Friday, November 30, 2007


I'm gonna start off by saying mwahhahahah I'm top spammer in CSP!!!! XD And I'm proud of it. *sot~

2nd of all, I've been printing, folding and cutting fliers since morning. The morning part was fun. The evening part was stressful. I feel pain on my right arm. ^^;;

I actually cut over 208 A4 paper. Which leaves us with 416 pcs of flier to give away *cough. Yay~ yes I sound happy (NOT!)

Meanwhile, my sis asked me to post mimi's babies. So, here. They like to pile up when they're sleeping. Weird ^^;; 2 male and 2 female. All no names yet. 2 got mustache. 1 white XD Enjoy!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm alive

Sorry been a bit bz lately. Be back soon!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Earth Angel

I've started watching "Night Wizard" anime. I love it, I must continue watching. Anyways, I really love the ending theme. I've been repeating it for hours. Till, at this moment where I suddenly remember that I heard "Earth Angel" song at Guardian, City Mall earlier, I MUST LISTEN TO IT AGAIN. So, I did. Thank yew youtube.

This is a version by Death Cab For Cutie. I Lurve. I'm sorry, I dun really like the version by The Penguins hehe.

If you sound like this, I'll heart u! XD Ogie, mas sot liao. I need some sleep. Wait I need a haircut. Somehow my hair is getting thicker =_=" not liking thick hair.

Tea at Yogur Berry

The idea of following my bro was to go to Karamunsing to look at some clothes. =_=" I didn't know that we're going to City Mall. @_@ He won this Yogur Berry VIP diners from GoShop.

Today is my lucky day! XD Thanks GoShop.

I get to try on some of Yogur Berry's most recommended. XD

The roti ikan reminds me when I went on a trip with my family to Seoul, Korea in 1997. I guess it'll taste better if you had it while it's hot in a cold environment, say like in an aircond room or during winter.

mango yogurt juice

For more reviews about Yogur Berry, click here.

Btw, here's some other shots. GoShop team XD

the lovey dovey couple *cough XD

thanks mars, for helping me take this shot XD me and mumsie. somehow my fingers look kinda extra long. i'm not an alien =_="

Btw, I saw some decorations at City Mall, but I didn't see a big xmas tree around yet. ^^;;;

Since it was kinda late to go to Karamunsing, we decided to stay around for awhile and check some stuff around City Mall.

This is a new addition to my choker collection *cough. I might wanna cut it to make it shorter nyahahah >:)

We went to Green Passion Vege. Cafe for dinner.

I love this Spaghetti Tom Yam Kung! Damn nice! Big BOWL btw.

For more info or reviews from this cafe, click here.

And dat's about it. TQ XD

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Birthday Dinner

We went to Garden Seafood Restaurant at Kepayan last nite to celebrate my dad's birthday. We met Abu Bakar Elah there with his family.

We got the VIP room coz it was kinda stuffy outside. Additional RM50 for the room. *hiks~ aircond~

Here are wut we ordered. I've raved about it already, here.

soup for dinner *cough

sayur manis with garlic

mushroom chicken omg tasty!

deep fried talapia. OMG tasty!

of these selection of fruit, i'll only take watermelon and honey dew. mas no likey pineapple and papayas

After dinner, we took out the cake given by my sis fan to my dad. O.O durian cake.

Notice how simple my post is today. Yes, coz I wanted to finish normal mode for picross today.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy~

Today's post was suppose to be my experience with make up. But, I decided to blog about my dad's b'day instead hehe.

there's a reason to why i blurred my dad's name nyahahhaa XD nanti terober famous! XD


We'd owez haf a hard time deciding on wut to get for dad. So, in the end, we either gave him $ which I dun think he needs *cough or treat him dinner hehe. Which would be tomolo. Tomolo~ tomolo~ (somehow this reminds me of that musical *cough nvm, ignore this part).

I'll owez be the one setting the camera for family photo, and I'm the one running to my position XD (kesian massy). Yeap it's the same spot. No worries, I'll retake tomolo during dinner. XD Somehow I think my hair getting longer again. Need a haircut soon hehe.

