Not being able to online for the past week is so frustrating. I wonder, I heard jaring gonna have broadband or already have. Maybe we should switch to that one? Hmmm..since TM suck arse. *sigh~

*breathe~ breathe breathe~~~ huh~~~~

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where have I been?

I wanted to go online so badly! I wanted to take photos so badly! I wanted to blog so badly! There's so many things I wanted to do. *sigh~

F.Y.I people. I couldn't online for 5 days. I think it's 5 days? Or wait. A week!? I complained to TM Streamyx about my office line since Wednesday. It's pissing me off. At home also the same thing. *urgh. I can't take photo! :( My camera broken. I need a new one. Suggestions anybody? *thinks~

Guess wut I've been doing? I've been watching the whole episode of "Eureka Seven".

There's a total of 50 episode with English subtitle. Uhhh~~ I cried watching some part of it. It's a very nice anime~ I love it so much :D

After finish watching this one. I went to watch "Gun X Sword". Watched it till episode 16. I like it a lot. huhuhu~ I want more!!! Anybody got any anime intro me to watch. I lurve so much.

So, I went to a friend's wedding at Kota Belud last Sunday with mum, Junn and her brother (who is the driver). It's really fun! Since I've never seen "Bajau" wedding before. Though I gotta say I was sad coz I didn't take a lot of photos since my camera was broken. *sigh~ I need a new camera. Huhuhu~

Oh, I bought a new shoe for work since my shoe died on me. Cost RM44.90.

Thoughts: "I hope for something that is nothing" - this has been in my head for few days. Help me get it out! TQ >_<"

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I can't understand why some people owez think that they're so smart. Like if you're so smart, you could basically do anything. Sometimes smart people are dead stewped if you ask me. *sigh~

Some people juz dun explore wut a computer is. It's so frustrating to even teaching the basics of using a printer. Did anyone teach me to do all that? NO! I learn by myself! Gewdness. If you dun know, ask la!? Wut's so hard in asking? Too high ar ur ego? Common sense la. If you wanna print something, go ahead and print it. Asking me for a favour to print it and when there's smudges, I get blamed for helping? I was almost late for work and I had to help you to print and this is the thanks I get? *wtf?! Common give me a break! Never investigate, directly start accusing people for things people didn't do? WOT?! If you're tired, go to sleep early la. Nobody is stopping you from sleeping la. Waking up early oso a problem ah? It's not like I woke u up or something? *sigh~ She owez wanna win. Stubborn mule. I could be stubborn too u know. I could go non-stop if you want me too. But I'm juz too tired draining my energy for people who doesn't really get it. *sigh~

Get a life! Look at wut u're doing everyday! Goodness!!! *urgh~!

Great news! Aizam is 6 weeks pregnant! *yay! Oh both of them are my best friend at college. This was taken at azila's wedding last February. Azila is er I forgot how long she pregnant liao. So, conclusion, both of them are pregnant! Yay~

Well that's about it :D So, Ajila and Aijam. Please send me photos! Thank yew. Since I'm very far. You guys very near. *hee~ thank yew thank yew :D
Today I found out that from my house to my work place is 10.9km. *hiks~

The bitch is on holiday. Unpaid leave. Today to Friday. So, it's her tv yesterday ahhahahaha

Monday, August 21, 2006

I can't think straight rite now. Quite depressed coz I'm over budget this month and my digital camera is broken. *argh! so frustrated. I felt like dying. *lying on the floor, yes, people you can step on me, coz I give no shite rite now.

