Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekly dosage of Boardgames

Wut I did for the past few days are kinda like a blur. I would either spend too much time chatting online till after midnite or maybe out for Boardgames session O.O
Oh this is bad. I've developed an addiction. A new addiction. Check out my blog posts. Previously, it was like NDS all the way. Now it's boardgames all the way. Omigosh, I'm neglecting lotsa things now and I dun get my "me" time. T_T oh nois~

Anyways, before I get into detail of last nite's event. I would like to make an announcement! IT'S THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!

note: i know this photo will come in handy. *lol. anyways, he's actually eye-ing on dias *rofl

shiVER a.k.a ninja dicey will be on air tonite, 11:15pm on Sabah Vfm. Frequency 92.7fm. Dun forget to tune in. For discussion and information, click here.

Btw, if you're curious of the other boardgames that's available and nice to play, click here.

So the plan was to have betrayal session on Wednesday around 8pm at Starbucks, Citymall. But we end up canceling it since most of the ppl can't make it. And made it on Thursday instead. Which was last nite. We only started around 9pm. Scenario, there's an immortal traitor who has a revolver. Our mission is to kill him with our item XD and we did! So meaning to say, the 4 ladies + 1 guy beat the traitor (a guy) yay~ But no ranking ka? =_="

I met Jasmine from

There were roughly less than 20 ppl who came. Some went to CarcaSean Cafe (did i spell this correctly?) to check out the boardgames there. We moved there once we finish playing 1 round of betrayal. Our problem is, when we were there, 1 group playing Settlers of Catan at 1 corner and we started playing Citadel. Interesting. You win once u've successfully created 8 district. This game involves cards and token as gold.

Some photos from last nite *lol~ I'm not gonna explain this. Let the photos speak for itself *rofl. People tend to do crazy stuff when they're high on mentos *rofl

Since we finish this at around nearly midnite, and Dizzy chan gotta go T_T. Took some photos with her.

The guys had a round of Blokus. Lol-ed to the tetris background music from the guys. I think they're high. Interesting game.

We got home at around midnite. Hmm I swear my bro use shotcut. Anyways, I only slept at 3am this morning. And woke up at 6:30am but body lagged. So yeah I was late for work XD

Not forgetting, we'll be having World of Darkness session, 3pm at MindSlaver tomolo. Check it out.

I'm currently addicted to 2 songs =_="

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Speedtest - how fast are you?

I was reading through some blog post and came across Chegu's blog about this. So, decided to give it a go.

and T_T i is not fast enuff *sigh.

86 words
And I tried again, I got.

95 words

Speed test

World of Darkness Campaign

NOTE: We'll be having Settlers of Catan, Mad Magazine Game and Betrayal at the house on the Hill today at Mindslaver KAC.

To read up about the World of Darkness campaign, click here.

Chronicle: The Room

Went to Citymall for something and bought some junk fewd and sweets for WoD session. I reached KAC at around 1:30pm and had lunch at Kopicat. I slightly lost my appetite. @_@ That seems to happen every now and then if I was in a rush.

Anyways, we played a round of Catan while waiting for the ninja dice to arrive. He's late *roll eyes. Catan didn't end well. It was halfway done. @_@ I is did not get to play Catan, I is guiding ppl. But I think Rina managed to grab the concept, hence me paying attention to the character sheet. Anyways, I wish there were an auto generator coz I dun like going through character generation XD

The funny part, guess how many ppl playing WoD? Again, I should repeat, it's not my fault and u must thank me shiVER! XD I think estimated around 6 players, from the respond la, it turned out to be 10? He's out of character sheets. Are you sure u can handle this many players? O.o

Have you seen many many colorful d10s? I LIKEY! XD

More dices.

When he did, we were handed a character sheet for us to create our character. Our character must? potrey ourselves *cough. I haf no idea how long we took to finally complete creating our character with skills. There were many. I repeat many skills to choose from. @_@

The scenario (roughly described), here. It's like a short tutorial of how this whole game works. And I is not look sleepy/bored. I is lost @_@

sakura chan and dizzy chan XD sakura came for betrayal. but betrayal is on Sunday gomen~

I need to have some changes to my character sheet *cough cough inda puas ati ni. And looking forward for the next session.

More photos. I'm sorry uncle, I had to post it, it's too funny XD

We played until 7:10pm since most of us had to go off to Flan's Farewell Party.

We went there in 4 separate cars. Rob with Rina, Kana with Dizzy, dori with dias and last but not least, Mas alone *cries~ T_T Yes, I'm the last one. *rofl. Yes, lucky for me dori slowed down a lot XD (Eventhough I was hoping he could drive slightly faster). We were slightly lost, well, actually, rob did. But we manage to get there yay~!

First things first XD A farewell present from Team Kici Mata (represented by rob) to Flannie XD

lol flan tu muka bah! *rofl

Oh, after dinner, we asked him to open it and pose with it yosh! XD

Some "kodak" moment.

Played Settlers of Catan. @_@ Omigosh, this is the longest play ever. I mean EVER man!!!! Who were playing? Rina, dias, dori and Dizzy. I think they were too frenly!!! Seriously. Come on man!

Look at the end result, Rina (red) won.

Lol-ed when Dizzy go "desu desu" and she can't wait for her turn XD.

While we were waiting for our turns. Dizzy and kana did these.

It's midnite and Dizzy and kana need to go already. A group photo is a MUST! XD

Opps we forgot Rina, sorry.

FYI, somebody kicked my shoe.

Anyways, I actually took 60 shots from yesterday XD But only posted these XD

I had fun! @_@ Omigosh, dat means I'm neglecting my DS again T_T

Oh and I actually wanted to finish this earlier this morning, but the line budu budu. Only finished it now, if u got confused in between the lines, I have to apologize coz I'm not sure wut I type, I is blur XD @_@

Saturday, February 23, 2008

February Shooting for Astro Kirana

Backdated: This suppose to be posted last Saturday, it took me a week to decide how to post this. (Well, not entirely true).

Check out the info/videos/photos here:
Casting session
1st day shooting

You might also wanna check JoJ punya blog post on:
First Day Shoot
Office of the Dead - MUST CHECK OUT! SUPER FUNNY! XD

No, I wasn't involve in this, I'm juz there to SUPPORT! And I never seen ppl video shooting before. So, I was curious. It was fun+tiring+crazy. *peace.

Anyways, some shots I took when I was there, sorry, I was slightly less active than my usual self XD Eh wait, I am a quiet person *rofl XD *indenial state *rofl

Hair and make up session *PRICELESS!!!

This is so wrong, caught at the ladies washroom and *speechless~

Before, after and in between shoots


parah ko dori~ parah~

team kici mata and KFC XD

Last but not least, look wut IRT drew on the whiteboard.

And wut rob drew on a piece of toilet paper @_@

Well pretty much it XD