Me and my eldest sis did some camwhoring *cough cough. Damn she deleted the turtle neck photo. That was seriously funny =_=" so kijam, but dat's one of those photo which I can use to "blackmail" her. *evil thoughts.

a decent shot *cough

my 2nd sis. she knows i was gonna take a shot of her, but she keeps on standing =_=" lucky this shot turned out nicely *cough

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rain and Brain Age 2

It has been raining for gawd knows how long already. I could recall waking up and go on to bed every now and then last nite becoz of the rain. Today no exception. It was raining heavily, even before I got home =_=" mas so scared. Scared couldn't go home after work, coz haf to drive self home uhuhu~ road not helping either, some flooded =_=" had to switch lanes every now and then *uhuk~

And it's foggy everywhere T_T mas "pha pha". Anyways, I didn't touch my ndsl properly for few days. I'm distracted. With wut? Er forum, anime, tv series I think la.

The other day, I let acing play Brain Age 2. Hahahaha his brain is 80 years old hahahahah. Ogie, no exception for me, my brain age was that the 1st time I played. This is why, one must read instruction first. Mas never read instruction properly hahahahah XD Anyways, I played another time today and my brain age got better. 47 years old hehehe. I can play once a day only. Since it's a daily training hehehe. I'm gonna make my brain younger XD weeeeeee

What's Brain Age? Click here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

raindrops keep falling on my head..

I slept at 8:30pm oh last nite @_@ urgh too much sleep, killed most of my brain cells~

Saturday, November 17, 2007

CSP 1st Anniversary 2007

BEWARE! Tons of photo ahead! XD

I had a lunch date with an old fren at City Mall today. We went to Hana Japanese Restaurant. I met 2 other frens there too. Too bad I didn't get a shot of them. Anyways, these wut I had for lunch. Click here to view any other fewd available at Hana.

ocha RM1

chicken teriyaki set RM16. i love the chicken *thumbs. i didn't like the miso soup though, it tasted a bit weird somehow

they didn't haf a sushi menu. my fren got this. i haf no idea wut is this, but tuna was wrapped around it? er this cost RM4

Since the main purpose of meeting was to gossip *cough. We decided to haf drinks at another place since Hana closes at 3pm? I think. Green Passion, I chose u! XD

Since it was cold inside, we decided to sit outside, no it's not bright and sunny. It rained. I mean still raining ^^;;;

my fren had hazelnut latte

i had jasmine tea

lissa and me

i got somebody hooked on ndsl *cough cough mwahhaha >:)

Yesterday, as discussed in the thread, we celebrated our forum 1st anniversary. The discussion is here. There are 16 members from the forum who came (cubex, IRTeA, lee hng, dxtremex, Namor, maslight, rogue, rob-jr, VaMsurfer, rachfran, Hayumi, Dizzy, RinaCat, Hellsdude, diasrandford, swoosh and Hayumi's 2 younger brother), eventhough it rained every now and then.

Here are some of the fewds available at Grace Point, well actually the fewd we ordered for ourselves. Could u guess which one is mine? *rofl~ XD I actually tasted 3 different types of claypot rice. Look at my raves (*points sidebar).

i had ice lemon tea XD

More about Grace Point, click here.

After eating is a series of taking photo XD

the boss and the secretary *cough cough

the happy sotong man! *cough cough (i still can imagine his hand moving like tentacles O.O scary~ *erasing memory, VP for HobbyCon ni..dun pray pray)

dx, ravejoint boss *cough cough

Namor, ravejoint boss and competitor *cough cough

XD lets go eat! XD

mas: "crush ur hair"

hahahahahha i'm sorry, i can't stop laffing, amy oso got take photo! i want see! XD

KK manga project, Team DayDreamers (TDD)
mas: "oi lee, ko bukan TDD meh?"

mwahhaha lucky got this shot of Dizzy and Hayumi XD

ndsl anyone? yerrrrr! only mine no cute photo thinggies T_T woo~

chocolate indulgence cake from secret recipe, RM75

This video was taken by Namor, an introduction to the CSP members who came to the 1st CSP anniversary.

There's something on my forehead "top raver and top CSP poster".

No blowing candle ceremony, only cutting cake XD

Everyone had a share of the cake. IT'S MELTING!!! Oh nois~

i'm sorry cakie! T_T u suffered great pain *cough cough hahahah sorry sorry..

Last but not least, group photo is a must!

we showed our behind *cough cough, the darkness rules? noiiiii i'm one of it oh nois~~~~ bring me back to the light!!! T_T

Before we call it a nite, sing it! "coz we are family~" XD

More post about CSP 1st anniversary available at julian's blog and CSP forum.

Umm, I guess I couldn't go to the PBSM Bazaar today. Mum didn't wake me up T_T *cries~

Edit: I've uploaded most of the photos in my facebook and Namor's Sharpcast.