Anyways, sent my camera to panasonic service centre around Iramanis. Imagine me going alone? I would be totally lost and pissed. Ooo not forgetting the perfect "burning" weather. my gawd! Ooo it's gonna rain soon! I hope! Oooo and i pray so badly that my camera gonna be ok. To get me a new one? *die~! Even if I get bonus this month, I was planning to get a new handphone with a better photo quality ahhhhhh~~~~ why?! why this is happening to me?!! ogie, that's a bit too much. *breathe~

Lalalala..ogie, I found another scratch on my leg. Geez, must be my kitten. They must be angry that I didn't let them out that often. I'm sorry!!! I promise I'll let u guys out! I know how u hated being in the cage. Am really sorry. But I dun want to see you dead once I let you guys out. Hippo gets really excited. Hmph~

Oh btw, like everyone already know that "everyone's" so called "no. 1 singer" in malaysia is married to a man who is 20 years older than she is. No biggie there. Dun really bother. Wut bothers me is that my colleague at work actually brought along a tv to work juz to watch it live on tv. Like there is a repeat at 7:30pm. Common! It's like nobody is working and watching. Well, we dun normally have any work oso. So, fark it. I'll be enjoying most of my annoying hours listening to music or maybe tok shite about it with somebody else hahahaha...I am sick. I know! I'm depressed! I need camera!!!! :( *sobb sobb~

I sound pathetic. So screw you! :P

Life should be full of life and enjoyment! Ooo definately going there. I think~ Play game..or maybe I should go to bed early *yawns~ hehehe

Noted: I'm toking a whole lotsa crap rite now coz I'm totally not so much in my body rite now. So bare with me. TQ very much! :D Have a great day!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I got lotsa kitty scratches. >_<" Kitties nails are so sharp.

Ooo anyways, for those who came to my house before, remember the road? This year or anytime if you come to my house, dun worry about ur car getting dirty. Coz the road is tarred! (hmm sound so weird). Best to show as photos! *mwahaha~!

oh thank gawd. my car won't be so dirty now

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Smooth-E Advertisement

This advert is so funny. Anyways, my sis msg me this blog with the advertisement. I'm gonna share it here :D Oh the page is here (dun really know this person but thanks for sharing the vids~)

Enjoy watching :D

Friday, August 18, 2006

I joined a contest from kittycatcult club for "The Cutest Cat" contest at deviantART. Well I think I have lotsa cute kitty photos. Though I think this is one of the best since lotsa people fav it :D So, my entry is:

Wish me luck! :D
so this is baby

Baby hypnotized?

Today, my fren, pika told me her cousin got a small aquarium. Got about 3-4 fish in em. He moved the aquarium to another room yesterday and this morning they found Baby staring at the fish. Which can best be describe from her doodle hahahahah.

Just when I was getting excited to blog about the road to my house. My car gimme problem. *sigh~

Lemme start all over again. I was on leave yesterday to send my car for service. After 9 months only service hee~ I dun go around places like everyone. Anyways, went to the car service thinggie at 10am with my 2nd sis and mum. Then went to Inanam Town for lunch. Tasty!!! Nyum~! Cost me about RM25.40 for 3 person. We went to the bank. Then went to Servey Likas to shop. Oooooo I love those bedsheet. Wanted to get one but *sigh~ None interesting. I think I wanna go back and get it. Actually I wanted to get a kitty litter box but they dun have it there. Only have at Servey Penampang. *sigh~

Went back before 2pm. Went to check my tyres and went back home. They doing the tar thinggie on the road. Can't pass. *sigh~ So sad. Waited for 20 minutes or so. Damn so hot. And finally got home. Mum and sis directly went to watch tv. hehe~ Last episode of this Thai drama? Geez~ tv most of the time. Till 9pm. Played Diablo II till er midnight. Bro slept on my bed again. Heheheh. This time I didn't take photo. I did the last time. Hee~

So then, woke up early this morning. As usual go to work. Went off around 7 something. *sigh~ Now wut? Drive as usual. Suddenly got weird sound coming from my car. *sigh~ I hope it's not from my car but it sounded like it's from my car. *wtf?!? *sigh~ So I went on but I panicked and stopped at the parking lot near my bro's office. Called my mum like more than 4 times. I think I called most of the people at home. Finally! Got my brother. Told him wut happen. Told mum wut happen. She sent somebody to come with my brother to pick me up. Geez. I waited for an hour and it's so hot. Am so hungry. Haven't had breakie since I dun eat bread with kaya or bread with peanut that mum had made for breakfast. Yesh! I know. I'm very picky! *sigh~

Guy took my car back to the workshop. Bro sent me to work. Am still hungry. *sigh~ Geez~ that's about it. *sigh~

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The "bitch" at work:

She loan money from everybody. I mean everybody including the loan shark. She was off yesterday (she dun have any leave, so why is she still taking leave and nobody seems to take any action? *sigh). Heard a lot of people calling looking for her. People here brought up the matter to our boss. He finally wrote a "warning letter" to her. So called "final warning letter". Yeah rite. I hope that gonna work. Or maybe it's gonna be like any other year. She take extra 1 month leave freely. So unfair.

Today, somebody came to the office. Look like loan shark. Coz the guy look very fierce to me. Well maybe la. I was looking at his head not his face. The guy was like standing at the door asking in Malay "Where's Su*****?!". And since I'm in my room minding my own business. Took a peek actually. My colleague told him that she haven't come yet. Few minutes after that, well she came. Wearing all pink. Ewww looking like Bienda. That singer. I mean the style la. Not the looks. Eww~ She's not as cute as her daughter ok. I mean bitch. Anyways, I still think she look weird. Geez~

Upcoming stories next. Hahhahaha since I got nothing to do. Might as well rite?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thoughts for today:

What I had yesterday for
  1. Brunch: 3 piece of bread and sardines.
  2. Dinner: Rice, vege (soup) and fish.
  3. And plenty of water.
What I had today for
  1. Breakfast: 2 piece of bread and fried eggs with lotsa pepper and tomato sauce. I dun like maggie punya chili sauce.
  2. Lunch: Rice, fried chicken with cucumber from Sugar Bun. *nyum~
Headache last nite. As usual when I have headache, my eyes felt like it's gonna come out. Took 2 pills of panadol actifast. Er..thought wanna sleep around 10pm. End up sleeping at 1am-ish coz was playing Diablo II with my bro and sis. Started at 9:30pm. *huargh~ Well at least my headache is gone.

Another sis wanted to borrow camera. Dun want! My batteries are screwed. >_<" She'll probably use another different kind of battery which I dun like. So, she said thank yew for your help? Ehhh~ she's trying to make me feel guilty. Yes I feel guilty but I dun want her spoiling my camera do we? Who told her to get a suckie camera? *sigh~ told her to get a better one. But did she listen? Noooo~ she didn't *pfttttt~


Bahhhh~~ who cares. I'm hungry!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Uhh~~ took 2 panadol actifast. Hmmm not fast enuff. Headache still there. Urgh. Wanna sleep but wanna play Diablo II. How? Normally it's the tired eyes. That's why the headache. Must sleep! >_<"
Friend sent me this through email.

Korea's LRT
Is this real?

looks pretty normal here...

here is getting interesting...

Anybody wondering where I was? For the past 3 days? *sigh~ sadly to say that my internet connection has been cut off. It's the wind and tree. My phone line *sigh~ If you get wut I mean. Anyways, even if I get to online. Maybe could only last for 30 minutes. After that, cut off again. *sigh~ So depressing. I can't do anything. Wanted to post so many things.

Part 1: My Birthday is on Friday
So, I turned 27 on 11th August 2006 (last friday). Old yet feel so young *hiks~. The great thing about this year is everyone's here! :D Yay~ Even dun get as much present but it's special hee~ :D We're suppose to do it around 8pm. But my bro only reach home about 9pm >_<" oh well. Here are my birthday photos. Enjoy! :D

my birthday cake. it is coffee flavoured with nuts. coffee ain't my thing and pink ain't my color. ooooh red table cloth >_<" (sorry people, i dun haf it already, finish hee~)

didn't use flash in this shot. edited part of my hair coz it looks way messy. why the messy hair you may ask? we were waiting for my brother to reach home. well, hair can't wait that long you know. though i gotta say, i love this shot! :D

making a wish. ok maybe few wishes hee~

why is everyone laffing you may ask? coz dad as usual said something funny hee~ oh lyne is not in this shot. she's the one taking the shot. no flash again. eeee should have use flash. *fst~ fst fst...lyne, a bit shakie~ heheheheh -_-"

cutting the cake. uhh~ face look a bit shiny dun u think?

ehem~ photo session. lyne loves that. hee~ "tina!! wut are you doing?" (look how she take photo? *smack smack)

the cake eater! hee~ she's enjoying it.

hehehehehe *rofl. look at her funny face "tina behave!" *rofl~

My presents: A brand new 17" BenQ LCD Monitor, emilystrange stuff from my 2nd sis, tons of wishes from friends and family, not forgetting something from rob-jr a.k.a. acing. So, of all the things I mentioned, I'll post the one from acing coz I dun have the shots of the other stuff with me now.

Some more sms wishes from my friends:
  1. Irwan: "happy birthday massy"
  2. Amy: "Hey mas. Didnt see u online la. Anyways just wanna wish u happy Bday. Have fun today!" <-- wuah amy..banyak oh ko wish se :D tq tq tq
  3. Ali: "Happy Birthday to You! May God Bless You with all the countless blessing and may U save me a piece of cake! *hugs*" <--- hahahah thank yew bro. Sorry bro, tina ate all the cake. Ko pigi marah sama dia mwahhahah :D
  4. Jonn Jay: "Happy Birthday!! Jan sombong2 ba..Ok la hav a happy & wonderful day may ur wish come true!!" <-- tq!
  5. From best fren, Aizam: "mase. happy 27th bday. may allah bless u. celebrate di mana? *toot~ (some msg are not gonna be displayed hahahahha)" <--- wakkaka tq :D
  6. Lissa Chin: "Alamak! happy belated b'day Mase..hehe..sorry, lupa plak." <--- thanks *smack
Part 2: Brunch on Saturday
We (everyone except my brother coz he's working) went out for lunch. But before that, we dropped my sis off at her work place. She was on duty that day. Well, after that, we went to Karamunsing to go eat japanese! Yay! Nyum. Hmmm izzit open? Yes!!! We're the first in and out hehe~. I think less people go there coz some think it's expensive? Errr...? Anyways, took some shots when we were there. Oh, btw, the Japanese Food Court or JFC is next to McDonalds ogie. Ground floor. While everyone bz browsing the menu. Oooo I pick wut I want oledi. I bz bz go take photo hee~ :D

the entrance, got menu inside oso ogie

i can't seem to pick anything else. i'm too attach to this one :D nizakana set *nyum~

salmon! wut dad had :D

wut mum had. umm chicken mix with egg?

tempura, wut my sis had

owww..this is christy. i think that's wut her name. we knew her since years ago. at the japanese restaurant. she's very friendly :D

All cost about less than RM100. hee~ After that, we went around for awhile. Ummm I'm interested in something but that something doesn't fit *sigh~ My sis bought a new skirt. Mum bought something too *cries! Why!? Oh well. Then, went to Bestmart at Kolombong. Umm, shop for grocerries only and that's about it. No fun coz cannot online! :(

Oh, went back home. I forgot to mention that mum bought Spicy Beef Foldover for me. Tasty! Shower my kittens. Aww they smell so great after shower. Oh actually did laundry on saturday. I think. Umm, backup and reformat Tina's computer and that's about it hee :D

Noted: Tina said she can beat my dynomite score. *rofl. She haven't yet hahahhahaha *evil~

Part 3: What's happened on Sunday?
Well, bro set up Diablo II - network, play~ yay~ hehehehe we play for hours. Tina, we gotta say she's slow coz she keeps on picking up stuff and sell it. *sigh~ hahahahah We had to tell her stop buying/selling hahahaha. Played till 11pm. Gonna continue on Monday. hee~

Friday, August 11, 2006

IT'S MY B'DAY! Whether you like it or not :P

Sweet! So, I skip work today. Yay! Body drained from yesterday's anger. Wooo~

Woke up early. Habit. Went outside. Say Timmie sleeping on the sofa. He's so cute. *rubs Timmie. Cute Timmie. He sleeps like a baby. Dad wish me happy b'day. He ask me whether I received any present yet. Oooo? O_o? I said only from my 2nd sis, Tina. Heee, she gimme emily strange stuff. I LURVE~! Will take photo later.

Went downstairs to look at kitties. Hee~ Ooo happy jolly day. Mum wish me happy b'day and kiss me cheek. :D (I haven't shower, wash face, brush teeth yet) Then she was like asking me "Did you get your present?". I go like "O_o presento? where? wut?" Guess wut I got for my b'day?

mind the surrounding...shuddup!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee...a new BenQ 17" LCD monitor woo hoo! A new monitor yay! :D


Wanted to thank these people for b'day wishes :
  1. lil one (*points at wummie). I received sms and tons of wishes from him.
  2. An early wish from acing. Thank yew :D
  3. B'day wish from pika. Thank yew.
  4. B'day wish from amy and some boogie! :D
  5. Mum and dad. I wuv ya~
  6. Sms from my eldest sis, Lyne. Can't remember the sms but lotsa hugs and kisses and some alien language.
  7. Sms from my brother, nuyu. He said "Happy B'day LCD Girl" <-- I find it very funny.
  8. Sms from my best fren, Ajila a.k.a Gojilla. She said: "Hey you! Naughty girl! Happy 27th wait 27th?!..Sure ah! Hahahah..don be mad..Have a great one 2day..cepat2 dapat jodoh..hehe" <--- *smacks. I'm not naughty! :P
  9. B'day wish from my 2nd sis, upu. Very early indeed.
  10. Friendster msg wish from maxer. Thank yew! And to everyone else who I forgot to mention *gomene~ my memories sometimes limited. Especially when I get too excited. I tend to go hyper blur :D hehehehehehhe thank yew so much *huggies. Er and thank yew to anyone who wish to me but I seem to forgot to include. Silly me. TQ! :D

Thursday, August 10, 2006

how i felt after that stewped remark

Screw It!

Well, I did a company profile presentation yesterday. Did some modifications and the boss wants me to control the presentation slides? Huh!? This is the blurness comes in. And getting a lil annoyed. I told my boss (another person, not that person who ask me to control the presentation) that I'm uncomfortable with it. So, there's this guy, I dunno who is he but he's one of the important person in my company (but fark I care) asking who I was. So my boss was like telling him who I was. Bla bla bla.

This fellow started to make stewped remarks about how serious my face looked. As a typical malay would say, something about not smiling is not gewd. Well, the way he said it is like a very sarcastic remark. And me being uncomfortable and uncontrollable with my feelings, said loudly that I'm not comfortable with all that. Obviously in a very uncomfortable room full of people who are way older than me. I dun think I could create a smile on my face. I'm a very direct person. My face shows exactly wut I feel. I should control my anger. But I got this weakness where I can't control my anger. Sure will have tears in my eyes (*fark!). So, I left the room. I'll be sitting in my room doing wut I know best. Screw it.

Call me stewped or anything. But that's how I am. I hate being a place with people I dunno. I get very annoyed and uncomfortable. Sour face. Yes coz obviously the person who were making those remarks look like a pervert to me. >_<" So, SCREW IT!

I keep so much bottled up inside, it's eating me alive.
Part 1: Dreams

Wot? Seriously I gotta say something must be wrong with me or maybe the location I'm sleeping. Coz I'm the type who seldom gets dreams. So, I dreamt of going to Ostrich Farm with my dad. I was taking shots of everything hahahahah siao. Ogie very siao. Umm or maybe I watch too many movies lately? Oh well, who cares.

Uh Uh~ tomolo is my b'day! Yay! To presents (if I get any? *hints~). I got one from my 2nd sis already. Emily strange stuff again *drools~ *happy face (like so high). See, I'm easily pleased (*spits~).

Weather gloomy again. Wuah another strong wind? My gawd~

I'll draw that gloomy weather later weeeeeeee~~~ today I wanna eat rice with fried chicken from Sugar Bun! *hungry~ hopefully that time no rain so heavy yay~ *dances~

Part 2: My current obsession:

Another summer day
Is come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I’m fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life
It’s like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not
Come along with me
But this was not your dream
But you always believe in me

Another winter day has come
And gone away
And even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I’m surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel alone
Oh, let go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all right
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Part 1: Creepy Gloomy Weather

somewhat looking like this?

It has been like this for few days. Rain in the morning makes me wanna sleep. Since work starts at 8am and ends at 5pm, I'm getting a bit more demotivated. If only my working hours are filled with work. Hehe~ sad ain't it?

Oooo today's weather way creepy. Very strong wind. Well, I think yesterday also got strong wind, only today somehow it felt really weird and creepy coz somehow it gives me the chills. Very gloomy indeed. No sun. Looks a bit hazing. But I dun think it's haze. Looks more like dark clouds. You know wut's way creepy? Those wind blowing sound. Woosh~ Woosh~ eeeeeee creepy! >_<" Eeeeeee dun flood dun flood. Lemme go home first please please please.

Part 2: When I was bored (AGAIN...)

this is done at random, since i dun haf any specific images to test it on?

Anyone wanna try the tutorial, Click here!

Monday, August 07, 2006

What I did last friday at work. *pftttttt. Bored~

the original photo taken from

the one i did with ps cs2 :D

Then, remember the noise? Well, the noise coming from this place. Behind our house. *sigh~ They got bad sense of music. Trust me, I know!

legal or illegal? hmmm

So, I was making the bed yesterday, and I bang-ed my leg to the side bed. Ouchie. >_<" It looks purple-ish~ now. Well, it's not that bad. No pain~ *hiks~

You should see the way my sis eats. Non-stop. Very creepy eh. She loves chocolate, luckily I am not a fan of chocolate. Well maybe thin dark chocolate with mint (*weak). She eats and watch naruto at the same time. Sometimes I wanna kick her so I can post my photos at dA. Heheh~ but I'm not such a mean person. *yeah rite :P

Today, start work at 8am to 5pm. *lame~ I reach office at 7:40am and waited for parking till 8:15am. >_<" I hate parking here. Gets on my nerves all the time. If only somebody can send me to work. So, I won't have to waste RM52.50 every month for parking and waste at least half an hour of my time waiting for parking lot. *sigh~ Ooooooo I had bread and scrambled eggs for breakfast. 2 piece of bread, hmm not enuff.

Blog again later. Wanna post some cute kitty photos. :D

Sunday, August 06, 2006




Saturday, August 05, 2006

So wut's with the delay in blogging and posting lately? My sis been using my computer. YES! That's why. Anyways, she's been watching Naruto from the beginning. Actually I watched till 190++ episode already. Hmmm oh I dun mind watching it again actually.

And as mentioned, photos of my sis. *hiks~ I should take more. But I took 4 only hee :P

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Belly Dancing~

So, I received an email from a friend about this. Check it out! :D

On the way back yesterday, got accident near the roundabout going to Wisma Peridustrian. A white kancil and a motorcycle. Not sure if anyone was hurt. But the kancil hit a tree. I think. Saw got police. Didn't take any shot coz cars are moving hahahha :P

Then, I notice every now and then, got few police officers stopping cars near Likas Mosque. I wonder. (runaway fugitive maybe?)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So you guys must be wondering wut I did today at work? Here~!

It's exactly like the tutorials. If you wanna make the same thing as I did. Click here!

Geez, I have no idea how long it took me to finish this one. But damn tired and confusing. *huh~ I did this in photoshop cs2 and zoom it at 1600%. *yawns~
People and their cars ¬_¬

Doesn't it bothers u when a car in front of u dun have break lights? *sigh. It happened today. I was so annoyed by it. *sigh~ If it's 1, then it's fine. But imagine having more than 5 cars with the same condition in front of you. One after the other. *breathe.

Thoughts: There suppose to be a staff meeting yesterday but I have no idea why did it cancelled. Or I do, which is becoz most of the staff aren't around. They owez do that. So, today, one of my colleague was like telling me that I'm the last person to reach the office. Eh? Wot? I dun think I was late by looking at the time. It's not even 8:30am yet. Huh? *wonder. Oh well, I thought we gonna start working at 8am till 5pm. *sigh~ laziness. But it's not confirm yet. If they're refering to that, fark I care if I were late. There's no memo. TQ very much. *hiks.

Was watching the news last nite and Malaysia Airlines gonna increase their fares to 15% for economy class. More? Read here...